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No offense, but few can run, pass, or hide from Reed, Ravens

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"I don't think it's Chad Pennington's fault. It's probably Ed Reed and Rex Ryan's fault."


-- Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs on Dolphins QB Chad Pennington's struggles against the Baltimore defense, led by safety Reed's ball hawking and coordinator Ryan's design

MIAMI -- I'm sitting in the Dolphin Stadium baseball press box Sunday, two rows in front of New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. Harrison is going to need a restraining order and I'm going to need ear canal surgery if he yells any louder.


"I told you!" he screams after Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed returns a Chad Pennington floater for a touchdown.


"More pressure! More pressure!" says Harrison, leaning forward in his seat as the Ravens sack Pennington.


"Ohhhhhh!" he wails as Reed steps in front of another Pennington pass for an interception.


Harrison's behavior is totally unprofessional -- there's no cheering in the press box -- and, yet, totally understandable. You can put Harrison in a suit and tie (he's moonlighting for the NFL Network), but you can't ask him to quit being a professional safety or owner of two Super Bowl rings.


"I'm sorry," he says later. "But I know what they're going through. I know their intensity."


Full article here: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/sto...mp;sportCat=nfl

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Go ahead, try to find a weak spot. The Dolphins couldn't. In fact, during the postgame locker room scene, I heard a Ravens player say, "The one thing [the Dolphins] have better than us is cheerleaders. The one thing."


:lol: ain't got those Dundalk gals down in Miami huh :lol:

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