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  1. Nice. Safe and peaceful travels.
  2. oh no matter how it wa written up you'd bitch and say you knew better. its just you
  3. I told you so..true form
  4. Yeah in retrospect it really was but they had to sign him, It just didn't work out. With the teams reputation for being cheap (often undeserved IMO - NOT that I am saying it was a well run club) and with Davis's production and popularity they team would have been skewered if they let him walk. Of course the same people skewered the team for the signing when his production went away. He seemed like a good guy and was the main reason to watch the club for a few years. He averaged 37 home runs over a 6 year span, that's crazy. Being suspended for the playoffs the one season might have really hurt, but mostly he was fun for a while. I hope he has a good retirement and post baseball life.
  5. I like the offense they are building. I like the college pick first rounder. It might only take him a year or so. Leave Adley and all the pitchers down this year and next year might be fun. The following funner!
  6. That was a special game. Pretty solid step forward this month.
  7. So far June is good
  8. I'm just starting to see the exoskeletons here. Have only seen a few.
  9. It's comfier than it looks.
  10. Spen

    2021 Preakness

    I hope horse racing ends in our lifetime. Animal cruelty.
  11. My wife wants me to keep wearing the mask in public and around the house. She must really care about me.
  12. The police have to earn back the trust of the people. No more "catch and release", "pothole express", or "rough rides". Then witnesses will cooperate far more often and juries will convict far more often and crime will go down. Problem is it might take years to work so politicians don't go this route. Instead they do stopgap measures that hurt in the long run.
  13. That was a thing of beauty! I made it home in time to nail bite my way through three innings.
  14. On paper it at least looks like there is a good bit more talent. On paper it also looked like Hollywood would not be among the league leaders in drops and it looked like Boykin might be a real NFL player.
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