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2009-2010 Offseason/Spring Training Thread

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From winter leagues to free agency to spring training, I am sure there will be a lot to talk about so lets just put it all here.


First off, Snyder and Bell are tearing up the AFL:


Bell is 12 for 20 and leading the AFL batting .600.


As for Snyder, through six AFL games he is batting .481 (13 for 27) with three homers and a league-leading 12 RBI.


Good stuff from Brandon on wanting to win the open first base job this spring training:


But before long the conversation shifted to the 2010 season. If the O's have an open competition for their first base job, Snyder is determined to emerge the winner and first base starter come opening day for the Orioles.


"I never really thought about until as of late," Snyder, who will turn 23 next month, said. "I want to win the job and be the every day first baseman. The home grown guy that's been an Oriole and is going to stay an Oriole. I know those guys that went up this last year and did well in the big leagues. I want to be one of those guys as well.


"I had a good game on offense today, but on defense it was probably one of the best days I've had. My defense at first has improved and those are the things that are going to get me to the big leagues. Putting offense and defense together is what I need and I hope it continues."




Brandon Snyder on his big game and goal to start at 1B for the O's


What do you guys think about Brandon competing for the first base job? He tore up AA, and his struggles at AAA have been largely attributed to a large ballpark (lots of deep fly balls that would have been homeruns in Bowie or Baltimore). Brandon is a very hard worker and has a high baseball IQ. It would not surprise me to see Brandon make the neccessary adjustments and tear it up in AAA (if he does not win the first baseman job in Baltimore, of course).


Josh Bell is another guy who we could see starting in Baltimore in 2010. However, he has large problems hitting left-handed pitching from the right side. Should he become a fulltime left handed batter? Scouting reports say his bat speed from the left side is ridiculous, and his swing is fundamentally sound as well. From the right side Josh is reported to have a different looking swing with not nearly as much bat speed and power. Sure, there would be an adjustment to hitting left handed pitching from the left side, but with such a sweet swing, it would be nothing that Josh could not overcome. Basically what I am saying is that Josh has more potential as a fulltime left handed batter than as a switch hitter.

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Here are some rumor updates:


Boston won't be only team on Gonzalez. Baltimore made a pretty good run at him at the winter meetings, I'm told



Sources: Orioles jump into Holliday sweepstakes


The Cardinals are not the only team pursuing free-agent left fielder Matt Holliday.


The Orioles have jumped into the bidding, though both the seriousness of their efforts and Holliday’s desire to play in Baltimore are in question, major-league sources say.


Holliday, 29, is unlikely to go to the Orioles — a team coming off 12 straight losing seasons — unless they make him a much stronger offer than the Cardinals.


The Orioles, meanwhile, might only participate in the Holliday sweepstakes as a token gesture, an effort to demonstrate to their fans that they are trying to improve.


I know this is never likely to happen, but imagine if we got both Holliday and Gonzalez! I think a package of Arrieta, Britton, Pie, Snyder, and possibly Scott could get the deal done for Gonzalez. Imagine a lineup of this:



2B. Roberts

RF. Markakis

LF. Holliday

1B. Gonzalez

C. Wieters

CF. Jones

DH. Reimold

3B. Atkins (later Bell)

SS. Izturis


I can dream, can't I? If we want to contend, this is the type of lineup it will take. We have money and prospects to spend, this would definitely be the way to spend it! By the way, the Cards right now are the only serious bidder for Holliday. Their offer is currently at five-years, $80 million. I think we could beat that. Of course, if we get Holliday, we are going to have to shift into contention mode, in which we should make an immediate play for Gonzalez as well. Holliday in Oakland did't do too well being "the man" in the lineup, but he excelled hitting next to Pujols in the lineup. If we could get Gonzalez and Holliday, our lineup would be able to contend with the big boys in the division. It would certainly attract people to the Yard too.

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