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  1. Thanks, Max...he is in the hospital awaiting the OR as I write this.
  2. No excuse on that last play. It should have come down to a FG loss. Not a good year for the Ravens.
  3. We have to win the toss to have a shot.
  4. That drive just plain sucked. The defense can't hold up, Wink.
  5. I think our D might be too tired to hold them.
  6. Well the defense kind of hung in there. We need a long drive by the O. The D is getting worn down. We also need some points. (note the deep insight, here).
  7. Damnit. Good call on trying the deep pass but lousy outcome. Time for D to step up.
  8. Yes they are surprising me b/c they're doing this without Campbell.
  9. Way to go Jackson/Andrews TD!!!
  10. Discipline, Ravens. Discipline!
  11. Shit! How bad is Queen hurt?
  12. Go JK!!! Keep playing those rookies.
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