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Anyone like William Jackson, CB


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The Ravens site has him and Ramsey as good fits for the secondary in the draft. No shit.

Ramsey? Really? Just about the entire city wants Ramsey in the draft but he'll go to the

JAGs unless they draft Myles Jack who wouldn't be bad for us if they take Ramsey.


So the site also lists Jackson as a good fit. He killed it at the Combines with one of the best

performances ever. He was 3rd fastest guy in the 40 time with under 4.4 speed (4.37) which is

phenominal for a cover guy standing at 6'. Now I like that at 6' because he could go up to

the big guys like AJ while Hargreaves is the best cover guy in the draft but could get pushed

around at 5'9.


I never heard of this Jackson but I like the sound of him and Jack if Ramsey is gone. PFF

is very high on him while being impressed with his size and speed. This report was written

before the Combines and says if he displays the speed in Indy as he does on tape he'll

be great. he's not afraid of being beat deep.








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