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  1. Ran across this tweet. An interesting read from a football genius (whether we like him or not):
  2. oldno82


    While I don't know you personally, Max, it's evident to me that you're a good man. I hope that because of the $2.2 trillion relief bill, your employer is able to keep you on the payroll as long as necessary. In the meantime I wish you and your family good health.
  3. I think there's a good chance it will be cancelled. But lets see where we stand in May. If, a big if, they can get training camp in during July/August, they'll probably play but a decision will have to be made long before that unfortunately.
  4. oldno82


    They won't prevent you from going to the garden. I agree with Max on everything he said and quoted. Time to lock down.
  5. Yeah they have just enough cap space for the draft. If they want to achieve greatness they have to hit this draft big what with 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. I think I may foresee a lot of trading up and back on the Ravens' behalf during the draft to nab the players they want. If they execute that strategy successfully, they should wind up with day one starters at LB and WR and depth on the OL. The draft will be the key as Preston says. In the meantime, please pass the purple kool aid.
  6. The only thing I have to say about this one is, 'Where is all this cap money coming from?'. I know next to nothing about this guy. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-ravens-brockers-signing-20200316-vem4ki6dgvg23knsf4egq4dyka-story.html
  7. A shame they couldn't have woven him into the offense more. We'll see what we get with that 2nd rounder.
  8. I have bad feelings about he H. Hurst trade. I think he'll be a star for Atlanta. Now Andrews & Boyle both have to stay healthy and we need a day one starter with that 2nd pick. That's hard to do. James Hurst was going to be out for the first four games anyway so not as much of a loss there. Now we need a Yanda replacement (Powers might be it) and a versatile backup lineman along with linebacker help and pass rush help.
  9. Only 6.5 sacks last year??
  10. Wow! Stunned. Not sure I agree with this...33 years old and $15 million??? Don't mind losing the 5th rounder but I really really question the money at his age.
  11. I just read this (from Eisenberg)... "One more thought on Yanda: I blinked when he said he'd undergone eight surgeries in 13 years. That means more months of rehab than he'd cared to count. Fans and media take for granted that players who suffer injuries will return. But the work involved should never be taken for granted."
  12. Gee...guess I'm greedy...I want a 1 or a 2 & 4.
  13. They're good moves but the guy takes no responsibility for the crappy state of our planning. What a narcissistic egomaniac.
  14. [sigh] Trade him. The sooner the better. Any ideas on what he'd bring?
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