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  1. I like #9. Don't like the position numbering changes. The rest, I agree: meh.
  2. This is a classic case of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is Lamar's passing ability holding us back or Roman's system? Or is it, shudder, both?
  3. Possible trades with pros and cons: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-ravens-orlando-brown-trade-teams-20210211-ukai7xok3zcpffbhfsalvjkuqu-story.html
  4. Brown is good, no doubt about it. And he plays like a Raven. But you can't expect him to take RT money when he can play LT so well. If we can get a #1, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a ready-to-start RT at first round in the draft. Beats nothing in a year any way.
  5. I'd take a #1 for him, albeit reluctantly. I wanted him to stay here and bookend Stanley, but he wants to go. If they get a #1 for him, it would be worth it. Anybody know what weak teams are desperate for a stud LT who's young?
  6. I think this game proved that you live and die with the quality of the O-line. Eric, are you listening? I think some of the worst coaching I've ever seen was the Chiefs calling time outs at the end of the first half with 40-some seconds to go, the Bucs had the ball around midfield with 3 time outs remaining and Brady has the ball. I mean WTF??
  7. I was thinking the same thing the whole game.
  8. I don't understand why anyone would want Cullen based on his showing here.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Watson doesn't turn up in New England. Bellicheck has got a ton of cap space and is quarterback needy.
  10. I just can't say it any better than you did, Dee. A party of jellyfish.
  11. Well, it's too bad, but I think G'ro has to improve more than Lamar. His teams always hit a brick wall on their development because he just can't (or won't) seem to change to make his offenses better. The same thing happened at SFO and Buffalo. A few years of success and then poof he was gone. I think that's what is keeping him from getting an HC job. Perhaps, he's inflexible after he has success and I think it shows up in interviews for higher position. The NFL game is all about adaptation. Like Max, I have seen Lamar kill an offense when he has decent time to pass. It also allows our re
  12. When does the new cap number for next season get announced? I know it will be lower but we're kind of playing in the dark here. AND, BTW, has anybody else been having problems with their login not sticking from session to session on the board?
  13. And then there's this by Mikey: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/preston/bs-sp-ravens-lamar-jackson-contract-preston-20210126-annrutedkjchpdd4gpnokiimky-story.html#nt=pf-double chain~ravens-main-chain~feed-driven flex feature~automated~ravens-2~ANNRUTEDKJCHPDD4GPNOKIIMKY~1~1~2~6~art yes I've been cogitating so much over that one my head is currently empty.
  14. Agree on keeping Wolf and Bowser. Hill has to go...hasn't shown much in the years he's been here. Really want to keep O. Brown. They can build a good O-line if he and Stanley are playing. Ngakoue has shown very little and will likely be expensive. Judon , damn! Hate to lose him but it's looking like we can't afford him. Snead should go---good player but would like to see Duvernay in the slot.
  15. When I cogitate too much I get brain nausea! Anyway I agree with much of what has been said. No, Lamar doesn't have Mahomes-like weapons on the receiving side. Not sure an 'aggressive' mode of 'teaching him more' will work. I think Lamar is close to being a finished product. Currently he's good enough with the talent he has to challenge for the AFC North title every year. A bit more receiving help and a lot more O-line help would probably be enough to compete realistically for the Conference title. The Super Bowl is a crap shoot...so many talented teams you can't really predict the nex
  16. Alright, you guys, cogitate over this from The Sun: RAVENS The Jackson drive Ravens hoped their star QB would change gears, but he and the team spun the tires Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ offense didn’t make much progress this year. Adrian Kraus/AP By Childs Walker Lamar Jackson wanted to expand his game in 2020 and push the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Instead, he and they plateaued in a season that ended with familiar disappointment. Here are five things we learned from the 2020 season: The Ravens counted on an improved Lamar Jackson to take them to the next level; ins
  17. Agree with you Max. Just look at how exciting this team is to watch compared to the era before it. We have an 'if only' team...if only we had a true #1 receiver...if only we would run more play action passes. But other than that, this is a great team to watch. They're having fun and we as fans are too.
  18. Gee...not sure what to think of the Ryan move. Not sure I like it.
  19. I think Harbaugh was very defensive in his answer to the questions many have about the anemic passing game. I don't think there's much question that we need a better pass protecting line and [sigh!] a real number one receiver (as we have needed for years). While I love what Lamar does we could use a little more balance and a return to the improved passing Lamar showed in 2019. And really, Lamar is probably the only true playmaker on the offense. Now it's quite possible that the Covid disrupted pre-season and mid-season contributed mightily to the imbalance in 2020. But it would be nice if Har
  20. Roman is a good offensive coordinator for a run game. But, I wonder if his time here is over, just as it was in San Francisco and Buffalo. His teams always look unbeatable for the first 2-3 seasons but then kind of die out. His running game is beautiful but you have to be able to pass when it gets shut down. And as most people here have said, our passing game sucks. If Andrews is covered our options are really limited. Brown does a nice job but he and Andrews need help. The O-line is built for a rushing attack but can't pass defend. I've noticed in past seasons that when Lamar has time to
  21. Good stuff to wonder about in the off season. You never know what may happen in the NFL. Look what happened to RGIII. Look what happened to Burrow. Perhaps at some point Lamar becomes like Steve Young. Perhaps he doesn't. But for now lets ride that tiger for all it's worth.
  22. Interesting matchup. The Bills can't run well but pass with abandon and success. Their defense is crap. The Ravens have a great secondary. If our front seven can provide a good pass rush the secondary should hold up though you'll have to give Diggs a TD pass; he's just that good. In theory our running offense should cause the Bills fits especially if we can work a good pass or two into the mix like last week. I like our chances. Hopefully we don't let the weather play mind games with us.
  23. I also like and appreciate the respect he shows. First class in today's crappy world. And what a talent! We're lucky to have him.
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