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  1. The sad reality, Jamison likely had the info but either way, Mathew was way out of line with his personal attack.... Kick him to the curb
  2. Baltimore Beatdown: Ravens linebacker Matt Judon demands apology or threatens to leak photos. Where @jamisonhensley lying butt at? I got time today. Bro you have to stop lying, I know you want clicks and like and wanna be the people’s camp but stop lying. That weak. Jamison Hensley @jamisonhensley Hi Matthew. I was told that Ravens offered you a deal similar to Za’Darius’ ($16.5M per season) earlier t
  3. Salary cap min raised to $180 mil, that is encouraging, per Espn
  4. Right, the Pats lost a lot of coaches and scouts over the years they were drafting well and winning, it all caught up to them and showed up this past season.
  5. They might have been betting, for lack of a better word, that Brown would want to stay at right tackle. The question becomes; if Stanley never got hurt, thus Brown not being able to play left tackle, would he, Brown, then be wanting left tackle money? With Brown and Stanley at tackles, Phillips and Bozeman at guards and maybe Castillo at center, that would have been or could have been a formidable offensive line. Sadly now, they likely have to find a new right tackle.
  6. Nope, close, 12, 15, 15, 14, 6... I am with you, I think he is over rated...
  7. Letting him walk would be a huge mistake I don't think Eric makes
  8. Juat look at Seattle, a likely hall of fame qb, 2 super bowls in his career, nothing even sniffing it the past 4, 5, 6 years. Why? Drafting, bad drafting, they let their draft picks like Sherman play out, then let them walk. Meanwhile, they.miss on defensive drafts, on offensive line depth, even on receivers to some extent. The results speak for them selves and now Wilson may or may not be on the trade block. It's an interesting question....
  9. NFL Trade Rumors: Report: Multiple Teams Interested In Ravens OT Orlando Brown. https://nfltraderumors.co/report-multiple-teams-interested-in-ravens-ot-orlando-brown/ Should get a good price, at least a 2nd + right?
  10. You can't pay a qb, #1 wr (one of the best), te (one of the best), left tackle (one of the best) and an edge rusher/ linebacker for long term and expect to have success ie- win super bowls. The only way to have a top qb and win is by drafting very well. Let those players play on rookie deals, win in that window, then let em walk. You don't let a Mahomes, Rogers, Watson, Wilson, Jackson, etc walk away you keep them long term and build around them through the draft. Tampa just proved it can be done. They built a solid offensive line to protect a statue qb, gave him weapons on the
  11. Hey, I never said I WANTED the Bucs to win, just that they would. You aren't getting out of the bet that easy....
  12. Hey, where are my duckets!
  13. Ive see hands to the face not called, dbs holding, players lining up in the neutral zone all by Tampa not called....
  14. The officials are on the take; this is obvious
  15. You can't tell me the Buc's dbs aren't holding, just the KC defenders, right..... Hmmm
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