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4th and 1 Measurement


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Absolutely bogus misuse of the rule by Brady/Belichick... and the refs let them get away with it.


The ball was obviously a FULL YARD short of the first down. You can't ask for a measurement on that, and you shouldn't be granted it.


That was just a free timeout... given away by the officials.


The stinginess on the roughing calls has been bogus too (even on the Flacco call - though glad they were consistent). The second call, Brady didn't even come close to going to down... but was all too happy to turn around and ASK for the flag. And receives it.






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Guest BallTMore

Said the same thing. Complete bullshit!


Also, Jim Nance is annoying. "Brady is heading into the locker room!"


Oh shit! Really? He's running into the locker room. I'm sure he's hurt! Show his backup, oh, he adjusting his hat. That's clearly a sign he's getting ready to go in. *eyeroll*


Drama queens.

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