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  1. Chiefs for me because they never won one. I don't care too much though.
  2. 27 hours earlier Our group of heroes relax, happy with their success and confident in their path going forward, What at first seems to be the wind gradually becomes clearer and they hear a singing voice get closer and closer. "Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!" The trees part and an old man steps out. His face wears a smile but his eyes are not smiling. Who the hell are you asks our group of merry men trying not to laugh. "Who am I?" asks the old man. Suddenly the old man drops his pants, aims his gnarled old but impressive penis at the group and begins urinating on the group. But this is no normal urine, but so foul and hot as if from the darkest section of Mirkwood or from the hidden corners of the Old Forest. The splashing hot steaming urine covers our clan embarrassing them and filling them with self doubt, The old man pulls up his pants, ties them and leans close. "Im Tom Fuckin' Bombadil, thats who I am" he says then turns and enters the trees. The group of once merry men huddle shocked dazed and broken. And for long long minutes afterwards they can still hear him. "Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow;Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow. "
  3. So were all pretty much in agreement, cool
  4. I guess it couldn't hurt but Lamar has progressed so much in the last year after last year's loss that I am not sure he needs anyone. Even a lot of the veterans on the team praised his work effort and leadership. I think he's doing fine by himself. It was a tough loss and people are looking for reasons, I think it's a talent and injury issue, not a lack of leadership. Plus maybe not bring in a mentor charged with double homicide....
  5. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/01/nfl-ravens-titans-lamar-jackson-film-analysis/amp?__twitter_impression=true Lamar played no where near as poorly as some think or like to pretend to think. He played better than anyone else on offense, granted that's not exactly a high bar. Also the 'he needs to know it's a team game' idiocy about Lamar is just a big dog whistle. If one of the whitest guys in the league Peyton, and one of the great sexual harrasers, played the exact game Lamar did - no one claims he's not a team player.
  6. Sometimes teams improve as the year goes one, we know that, They played well and we did not.
  7. Just answer yes, you're that kind of asshole.
  8. It was a really great season, so much excitement and fun. Tough loss but we need to improve. You can't let one running back get 195 yards. That's probably the loss right there. And it's really hard to win with a terrible group of wideouts. Brown may be good one day, and he played well tonight, but besides him I'm not sure any are legit NFL players. No fear or respect from the defense and that affects the running game tremendously.
  9. So is this where the assholes who predicted bad things post the 'i told you sos' because they are really sad human beings and they think that will impress others? Nope. Just acting like assholes.
  10. Tick tock..... The clock it's moving slow
  11. No telling how the Ravens will look in the playoffs but I don't expect any jitters or rust. They have been a very consistent team this season, especially since week 5. Not only did Lamar lead the league in TDs, his 66% completion percentage is awesome. Especially with our JV receivers. The excellent tight ends sure do help. I'll go Ravens 25.6 - Titans 14
  12. Tennessee is a fine team and they had a good year. I think the Ravens are easily better though. Better at passing and better at running and better at defense. One never knows but I think the Ravens win by a TD or more. The Ravens have been very consistent over their streak, consistently playing well. When was the last time they really came close to losing? Some may think that's a negative, but to me it means they have been ready every week.
  13. Pretty awesome weekend of football. 1-3 in my picks, there's a reason I don't gamble.
  14. The easy one to me is the Saints over Vikings. So watch me get that wrong. The Eagles over Seahawks. Mainly due to home field advantage. Now the tough ones Texans over Bills. I think it's going to be close. Pats over Titans. The Pats can trick their way to another big win this week, maybe for the last time
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