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Who didn't sign their tenders?


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Okay, so which players didn't sign their tenders and what happens now that they didn't? Also, which of these players do we care about?


As I understand it was the deadline for RFAs to sign offer sheets from other teams! I found this on the Ravens website;


If a Restricted Free Agent is tendered by his team and he doesn’t sign that tender what does that mean? What is his status?

For the 90 RFAs who have not signed contracts as of April 15, the original clubs retain exclusive rights to sign the player. All RFAs can sign by June 1 the contract their original club tendered before March 5 — the first day of the 2010 league year. (Click here for a complete list of RFA tender offers.) If a player does not sign by June 1, the original club can extend the qualifying offer and thereby retain exclusive rights to the player.


If the original qualifying offer is greater than 110 percent of the player’s 2009 base salary and the player does not sign that contract by June 15, the team can substitute the June 1 tender with a new June 15th tender of 110 percent of the RFA’s 2009 base salary and continue to retain exclusive rights to the player. If the player does not sign by Week 10, he cannot play in 2010.


Still we have a lot more FAs than all other teams. All those free agents we have, this is probably a positive problem for 2010, for 2o11 it could means a lot of trouble.





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