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  1. They are calling for Big Jen to be benched, not just their fans either....
  2. Crav is just madd he didn't listen to us to not bet on this game
  3. He is Hall of Fame bound for sure.
  4. Just playing, his girl friend is though.... She lead him astray....
  5. Even if we count the 3 drops, he still has a completion % in the 50's, is that throwing the ball well? He made some great throws, as he always does. But he also tried to force throws, threw that awful pick. People overlook things to suit their agenda, me included. I admit I am a bit hard on Lamar, not because I don't think he can, rather because I know he can be so much better. The knock on him coming out of college was 1) reading defenses 2) making all of the throws, more specifically, outside the numbers, in rythem. So far, he has not been able to do those things consistently, and local announcers are not going to cover those aspects. I heard a national anylist on the half time ahow actually say he did not care about the interceptions, the turnovers from Lamar, his only concern was Lamar not wanting to slide...
  6. Oh I'm fine with it too, refs miss calls every game, make wrong calls too, this is a win. Tucker, usually someone else is doing that against us, or that ball is blocked, it bounces out instead of in... 66 freaking yards
  7. There is no making up for missing all of those defenders; we saw this last year. It is what makes me so mad with these guys, an easy way to support your team; social distance, or mask & vaccinate, but nooo, peeps gotta party.. A healrhy full team is not giving up a 13 pt lead to the Lions in the second half. But pass rushing is tiring, no relief = what we saw. I also think the let down was real, if you watch the game, the entire team was like sleep waling, save for the defensive line. Was it the let down after beating KC? Was it the let down from once again covid ripping through this team? In any event, on to Denver, a team they should beat, nothing tricky about them, they are who we think they are, a 3-0 team winning games against teams they should have beaten. The Ravens should win, easily, but then they should have beaten the Raiders as well.
  8. Aaron is asking; how do you like me now. Man that snow flake is good, sick good...
  9. I had the game on delay to skip the commercials, I knew something big happened in the last seconds because I could hear my neighbors going nuts
  10. Passer rating is a garbage stat old buddy; too subjective. The 4th quarter turnovers are normally game losers, they should count more. I will say the route trees they used during this, and most games was crap. Just look at other teams and how they utilize no name, scrub receivers and get them open. Detroit was playing a match up zone most of the game, crossing routes, rub routes always work. Yet the Ravens seldom used them. No screens, not that this team has ever been good at them, kinda like drafting a wide out.... It was as if they were doing just enough to try and win, rather than opening things up and just playing to win. You could expect that from the defense being down so many players, not the offense though. In any event, 2-1 is a good start, we shall see, one game at a time, right?
  11. What did Sammy do but get open and catch everything thrown to him that was catchable? Hindsight, Sammy had gotten into a bump coverage, his db fell down he was wide open deep on the left side in the first half, when Lamar completed a long pass to Brown, one of his catches... Every qb misses passes, misses ooen receivers, I know. They all make that what the bleep were you thinking throw from time to time. But this year, so far, Lamar has shown very poor judgement on who he throws to, on pocket awareness or lack there of, even when running, carring the ball losely, putting his shoulder into a defender, even on his zone reads. Sure, they have to pay him, yes they won today they are 2-1, beat the Cheifs for one of those wins. Yes, you have to pay him, but with all of his talk about how much better his mechanics were, his passing accuracy will be, 51% today, even if the 3 passes were completed he would still be in the 50'... We've seen a regression in him for some reason.
  12. They should have, the 4th and 19 never should have happened, there was a delay of game uncalled
  13. Fyi Prader for Arizona attempted a 68 yarder, came up short, returned for 109 yard touchdown... Tucker, Tucker, Tucker. His miss earlier might have won the game if you think about. Had he made it, the Lions would have been playing for a touchdown instead of 3.... They likely would have made it as tired as that defense was
  14. 4th and 19 strikes again! What is it with that number, just wow. They had no business winning that game, the Lions just made more mistakes.
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