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  1. He is taking acting lessons from her while he teaches her to golf. This is going to be a jeopardy answer of a new reality soap opera tv webisode on Netflix....
  2. Durability is my main concern...
  3. Na, he saw the drama with Wilson, Dak, all of the Brady love and felt left out. Then she comes along and tells him to get in touch with his feelings. Yes, he won MVP even with Love being drafted. They lost out on the Super Bowl because of a few reasons, none of them named Jorden Love; play calling, blocking, bad pass, not escaping the pocket when you had the chance. This is all about his ego, nothing else. I honestly expect him to show up to camp and play out his contract.
  4. No, his girl friend did..... Made him get in touch with his feelings and think everyone should cow tow to him....She doesn't want to live in Green Bay; typical of that younger generation.... (Ducking)
  5. Rogers won't be playing this year, he has chosen Dauntless as his new faction, they are on a revolt.... Women can ruin everything.... (Ducking)
  6. Just come out of these practices healthy, anything else is a plus...
  7. Tan reworked his deal to get Julio under the cap. Problem, Tan will now cost $41 mil against the cap next year; ouch...
  8. Good move all around. James has a year ofd to get healthy, and has incentive to play to his potential. If he doesn't pan out, nothing "really lost".... Gus deserved the money, hard worker, punishing runner...
  9. Yeah but that cap between him, Tanny, and Brown is going to hurt over the next few years...
  10. Not a bad deal for Ten, provided they get more than 8 games, including the playoffs out of him. In exchange for Jones, the Titans will send a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 fourth-round selection to the Falcons. Along with Jones, the Falcons will send a 2023 sixth-round selection to the Titans. The deal is pending a physical, the Titans said
  11. I think they are going to have to rely on the secondary to give them time in games, get coverage sacks to start the season. Maybe by mid season the pass rush will develop, a true rush specialist will emerge.. Let's hope so...
  12. Cuz it's never too early The NFL's path back to normalcy has met a significant point on the financial side of things. The league and the NFL Players Association have agreed to a salary cap ceiling of $208.2 million for 2022, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Wednesday. Pelissero noted that there is not currently an agreed-to cap floor and that the final cap figure will not be set until next February. The ceiling for 2022 is nearly $30 million more than the $182.5 million cap set for 2021, pointing towa
  13. It's all fun & games till you get punched in the mouth...
  14. A lot depends on the health of the secondary, if they stay healthy, wowza, speed, quickness, instincts; they might set a record...
  15. I could see the Ravens starting out 1-4 again, but will they go on a run again, or fall a part... So many ways this season could go...
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