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I know we are just getting into the playoffs but i have noticed that both Rex ryan and Hue Jackson's names have been brought up for some of the coaching jobs available. I don't think we will be lucky enough this year to keep Rex again. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on who would be a go replacement. I think the only way we can keep such a complex defense is by offering the job to someone in house. Anyone have any ideas on who?


also if we lose Hue Jackson is this going to become a problem for Joe Flacco. I haven't heard Cam Cameron's name brought up yet and I hope it stays that way. I am worried though that even if we keep Cam but lose Hue that this could be a step back for Joe.


and on a side note if we lose Rex Ryan how much harder might that make it for us to resign Ray Lewis, T - sizzle, And Bart Scott.




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Chuck Pagano


He knows the players and with Reed Landry and Leonhard healthy he could scheme very well around an amazing secondary.


All I can think about is miami, but if we get healthy and continue to build upon our defense's already stellar depth we could see another record setting unit


Losing Hue Jackson would suck, hes doing amazing work with our young talented Oline

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