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One Winning Drive: Ravens 34, Bengals 3: Grading the Ravens

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Quarterback: B+

Flacco had his best statistical game of the season. He threw for 280 yards, a pair of touchdowns, and had several successful rush attempts as well. But even so, Joltin’ Joe left something to be desired. While the heavy pass rush was hardly his fault, Flacco was not at his in terms of decision-making. He seemed just a second behind at times, leading to incomplete passes and scrambling throw-aways.

Running backs: B+

Le’Ron McClain topped 80 yards for the second straight game and pancaked the Bengals defense. His quick feet continue to impress, especially given his size and look - he looks like a fullback because he is a fullback. Ray Rice saw limited playing time and limited success. Willis McGahee did not play, which has to leave us all wondering what’s going on. Regardless, the running game was successful, but not perfect.

Wide Receivers: A

Last week it was the defensive backs who got an A for perhaps the first time in our report card’s history… The only thing less likely? Giving an A to the receiving corps, and yet, here we are. Derrick Mason was his usual steady self. Todd Heap found his way into the mix, including a touchdown reception. And then Mark Clayton showed up. Clayton proved that with a good quarterback, receivers do not need to be wide open. They are receivers for a reason - they can catch. (more…)

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