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Shaping Up


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How I'd like to see things pan out...


I'd like to see us get Looper. And then that will solidify our starting five... for now.








Albers (LR)

Liz (LR)

Sarfate (MR)

Parrish (MR)

Johnson (Set up)

Sherrill (Set up) - so long to Jamie Walker. Need a lefty set-up man

Ray (Closer)


Roberts (2B)

Jones (CF)

Markakis (RF)

Huff (1B)

Scott (DH)

Wieters ©

Mora (3B)

Pie (LF)

Izturis (SS)








Now... the likelihood that Wieters starts at the majors? Probably not gonna happen. But I still think it's the best move for the team.


But overall, it would be nice to start with nothing but experience in the rotation and down the pitching staff... and then not have to worry about busting our young guys - save them for mid-late season.

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If Baez doesn't make it out as a starter, I don't think he's going to be on this team.


He may be able to unseat Liz as a longer term reliever, but only if the organization values Liz in the minors.


And even then he still has to compete with the likes of Cormier, Waters, Cherry, etc etc etc...

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