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  1. I don't think our backs and O-line are capable of a sustained running attack. Like Pops I think this turns into a shootout.
  2. Yeah definitely a concern. I think he's regressed and Harrison never got off the launch pad. Well, not every move you make in the draft is a good one and this is one that just got by EDC & Co. I don't see Queen pulling himself out of this nosedive this year for sure. He needs to be re-constructed.
  3. OK, OK this team has problems. They really do. Queen looks lost and I'm close to giving up on him. I don't know what is wrong with Humphrey unless it's the fact that Marcus Peters is out and H. is trying to do too much. The offensive line is a shambles. Somehow (and that somehow has the initials L.J.) they win and that's with all the injuries and let's not forget about the 17 guys on IR. Preston had a good article on all this today. Jackson is carrying this team right now. They won't win every game by a longshot and the Chargers are going to kill them and their poor tackling/missed assignments this Sunday. But as long as they have Lamar, they have a chance to win. One last thing: the receivers have been playing great. Andrews, Brown and Duvernay and Proche are NOT lost. They know what they are doing and when to do it. Kudos to them too. Now with Watkins hurt is the ideal time for Bateman to get in there and make a splash. If only (hoping against hope here) Ronnie Stanley can get back in and play at a high level. SMH.
  4. I should have known it would be crazy after watching the never-ending end of the Packers game on Sunday.
  5. Colts scored on a 76 yd screen.
  6. Another day to appreciate Justin Tucker!
  7. Being a worrier, I am increasingly concerned Stanley may not make it back this year. Or, even, never.
  8. That's on the mark.
  9. Lets see what Preston has to say: " Even more impressive was that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson delivered passes deep and outside the numbers, racking up more than 300 yards for only the second time during his four-year career. Jackson completed passes to five receivers and rushed for 28 yards on seven carries. It was a glimpse of the vision the Ravens had four years ago when they selected Jackson in the first round and then followed up with draft picks like Bateman, Dobbins, receivers Devin Duvernay, Marquise Brown and James Proche II and tight end Mark Andrews. The Ravens wanted to complement their top-ranked running game with an upgraded passing game that finished last in the league last season. They are on course."
  10. I'm buying too. Now. I was selling after the Raiders game.
  11. What we need most right now is for Ronnie Stanley to get well.
  12. I really woukd hate to see Proche go. I agree we need to keep as many as possible especially with all the injuries to the backfield we'll need a really good passing attack. If Proche has to go I hope Eric can swing a deal for him so we get some type of compensation. I'm looking forward to Bateman getting some playing time when he's ready but at the moment our receivers are looking good. Real good.
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