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Just who is Kaelin Clay?


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The newest guy on the team just signed 2 weeks ago after Ross was cut. He dropped 2 punts

in a row, one going for a TD for the opposition and was cut.


ENTER Clay who scored a TD Monday night on his 4th NFL return. He was All

American at Utah but was famous or infamous at Utah when he dropped the all on the 1 yrd

line as he was about the score on a long return. Oregon picked ball up and ran the length

of the field for winning TD.


Clay made ESPN's 10 biggest blunders that year but made up for it tonight.


Ozzie signed West just 2 weeks ago and Clay and both greatly contributed vs Clowns.


Ya gotta hand it for Ozzie for finding these guys at the bottom of the barrel. Hell, they weren't

even in the barrel. They were out on the street looking for jobs, same as Melvin last year whom

he signed a week before the wild card game and we beat Squeelers with him but they he was

trashed by best QB in game but it took a lot of cheating, trickerly and bending of the rules to

beat him in NE after blowing a 2 TD lead - twice, in Foxboro and in February with Melvin.










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