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  1. Oh I thought you were talking about Tomlin. My bad.
  2. Really? He has never had a losing seasons and has the 2nd most wins through a coaches first 10 and 11 years. He rebuilt a team while never finishing below 8-8 and never getting a draft pick above 16. If Ben plays for the 3 more years he is talking about playing for Tomlin will have gone at the least 15 straight seasons to start his coaching career without having a losing season. I believe that would be the record. If he was exposed years ago then how would that be?
  3. My point was why try and say the Tomlin was exposed when Harbaugh didnt even make it. So was he exposed all year and the last 3 years? Raven fans have zero room to talk now when it comes to the Steelers. When you had your winning streak against us then yeah no matter what you could talk but the Steelers have won the last 3 meetings plus have been in the playoffs the last 3 years and show no signs of slowing down.
  4. Hey how did the Ravens do in the Playoffs?
  5. https://twitter.com/sportscenter/status/960528538930765824 Well Vegas thinks our window is still wide open. Where are the Ravens?
  6. Still a hell of a lot closer than Baltimore. Ben coming back for 3 more and the Steelers and Bell are really close to a long term deal. A couple pieces on defense and the Steelers are good to go. EVERY STARTER ON OFFENSE WILL BE BACK!
  7. Oh yeah fully agree. Unless Dobbs is showing something in practice which I doubt. He has a Steelers long time back up QB written all over him. Not the best but incredibly smart. The Shazier injury really hurts the chances of the Steelers getting their guy this year though. Before his injury they had all their starters returning or a guy ready to take over and that is gone now. It would have been the perfect time though. So unless they get one in FA or are 100% Shazier is returning I think they are going ILB in the first. If I was Shazier I would never think about playing football again.
  8. Yeah NE..........lol. I think as long as Ben has these weapons and this line he will play another couple of years. He was the least sacked QB this year so hopefully he comes back as I dont have any faith in Jones beyond holding a clipboard.
  9. So about the original post. Howd that turn out? TJ Watt looks great. Hilton is a stunner. Heyward is an all pro. Williams has the most sacks of an off the line player in the NFL. Burns is a very good man corner. Still have Haden for 2 more years. Sean Davis is young and getting better. Oh and they finished with the most sacks in the league. The only old guy out there is Gay and with Sutton, and Allen on the roster he will be gone next year. Now onto the offense. After a slow start Ben has shown he is still Ben and can still play at a very high level. Brown missed 3 games and still led the league in receiving yards and I believe if you combine the top 2 Ravens WRs they dont match his yards. JuJu is legit and theres no question about that. Kinda funny how the Steelers dont miss on WRs. Best line in the league which yeah going to lose Foster but Finney may actually be better. Sure sounds like a team that depends on their RB. Speaking of he will at least be back for next year. So no the Ravens havent made up ground. In fact they may have fallen even farther behind because the Steelers hit several home runs in the draft and UDFAs the last 2 years.
  10. I dont remember Crave making any racist comments.
  11. Hows it going Crave? So sorry to hear about your daughter. I couldnt imagine that pain. Dont worry Im a racist also I guess because I cant stand disrespecting this country and I support Trump.
  12. He got tired of being called a racist because his opinion didnt line up with most everyone elses would be my guess as to why Crave hasnt been around
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