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  1. Spen


    230 rushing yards to just 51 for Houston!
  2. Spen


    Your post really was a work of art. The second half of your post you complain about them not running out the clock well enough even though the game was not really that close. And the first half you complain about Harbs challenging a play "for a few inches" conveniently leaving out that the few inches would have given them a first down - which would have allowed them to run down the clock. And the timeout they lost with the challenge then? Pretty much worthless. So great post, I would have thought it was well executed dry wit - but coming from you I knew it wasn't. But by all means bitch all game every game and just think- when they do lose you can really take delight in saying you knew it was going to happen.
  3. Spen


    Dammit. My beer is a quarter empty. I can't stop crying.
  4. Spen


    Pretty great game today. A few issues but overall a well coached and well played game. Dobbins with a great run as I post this. I like him.
  5. Spen


    Very good first half. Defense looks great, with the possible exception of the last drive, and the offense has been solid. Up 20-10 on the road against a good team, I'll take it.
  6. Spen


    Not so humid, passing game might open up
  7. Spen


    I feel better about Sunday's win after watching the game last night. And I felt pretty good about it before. Houston is very humid so I see neither team being able to throw the ball through the thick thick air. So once again I see punt returns as the key. 27 - 14 Ravens
  8. Spen


    Pretty great start to the season. No preseason, no problem. Dobbins looked fantastic.
  9. Spen


    I have a feeling that without the crowds there the kick return game will really open up. I expect multiple kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns for both teams. I will go 28 - 22 Ravens, I really hope that at 1PM Sunday I care about the game. I think I will once its on, but so far no real excitement for it.
  10. There are conservatives? Conservatives usually want fiscal responsibility and state rights/ limited federal government powers. I don't know many if any conservatives now. I used to disagree with conservatives because I don't care who people are sleeping with like a lot of conservatives did and I believe in equality (gender and racial) which a lot of conservatives did not seem to - but I didn't hate them. Now the cult and cult members we have now thriving on ignorance, hate, and cruelty? Yeah I'm pretty close to hating them.
  11. Fair enough, I completely disagree but fair enough.
  12. Stick with who? His media buddies and/or his cult followers? I don't think that counts as sticking. Do you hear normal non stupid non completely biased people using his nicknames?
  13. I like the idea and that is for charity. I don't like it $55 though.
  14. I was really surprised. I thought a lot of the speeches and points made at the RNC were really strong. Nah, just kidding.... (I "love" how my autocorrect often changes really to 'ramy')
  15. Spen


    Sorry about your job Max. Hopefully it's not too long. Stay safe everyone
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