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One Winning Drive: Week 15 Power Rankings

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Not too much moving and shaking this week in the Power Rankings. The Giants loss to the Eagles cost them the top spot, but nothing more. And down the rankings, it all shakes out as expected with three teams falling out of the top 10 thanks to losses – including the New York Jets, who just two weeks ago were sitting pretty in the division lead and at number two in the rankings.


The newcomers are a trio of 8-5 teams, not far ahead of the 8-5 bunch unseen behind them. The Dolphins, Cardinals and Vikings are all welcomed to the top 10 courtesy of their positions as division leaders. For the Dolphins and Vikings, it is their first trip into the top 10 this season and with how things have been going, it may be a short stay.


Fallen Off:


New York Jets (7): Losers of two straight and now stuck in a three way tied for their division lead.


Dallas Cowboys (9): Because Tony Romo still cannot win the big game.


Atlanta Falcons (10): The rule in the NFC South this year is that the home team always wins.


The top ten are after the jump…



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