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LOL - Ravens stole Maxx from Squeelers


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That's what the Pissburgh Tribune is saying. Squeelers were interested in

Ravens new TE Max Williams because Miller is 33 and no depth behind

him. Same situation Ravens were in with Gilmore.


PIss tried to trade up but couldn't pull it off according to the paper but

Ozzie had the ammo to move up 3 spots to grab him and Piss is, well,

pissed. Maxx will be a perfect fit in the AFC-N.


It was payback of sorts for Ozzie which he denies. He said we weren't

trying to steal anyone while DeCosta had a big smile on his face next

to him.


Ravens were hoping Dupree would fall to them and tried to swing a

deal for him but couldn't and he fell to Piss as Ozzie cringed.


He definitely got even with Maxx.


Even the drafts are like a football game between the two teams.



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