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Trembley Returning


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I for one am actually very happy about this. I think he provides the veteran and fatherlike leadership our young guys need. And while we may not see it, he is behind every one of his players 100%


I point to his ejection and suspension a few months back following a bad Red Sox series and then a bad call in (I think) Chicago. The umps didn't give Nolan Reimold home on an overthrow because, as they told Trembley, he wasn't running hard and didn't make it to second base in time. Trembley accepted that, waited for Reimold to find him at inning's end, and asked him, "Nolan, don't lie to me, were you running? Did you get to that bag?" Nolan said "Yes, coach. I hustled. I was there."


Without a hesitation, Trembley bolted back onto the field (at inning's end, after the first talk with umps) and laid into the whole crew. "YOU LIED TO ME! YOU LIED TO ME! DON'T TELL ME MY PLAYERS DIDN'T HUSTLE! DON'T YOU CALL MY PLAYER LAZY!" Tantrum in post-game followed as well. Suspension shortly after.


So what? Well, if you're 23 years old like Nolan or Wieters... or if you're 20/21 like Tillman... and you see/hear your coach support you like that... doesn't that affect how you play for him? Trembley is a hardass, but a players coach. These kids love him.


Welcome Back, Dave!

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