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  1. Slightly behind the Chiefs. 50 years is a long time. But I won't be sad at all if SFO wins. The 49'ers have an entertaining defense and crushing running attack. I think the '9'ers win it.
  2. Agree...all I keep thinking about is that we should be playing today. Honestly, though, I would've picked KC over us today. Two really dominant teams in KC and the Ravens regardless what they say about the Titans. Of course, as I say this, Tennessee has a two score lead. Really looking forward to 2020 though. I think big things will be happening through free agency ($34 million in cap space) , the draft (7 picks in 1st 4 rounds), OTA's, Training Camp and the pre-season. Lots to look forward to. Hopefully, we keep injuries to a minimum.
  3. I think Tomlin had a good argument considering all the injuries and other losses (AJ Brown, Bell) but they lost the last three games of the season. With the Ravens completely re-inventing an entire offense and then winning 12 in a row, I have to still say it's Harbaugh.
  4. What can I say? They both earned it over the regular season.
  5. He be a good choice for them. Lamar likes him and we all have seen how well Lamar developed. A loss for us but you can't keep everybody after the year we had.
  6. Couldn't agree more. They should be an exceptional team for years.
  7. No on Ray and Ed. Too much ego with both guys. Lamar is already a damn good leader who motivates the entire team to play well. He'll learn how to motivate them to come back from behind.
  8. You're right about Pees' strategy but we should have been able to overcome that. I can't put a finger on why we couldn't score in those positions.
  9. Real Briefly: Stanley---agree. They can't afford to lose the young stud LT. Judon---agree. Worth keeping if he doesn't break the bank. If they can develop, trade for, or sign a worthy FA, Judon would be a good complement. Kerrigan---disagree...too old. Ngakoue---don't know...production drop-off in hurries and pressures from 2018 to 2019 even though sacks remained about the same. Jones---don't know. Draft---LB or receiver badly needed. And I'll add one more who may become a FA and would cost a ton but might be worth it: Amari Cooper
  10. Interesting stat: Will Brinson ✔ @WillBrinson Ravens had drives that ended at the: Titans 36 Titans 31 Titans 4 Titans 18 Titans 31 Titans 15 Titans 16 Titans 21 And finished with 12 points.
  11. Lots of good stuff here. I especially agree with the very last sentence. Lamar is a winner and he will find a way. I think it's important to remember he's 23 years old and in his second year and is a monumental talent. He needs some experience. He needs to learn how to pull his team back when they are 14 points down and get them back in the ballgame. These are things I think he's learning now. He'll be ready to go next year. And Harbs will have his team ready too. IF not, THEN we can talk about letting the coach go.
  12. I'll only say that the verhemence of the criticism against Harbs is totally unwarranted. Criticism is always welcome but some have a hatred of him that is way out of the bounds of what objective criticism is. And it's always just beneath the surface here waiting for an opportunity to make a call to fire him. Where were they during the 12-game victory run? Or the new offense? Or keeping a team motivated for 17 weeks. I don't think the Ravens had a morale let down on Saturday. It was a confluence of several events.
  13. Lamar can build arm strength in the weight room and if he believes that's a weakness he'll do so. Not real worried about that. Big receiver and inside linebacker are indeed needed. Just as important is a damn good edge rusher so they don't have to blitz all the time. They have got a huge amount of cap space to improve a position or two with free agency. They can maybe get another position in the draft but that will be tougher since they will be drafting so low due to their record. I don't buy it that Harbs is to blame. He was completely behind the re-design of the offense. Committed to it in full. He also kept the team focused through a grueling 12 week winning streak where there were many opportunities for a loss that never happened. I don't think the team was not 'up' for the game, they just didn't know how to deal with adversity if they fell behind. The offense lost its poise a little bit when they fell behind. Roman was too quick to give up on the run I thought too but the guy is still a genius who created the team's overall strategy during the re-build. And the offense is very young at the skill positions and was handed a spanking. Get some receivers to get open and catch. Build up Lamar's arm. Get a ferocious edge rusher. If they get all that and lose again, then I would start looking at the coach.
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