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The Curious Case of Forrest Gump


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I saw Button the 1st week it was out or something... couldn't stand it.


It certainly was trying to be Forrest Gump and doing a horrible job of it.


And then there were all kinds of stupid problems... not the least of which was why in the hell was Hurricane Katrina included and what did it have to do with anything? Never explained, never felt...


Ugh. I was so utterly disappointed.

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Also- can't believe that they didn't include the biggest, most gag-worthy repetition from both films...


Gump is tied together with that feather that floats around a few times and winds up in his briefcase. And it kind of works, somehow.


In Button, the "feather" becomes a butterfly. And when one character dies, the imagery is perfect all by itself... and then the butterfly appears. And it appears twice more, I think, at least. And it is just RIDICULOUS.


I almost threw up on myself.

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