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One Winning Drive: Brandon Marshall is a Punk


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Game balls and more recap to come tomorrow… but just one thing I have to say.

I sat by the Bronco’s tunnel this afternoon, in fact, just a few rows up the right side of it. And I watched a doozy of a game play out before my eyes.

And when it was all said and done, as the Broncos and Ravens were shaking hands across the field, and fans were streaming out of the stadium, Brandon Marshall showed his true colors. Ravens defensive back (and former Bronco) Domonique Foxworth saw Marshall exiting the field towards the tunnel quickly and quietly. Foxworth put a skip in his step to try and keep up with Marshall, calling out to him. Marshall clearly heard Foxworth, he motioned rudely several times over his shoulder. When Foxworth finally caught up with Marshall at the tunnel, Marshall hardly even turned his head, threw Foxworth’s hand from his shoulder, and disappeared.

Classy move, Marshall. You were shut down by a defense that was clicking on every cylinder all game long. Your former teammate played a wonderful game against you. Man up and just say it, “I got beat. Way to go, Fox.”

The Ravens might want a ‘big play’ receiver. I want no part of Brando Marshall.

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