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  1. Hold out for a trading card. That would be pretty cool to get.
  2. If things don't get better fast, I'd forfeit rather than giving a heated division rival a 50-0 win.....plus neither team would get paid.
  3. Yeah, but I thought once in the list you were for 10 days....... maybe not
  4. Is Trace eligible to come off the Covid reserve list yet?
  5. I do not know who that is...if its a caller into sports radio I do not often listen to that because there are far too many ass....well far too many people like you. But hey, great response.
  6. Well after watching the game Sunday I figured the Ravens purposely lost in AND lost in OT THEN announced players had COVID in an attempt to lull the Steelers into a false sense of security. Risky but we will see how it plays out.
  7. Its funny how you pat yourself on your hunchback when a commentator or columnist agrees when you, but when they don't its because of group mentality or they are wrong.
  8. I think he played decently today. Not great, not bad. I think there are plenty of factors that are limiting his success, including himself, but given the circumstances he's been decent most of the year. If you have known papa that long I feel sorry for you. I'll try to keep quiet when you bitch about a 6 yard pass when someone is open 8 yards down field or if a play is called that is "wrong".
  9. Oh go fuck yourself. You're the most condescending poster I've ever seen here. Yes please, offer to break down the game to teach us what's really going on. Open my eyes please. And the most negative too. Year in and year out you just bitch and bitch. Joyless. I've never claimed to be any football genius, just a longtime fan of the game. Unlike you professor. And yes, you are blessed to see my posts. Enjoy every one.
  10. Yep, not good, it could have gotten ugly early but luckily it didn't.
  11. Yeah I think after Thursday night we are looking at having to run the table, or close to it, just to get a low wildcard.
  12. It's amazing how casual fans of the game, or those still learning it - often give the QB far too much credit for success and far too much blame for failure. Oh well, knowledge takes time and an open mind.
  13. Tough loss not unexpected - but not like this. Now a short week game against one of the best teams in the league... what could go wrong?
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