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O's Prospect Ranks


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Keith Law at ESPN...


Wieters is #1, duh.


Tillman and Matusz both in the 25-50 range. Arrieta is 50-100.


4 in top 100 is not bad.


He ranks the O's organizational depth as #10 overall, which is a huge improvement from 2 years ago when we probably ranked #28 or so... and says with the proper development of a few guys or a good pair of draft picks, we could be higher. And we were hugely hurt by a bad 2007 draft.




Great to think that this doesn't even include Felix Pie... simply because by Law's rules, Pie isn't a prospect anymore. But with fewer than a full season under his belt, I'd say he certainly is.


Also, I was just reading about the prospect we got with Ryan Freel in the Hernandez trade... Turner, I think it is. 24, middle infielder. Has hit 290-330 every year in his minor league career... and continued his success as he as moved up. And his power and RBI numbers are very solid for a 2b/SS kind of guy.


Would be nice to see him come up in the next year or so... not necessarily to replace Roberts, but to play along side Roberts.




Bonus thought... Lou Montanez is now an odd man out on this team, which sucks. Starting him in the minors probably isn't a bad idea... but how about Montanez as a DH? He's been criticized for his defense and with Freel and Pie ready to play in LF, Montanez would make a killer DH from the right side along side Scott from the left. His numbers last year were pretty solid at the ML level and obviously amazing in the minors...

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Here is a blog on Justin Turner:




And an article:




Turner is definitely an interesting prospect. He has hit for average at every level, and plays a good second base. Most importantly, he is a baseball player. He could very well end up being BRob's replacement. He hit very well in a half a season at AA last year, hopefully the O's start him at AAA so he can position himself sooner for the majors.

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