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  1. Thanks for posting that, Max. Every year I try to find those dates and it was nice to come here and see them posted.
  2. Eisenberg Nails It: https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/eisenberg-ravens-have-put-the-pieces-around-lamar-jackson
  3. You know you've had a really crappy passing offense when settling for mediocrity is a definite plus. Now is the problem the receivers, schemes, or Lamar?
  4. This was a 'must do' action by the Ravens. If Stanley comes back healthy, the line will be plenty good enough now with a lot of potential.
  5. No Center or OT drafted or signed in FA. The line doesn't look good to me. And they really didn't address with any certainty the edge rusher and DL depth they need. We rolled the dice on the first two picks. They can either show that they can play right away or kiss them goodbye. My grade for the Ravens draft is a C-. I sure hope I'm wrong but this draft left me feeling empty.
  6. All these mock drafts are fun but nearly all turn out wrong. The Ravens will take the best player available unless there's a need 'best' within 2-3 spots. Who it will be at this point is anybody's guess and I yield to Decosta and crew who have access to much more data than me. As usual though, whatever the Ravens do should be entertaining whether they move up or back or neither with either first round pick.
  7. Maybe, but realistically speaking, how much more? TBH, I would've rather had Brown than Stanley but Stanley's contract kills that idea.
  8. I like the trade...gives them 2 first rounders and they can use them to trade up or back along with the other ammo. Probably trade the 31st into the 2nd for a pick there and maybe get another 3rd. I wouldn't draft an OT in the first round.
  9. Another thing is that if you trade down and out, your first pick won't have that fifth option year on his rookie contract.
  10. If I remember right, the last time we traded down out of the first into the second round we wound up with Sergio Kindle and Terrance Cody.
  11. I like #9. Don't like the position numbering changes. The rest, I agree: meh.
  12. This is a classic case of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is Lamar's passing ability holding us back or Roman's system? Or is it, shudder, both?
  13. Possible trades with pros and cons: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-ravens-orlando-brown-trade-teams-20210211-ukai7xok3zcpffbhfsalvjkuqu-story.html
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