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  1. Well said 82, I was remiss in not talking about the receivers and how nuce it is to have more than one who can catch!
  2. Challenge- yes a first down was on the line, however, the refs rarely move the ball unless there is a clear line to go by, they had none in this situation, your team is up big, stop the theatrics, either call the time out, go for it or punt. There was no chance the refs would move the ball a few inches; none. This is just another example in a long line of bad challenges by Harbs. Time management- did you see all of the comebacks this week end? Teams down big winning in the last moments, other teams just falling short because they literally were out of time by seconds? With 5 mins to go there was plenty of time for a freak fumble, a blown coverage, a few big plays. So your players and coaches should know-stay in bounds to keep the clock moving in the 4th quarter when you get to the 5 minute mark. What does Roman call? Sweeps, end runs, to the short side of the field, meaning it is harder to stay in bounds and keep the clock moving. Yes, they finished with over 200 yards rushing, very impressive, most of those yards were in the 4th quarter, 100 or so on 2 runs late. As I said they threw or attempted to throw 25 times in the first half, thankfully the defense gave them a score, and they had a very short field to score. I realize they want to work on pasing and be unpredictable offensively, but that was pushing it, hey they won, it worked. But as I said, they make the same mistakes that kept them from winning even one playoff game- throw throw throw, then try to run.. Poor game management, poor play calling. What, we can't be critical of the team? Sheesh
  3. Keep making the same mistakes every game and you won't win a playoff game... Or should I say, spill a quarter of your beer and not only do you have less to drink, but a mess to clean up too....
  4. Harbs shows he is an idiot once again, challenging a spot to gain a few inches... Play calling outside runs when you are trying to keep the clock moving? Come on man! But a win is a win....
  5. Are the Ravens in trouble in the 2nd half? 7 of the 20 pts were scored by the defense. 7 of the remaining 13 pts were scored on a short field thanks to a bone headed coach of the Texans... No running game to speak of, piss pior pass protection..... Ouch...
  6. Funny, not, no flags for PI all half until now? Come.on refs....
  7. Forte! Forte! LJ Forte! Well done Marlon! Ya know, two of my favorite teachers in Middle School were named one Forte, one Fort, no relation... This fumble should hold up...
  8. Including the scrambles, they have thrown the ball almost 25 times this half; what the eep are they doing? Defensively, sucks losing Young, again, to another acl/mcl/pcl.... One blown coverage by Elliot, one poor coverage by Clarke, should have been playing outside technique with safety help inside.... Let's see what they last 2 mins brings us.
  9. I know 2 things; 1)fake crowd noise is anoying as all get out-stop it! Turn it down... 2) these games are bad-like watching pre-season.... Oy
  10. Don't like this game, so many distractions from the virus & traveling trying to keep safe to a blow out win and overconfidence. In my opinion even though they blew them out & chased Watson from the game last year, that game could have, maybe even should have been different if the refs calles a PI in the endzone.... Texans get revenge...
  11. So a big win, solid all the way around, some concerns but given it was the first game, maybe it is nothing to worry about yet... No real pass rush, even with a number of pressures and sacks, they were mostly on blitzes & or excellent coverage. Stopping the run off of the edge, the defense's left edge, AGAIN, was still an issue from last year. The coverage was great, no noticeable breaks in coverage, linebackers played very well, welcome to the NFL rookie! Glad to have you here Mr Queen.... Running game, sporadic, yes they got over 100 yards, barely, but were this a close game and needed to run clock, I am not sold they could have... Receivers looked great, return teams as well, so nice to see quickness, speed, hands... Pay our next future Hall of Fame tightend now; wow he is fabulous. All in all, as I said above, no preseason, pandemic, first game, bravo....
  12. Well, pretry much what we should expect to this point with a) no preseason games and b) all the issues with this pandemic. So far so good and giod bye to Justice Hill, Dobbins is the real deal....
  13. We shall see, when this season is over and all of marbles are counted, when the owners and NFLPA see that they have lost a lot of them, something will have to give. No team will be able to pay huge salaries with the lost revenue from this season. I wonder, will there be more commercial breaks, longer ones this season to try and make up some of the difference?
  14. Frees up cap $3 mil in space; not a bad move... NBC Sports - NFL: Brandon Williams reworks contract with Ravens. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/11/brandon-williams-reworks-contract-with-ravens/ Williams was set to have non-guaranteed salaries of $9.25 million and $9.5 million in 2020 and 2021. Under the revised terms of his pact, the base value of his contract will drop to $15.75 million but he will have $8.25 million in guaranteed money.
  15. I have to admit, that I have no passion for this season, this game. Maybe that will change as the game starts, as the season goes on, I don't know. Is it this pandemic, the fact we won't hear any, real, fans cheering, no bands playing, is it my age? Has the love for this game really gone out of me? I hope the players can play with passion, take this game over and come out strong, have a great season. Frankly, who knows what the season will be, 4, 6, 12, 16 games + post season?
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