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  1. The police have to earn back the trust of the people. No more "catch and release", "pothole express", or "rough rides". Then witnesses will cooperate far more often and juries will convict far more often and crime will go down. Problem is it might take years to work so politicians don't go this route. Instead they do stopgap measures that hurt in the long run.
  2. That was a thing of beauty! I made it home in time to nail bite my way through three innings.
  3. On paper it at least looks like there is a good bit more talent. On paper it also looked like Hollywood would not be among the league leaders in drops and it looked like Boykin might be a real NFL player.
  4. I'm not sure how I feel about a team drafting a player with the last name of a division rival city. In the olde days this would have never have happened.
  5. The first pick sounds excellent, hopefully it works out. Oweh seems like a bit of a project. 31 seems early to take a project player. Though I guess if you don't draft for another 60 picks......
  6. If they don't the people should hold it against them, not against the democrats. I won't hold my breath though. If the democrats showed up for trump, who used national emergencies to talk about TV ratings, than the Republicans should show up for Biden. When this country ends, and why would anyone doubt that it will, Newt deserves a ton of blame. Completely partisan politics, embracing conspiracy theories he knew weren't true, name calling, governing by inaction......no Newt no Trump.
  7. The at bats with the bases loaded in the 6th were pretty awful.
  8. Newt and his cronies ended that.
  9. Good meme. Fear can be a big part of hate. And the link between the two can be exploited. Look at Republicans recently with immigration, "socialism", and gun control measures.
  10. Means was pretty great though! Bright side!
  11. We care more about out perceived rights, ignoring key words of course, than we do our citizens and children. That's obvious. Other countries have similar or worse movies and TV and do not have the gun violence we do here. Stricter gun laws and penalties are absolutely part of the solution. It's a largely competitive unhappy society often pitted against each other given the means to hurt many people quickly. I hope it gets better in my lifetime but I doubt it. We're not good enough or well informed enough (see known non factors like TV/ video games brought up instead of real contribu
  12. If the seats were just a shade lighter the stadium would be very very good. Plus if they would have flyovers every quarter the experience would be better. I'm not as young as I used to be but I still want weather to be part of the game.
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