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Eddie Murphy: The Riddler

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I doubt Robin will be in any of the films... unless it is a very very very long developing story. Meaning that Shia comes in as an orphan that Bruce takes care of... but he won't be Robin.


As for Eddie Murphy? I could see it working. I was just reading the other day about how Murphy, like so many others, needs to take a turn in his career. No one buys the happy daddy day care and Dr. Doolittle crap. Change something. I think he could do it.


Still doesn't mean I believe it.

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Guest BallTMore

I thought these were just rumors? Not sure I believe it.



Nolan and Bale have stated that they hate the character of Robin, and Nolan has said he will never have him in his movies.



Rachel Weisz as Catwomen would be sweet. Kate Beckinsale would look good, too (That's just a random thought that popped into my head. Off to take a cold shower.)



I thought maybe they should bring the Girl joker into the series. I think her name is Harley. I could see someone like Selma Blair playing that character. She's pretty dark. (Cold shower again)

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There's no way Nolan would cast Shia LeDouche




Do they really have to use the Riddler? Would it be completely out of the question to create a new villian? I mean, they created Rachel Dawes, why not a new bad assed villian? Better yet, work with DC to make the new villian.


Honestly, I do not want to see Robin in any of these new Batman movies. Keep Robin out of it. The only way I could see Robin, like DC said, is if it was a long developing story. Maybe like years from now make a Batman where Christian Bale in a minor role passes the torch to a Robin who is able to carry a movie by himself. It wouldn't really be sequel to Batman, more like a spinoff (kind of like the new Venom movie coming out).

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I think the Riddler is the most likely villain to come.


I don't want them to create any villains. That goes too far. But there are certainly plenty of good villains that haven't been touched by the film series.


Nolan has all but ruled out the Penguin, but I think he could be a great villain in the style of the old TV show (more of a mob boss with some weird habits/fetishes and laugh than the DeVito penguin).

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