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  1. When did they sign Jacoby Jones? Pretty sure he just came in for a visit...
  2. If Kruger, Upshaw, and Kindle/McAdoo can't somehow combine to cover both OLB positions, do you all think there is a possibility of moving McClain to OLB to replace Suggs and having Ellerbe or Ayenbadajo play ILB next to Ray?
  3. Do you know what you are talking about? How did we whiff on Hightower? We had no chance to draft him. It makes no sense to spend picks to trade up when you have a bunch of equally rated prospects still available. Furthermore, how in the name of God would you suggest we should have gotten both Hightower and Konz when both went ahead of our original pick slots!? We would have to trade up in both rounds and then we would probably give up all but maybe 1 pick in this draft and probably have to give up a 2nd or a 3rd in next year's draft to complete moves....completely pointless and moronic t
  4. I tell ya...this draft isn't the sexiest by any means but we got a lot of players that we should be excited about having. Round 2 #35: Courtney Upshaw, OLB will be a starter at OLB from Day 1 and we traded back and still got him. He is an every down OLB that will be able to set the edge against the run and rush the passer. Imagine a package for passing downs that have Suggs, Upshaw, McPhee, Kruger, and Ngata on the field!?! Our pass rush went from a questionable area to an area of strength. Grade A+ Round 2 #60: Kelechi Osemele, OL will likely win the starting LOG vacancy. He has a lo
  5. Settle down HILL-BILLY, let's wait til week 1 before you start making statements about the tide turning. Remember who went 6-0 in the AFC North last year? That's right the Ravens did!!!!
  6. 1. Indianapolis Colts (QB, WR, DL, CB, OL)- Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford 2. Washington Redskins (QB, S, RT, ILB, CB, G/C) (from St. Louis)- Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor 3. ***TRADE*** Tampa Bay Buccaneers (CB, RB, LB, SS, TE) (from Minnesota)- Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama (Tampa Bay receives Rd. 1 #3 and Rd. 5 #138; Minnesota receives Rd. 1 #5 and Rd. 2 #36) 4. Cleveland Browns (QB, RB, WR, RT, CB, OLB)- Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State 5. Minnesota Vikings (CB, LT, WR, S, G, LB) (from Tampa Bay)- Matt Kalil, OT, USC 6. St. Louis Rams (WR, OL, CB, OLB, DT, RB) (from Washington
  7. Agreed he is a small school prospect that is likely a project at OG. Not a good pass protector either. Probably wouldn't beat out Jah Reid for LG. Kevin Zeitler from Wisconsin is a more NFL ready OG.
  8. McAdoo better put on some LB's. 6'7" and only 245 lbs? That's crazy!
  9. Zebrie Sanders is a chump...not impressed...NO THANKS!
  10. The following is my 2012 NFL Draft mock 1st round. Please note that in parenthesis are team needs per the draft guru himself, Mel Kiper. As far as referencing a player ranking system, I used the other draft guru's, Todd McShay's, player rankings from espn.com (Insider). As you can see, not all players selected appear in his "Top 32," but as well all know not every team sticks to their board and need often outweighs BPA philosophy. Trade scenarios are based off standard NFL Draft pick value chart. Please enjoy and comment. I take positive and negative criticism...so lay it on me. GO
  11. Thank god you aren't running the show in the draft room! This dude is a complete moron...how in hell do you test positive on a drug screen at the combine? Everyone knows they are going to be tested, yet you still can resist the urge to smoke a bowl?!?!?! Honest to god you must be a borderline mentally retarded invidiual to do something so blatently stupid. Call me crazy but someone who is that idiotic has no business protecting my QB's blindside...at least not as a 1st round selection. I would be shocked if he was drafted in the 1st round by anyone and if the Ravens draft him then I would
  12. I agree with Mel...try and trade down do somewhere between 33-40 and pick up at least an early 4th round pick. Some solid prospects will still be on the board at that time and will repesent more value ifselected then.
  13. Maybe we can trade him on draft day for a 4th or 5th rounder...especially if we luck out and have Hightower fall to us.
  14. I don't get the Dennis Dixon tryout...does he really offer anything else that we don't already have in Tyrod Taylor?
  15. No no no to Mike Adams...dude will be a bust. Hightower is a dream pick would love to see him there. Cordy Glenn would be acceptable as well. Harrison Smith would be a solid pick too. Ben Jones doesn't really carry a 2nd round grade in my book. There is a huge drop off in talent at the OC position after Konz and I wouldn't look at either of them until 3rd round at the earliest. Bobby Massie is starting to be mentioned as a late first rounder, but no later than mid 2nd rounder. I agree that if Burfict is around at our comp pick in the 5th round or later he should be considered. We ha
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