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Ravens lose long time scout, aka The Turk, to Bears


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Ravens National Scout, Joe Douglas, just got promoted to the Bears as Director of College Scouting after a long tenure as a scout for the Ravens. Big names he evaluated and recommended were Webb, McPhee, as the

Southest Scout and Ray Rice and of course Joe Flacco as the East Coast Scout. He was the guy who called DeCosta and said you have to come up here to see this guy. He's the real deal. DeCosta said I didn't even know anyone in Delaware but waited for Joe to come to Baltimore to play Towson State.


During the pre-game practice Eric saw Joe for the first time, a giant of a man, who picked up the

ball and laid it on a dime 50 yards away and Eric said shit, I have to see this kid. After Joe beat

Towson, Eric took all his scouts to Navy to see him bring Deaware from behind in the 2 min drill

at the end of the game to win it.


They all went back to OM and submitted grades in sealed envelopes and they were all A's and Eric

said we went to work on Joe Flacco.


Eric told that story to Nest 1 and opened by saying I don't know if we would have drafted Matt Ryan

even if he dropped because of all the work my staff did on Flacco.


Now people say Ozzie still wanted Ryan and tried to trade up for him but Rams wanted to much and

didn't want to give up shot for Chris Long whose famous father is on TV before every game and was

a star for OAK but a link was recently posted that it was Bisciotti ordering Ozzie to inquire about a trade and he wanted to trade all the draft picks for Ryand til Ozzie talked him out of it.


Douglas can also be rememberd in the early film of HARD KNOCKS after winning the SB35. He

was the TURK who went to the rooms to tell the players the coach wanted to see them with their



The were getting cut.



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