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  1. So now our clan gathers to celebrate, to mourn, to embrace. We celebrate a brilliant effort by our warriors on their quest, in the end, it was a valiant effort, they made our clan proud. Some days the journey is walked, other days the journey walks over us. We mourn the loss of the last battle, they were Titans for certain. Many things went wrong, our warriors lost their path amidst the ever winding foliage, in a forrest of confusion. But they made us proud. We now embrace a bright future dependant on a new blood needed to be brought in to the clan between now and the next quest for the Silver Betty. This journey was truly unexpected, and the story is just turning another page to a new chapter.
  2. I thought Tomlin should have won it; lose all of those players, big named, talented, be down to a 3rd string qb and still be in it at the end?
  3. Neither Cooper nor Green can stay healthy for more than 2 games in a row, for more than 10 games per season. Why waste the hogh cap dollars? Clowney is another big waste of money, injured often, penalties often; no thanks. Kerrigan is not what he used to be, but is logical since the FO tried to trade for him this past season and over pay too boot; no thanks. I would wait until after the draft, let us see what they can get in the draft or undrafted, other than wide out, they seem to be able to make something out of the draft.
  4. No one person nor coach is to blame, call it rust, over confidence, what ever. Players made mistakes, bad play calls, trying to do too much... Humphries said they choked for the second year in a row. Young player on a YOUNG Team, he got burned too much. Hosh posh, Tennessee wanted it more, just as the Ravens of 2000 wanted it more when they went in to Tennessee and took the game from them. You can't win with five turnovers, yes I count the two 4th & 1 or less failures as a turnover. Bad play call on the 4th & inches, should have play actioned passed; would have been six easy. Coach should have known Tennessee was waiting for the read option Lamar special. Should have done a few things different, Lamar rushing on the first 4th down instead of waiting for Gus to go through. Tennessee exposed Lamar's inability to throw out routes, he is young he will learn. 350 passing yards over 100 yards rushing from your qb you should win that game but the defensive line & backers could not get off blocks, make tackles. Chuck Clarke was beat like a drum, out of position on numerous plays. Linebackers not making the right read getting fooled on pass plays. Tennessee threw for undwr 100 yards, you have to win that game, but they didn't. This team over achieved this year, 14-2, 12 in a row. A young team with loads of experience now. Enjoy the season that was, the draft is rich in talent at the positions of need for this team; linebackers, edge rusher, wide out, line depth on both sides. The offensive line is set, how great is that? How long have we waited for that? Yanda is the only aged one. The secondary is pretty set, young too boot.
  5. There were a lot of mistakes, but the offensive line had one of the worst games of the season. They missed blocks, took in proper blocking angles, an off game for a group that had been one of the best in the league, best in team history.
  6. Prep the weapons, check supplies, plan the attack let there be no surprise. Put the wind in your face so your prey won't smell you coming, warm up the engine, get it humming. Hunt my dogs, get hungry for the fight, hunt my dogs spread your wings and take flight!
  7. U gonna make me break out Taylor Swift?
  8. Andre Smith signed, another good fa signing this time of year...
  9. Carolina really reached, wow, 7 years for in my opinion an over achieving college coach.. One really good year where they caught lightning in a bottle... I am surprised Garret would take an oc job so soon, take some time to relax, rethink the way you coach & call plays.... And with the Giants of all teams if he takes the job,
  10. Ten loves to flood the short middle of the field, that is where Lamar loves to throw most of the time. So what will he see open up? Will he throw on time, or will he wait until the receiver breaks open? Let's hope he is right on time and not too anxious in the pocket..
  11. Hired Mike McCarthy, great move by them, he is an excellent coach and they should improve enough to win that div and make some noise. Now about their free agents and the salary cap....
  12. If you look how the Ravens ended the season, the last four games; yes they won but they won ugly with a host of mistakes. All season they have struggled to stop the off tackle runs, the Titans main run scheme. I hate this match up, their defense is quick-fast in the back 7, just what is needed to slow Lamar's running. Titans are terrible on defense in the redzone, great news the Ravens are the best offense there; can they keep drives alive and get there? Just as keeping Mahomes, Brady, Brees off of the field is important, so too is keeping Henry and our defense off the field Who makes the most mistakes will stay home. Tannyhill is a decent qb who moves well enough in the pocket. But he can be pressured into picks, confused with coverage. This game scares me most.
  13. Piss poor coaching cost the Bills the game and almost cost the Texans their win. Ten did what was expected; run the ball the Pats can't stop the run. Neither can the Cheifs and the Ravens struggle with off tackle runs; Ten specializes in those runs.... Houston can't protect Watson, the won their only game me thinks, or did the Bills lose it; a 16 pt lead, ouch. Saints should romp, Seattle too, but Seattle like Phili is too banged up now so they are likely one & done. Saints vs Frisco championship game, Cheifs vs Ravens Championship game
  14. Sauron now giggles with glee as his plan to take over this realm slowly unfolds. It is true that he lost many battles thus far, but he always has something brewing deep beneath the fires at the center of the earth. He now has prepared a juggernaut to unleash on our brave warriors. He plans to invade our clan's territory with a foe from their ancient past; a Titan of an army. Though this army doesn't do many things exceptionally well, one thing they do-do, they do very, very well. They host a mountain of a wall to move at will with their ungodly juggernaut, trying to impose their will, to take what is not their's. This monstrosity now stands between our clan and their goal, vying to block their path to eternal glory. Our warriors will need to be rested, strong in heart, mind and soul to take on Sauron's beasts. Only by playing like the North wind blows, as one, swarming all over this beast can they stop him in his tracks. Yes our warriors will need all of their might to stop this monster Sauron has brought up from the depths of the earth. The enemy will march into our territory with confidence, can our brave warriors clear the path of these mongrels and continue on their quest? Fulfill their destiny? While only time will tell, the metal of our warriors has been tested and proven; they need now only to unleash all that they have learned, for their story is still be written.
  15. tsylvester

    Eat Crow

    Why should we be nervous or upset if they lose? We've never seen a season when they've gone 14 & 2. So what ever happens going forward now, there is no reason to boo nor is there a reason to frown. Just take it all in, enjoy every win, because no matter what happens the future is about to begin.
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