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  1. What a play. The d is probably side eyeing Lamar though
  2. Carr has become an automatic completion for opponents
  3. Yes, what we should have done to the chargers in the playoffs.
  4. I gotta give John credit. He made the right calls today. It was so awesome to see some play making on defense again.
  5. against the chiefs Harbaugh failed the team by psyching himself out and having his team play outside themselves in an attempt to outsmart a tough opponent. The Ravens never had a chance. Hopefully this week he just allows the Ravens O to play their game and eat up clock with those long meticulous on the ground drives. It takes the opposing crowd out of the game, tires the opposing D and frustrates the opposing O. Leave your analytics book at home too!
  6. They just traded for Ramsey. Looks like we benefited from them trying to make room for him
  7. Ill worry about them when we play them. You complain too much. Enjoy the win
  8. Im not complaining. The game was effectively over after that long drive and FG. They did what they had to do especially considering the run back to start the game
  9. The announcers are idiots. The bengals are back in it! Lol
  10. Somebody needs to smack the shit outta Tate. Cocky fucker
  11. Yup. Kinda sucks not often we beat the bengals
  12. Lol bowser makes so few plays he doesnt know how to celebrate. screwed up the bicep celebration with McPhee
  13. Maybe that will put an end to these dumbass leaps by the tight ends
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