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Top 5 players in draft for Ravens positions of need


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The Ravens will get one of these impact players for sure. I have a sick feeling Jones

will steal Treadwell from us like he did DEZ. NFL.com thinks it's a QB but Jerry said

they can wait another year and he wants a WR. That would be Treadwell. There are

a couple of other WRs listed here but not in first round, I don't think.


If KO leaves I would be very excited to get Ronnie Stanley but he might be gone too.

I've seen mocks that have the best 2 LTs going in the first 4 rounds and some mocks

have Tunsil, LT, as the best player in the entire draft going # 1 but we can put any of

these guys in and forget about the left side like with JO.


The other thread I posted has Taylor Decker of Ohio State as the Ravens #1 pick @ 6 and I

said no way they leave Bosa and Ramsey on the board for him but this link has him

as the 4th best LT in the game. He wouldn't be bad either and neither would the guy from

Michigan State listed before him in this link. Either way, we'll be in good shape if

KO leaves and we'll still have Monroe if he can play or an impact rookie.


Someone said they like Noah Spence for edge rusher and he's listed on this link as 2d best

for his position and of course Bosa as the best pass rusher and perhaps player in

the draft but he seems to be falling.


If the 2 LTs are taken in the top 4 plus the 2 QBs, Ravens are

in line for either Treadwell, Bosa, Ramsey or Hargreaves or one of these other impact

players. It will be someone good.



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