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Watching Anderson Cooper (AC360) right now as they discuss an old case of a guy put to death for setting fire to his home, killing his family. There is apparently some significant evidence and technology today that suggests that he may not have done it and that his story might add up... same old same old, but I've seen this one in the news a lot recently.


Anyway, Cooper has the man's (who has now been executed) lawyer from his original trial... and it's insane. His lawyer (remember DEFENSE attorney) literally sounds more like a prosecutor and sheriff. He said several times "There is just no doubt this guy is guilty" which, even after years, is absurd to hear from a defense attorney - especially when the client maintained innocence to his death. But on top of that, he was a moron.


He continued to say that "the state's fire investigation was right" because "if you take carpet and pour lighter fluid on it and light it on fire... it looks just like the carpet in the guy's house." WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! As if that's science.


He also kept saying that his job "as a defense attorney" is not to try and "prove the client's case," but to test and scrutinize the prosecution's evidence. And since the prosecution's evidence stood up... it must be right. But, that's just lunacy as well. There are certainly TWO parts to defense - scrutinizing the prosecution and defending your client. If your client has an alibi, a way out... it's your job to present and prove that, even if the other evidence seems irrefutable.


The guy was sitting there, on AC360, cowboy hat on... just goin "no.. no.. now you listen here... this is crazy... you're all wrong... i'm an attorney..."


Unbelievable. Almost funny until you realize a man died with this moron and dick as his lawyer.


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