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Friedgen's Successor Announced


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...why? I mean, I know he's a good coach and recruiter and everything, but why? How can you be that confident that there's no one you'd prefer when Ralph retires--whenever that is--than an assistant you have now?


I've never understood naming successors. I just don't like it.


Maryland will name offensive coordinator James Franklin as coach Ralph Friedgen's successor at a 3 p.m. ET news conference today.


Friedgen, who turns 62 in April, still has three years remaining in his contract -- it expires Jan. 2, 2012 -- and he isn't expected to retire before then. But Franklin was hired with the understanding that he would have a chance to be head coach.


Former Illinois offensive coordinator Mike Locksley also had been considered, but that option faded once Franklin was hired.


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In college it is really helpful because of the continuity associated with recruiting.


It stops Franklin from running off to some other program in the next few years. It stops recruits from worrying that they are going to be playing for someone other than the coaches that have gotten to know them. It says that Friedgen has the full support of the university, as he should, and that recruits can come here knowing precisely what they are going to get.


I'm not a huge fan of such a process, but it's not that bad.


Franklin reminds me a bit of Tressel. Sweatervests, glasses and looking more like an accountant than a football coach. But certainly a 'mastermind.'



As for finding other people you would want to be head coach... I don't know how valid that is. I mean, if Urban Meyer was suddenly free the same time that the Terps needed a new coach... I'd be pretty freaking interested. But outside of a few huge names in the coaching circles, what are we looking for in coaches and such? It's ALL a gamble. There's no such thing as a sure thing - in players or coaches. So why not lock down someone that you have faith can execute the duties - especially in terms of recruiting and meeting alumni expectations?

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