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  1. Tsyl, if you keep this up, I'm going to have to read the book again and see the movie again!
  2. Gonna be tough. Watson gives the Houston offense a weapon the Ravens defense has not seen before. He's much like Lamar. Lamar has more moves and a bit more overall talent than DeShaun especially in leadership. Watson is a mobile pocket passer. Not as many runs but has the stats to infer he is the better passer. Lamar is more explosive and is the better leader. They are very close in ability but Houston has the better defense. I'm leaning towards Houston at this point because of that but could easily change my mind.
  3. We needed some depth and we got some...did the best we could do at this point in the season. Ellis is a known run-stuffer.
  4. Yup I worry about him too doing this in the future but for right now I'm in his corner all the way. He has no fear and does things no Raven has ever been capable of doing. No more snoozing when the offense is on the field. The defense is inconsistent. It's our Achilles heal. They have to upgrade a player or two there for next season. We need a better pass rush and another guy to complement what Pierce does. When he's not on the field the whole defensive line disappears.
  5. Good stuff, Tsyl! Interesting to see that book and movie series make it to our forum, too!
  6. The offense is red-hot and they pummeled a hapless Bengal team. It suddenly seems that Lamar can beat any team with his arm or legs. All-Pro candidate for sure. The defense...well the rush defense has had better days but the secondary, for the most part, played very well. It was a textbook example of a real football slaughter.
  7. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/preston/bs-sp-season-of-promise-20191107-fddkc3pdifa7xadbea32jswt6m-story.html
  8. I'd say they're ripe for a letdown. This is another thing that relates to coaching. Billick was especially good at this. That photo Max showed above should be a good motivator. We'll see. Hope Stanley is going to be OK. We'll need him down the stretch and beyond if we get that far.
  9. It doesn't make sense to me to keep Jones...he has nothing to offer. I'm baffled to as to why they would cut Canaday to keep him on the roster. So far as picking up Demaryius, it does seem to me Max is right. Same problems with him as with Jones.
  10. I tell you...I was damned tired of watching the plodding offense we had before. Now, anything can happen on any play and the results so far have been great for us.. Hard to believe this team has changed so much in one year. I guess Roman and Wink will be head coaches elsewhere next year...good for them but sad for us. Maybe Bisciotti will make them an offer they can't refuse like he did with DaCosta.
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