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  1. A few years ago I would really care if they canceled, today, it bothers me not.
  2. Look, this virus is so contagious that the numbers will grow quickly. With that said, it isn't until we see the final test results from the real first wave of infected will we know where we stand. The stimulus is great for us right now but will cost this economy in the long run. Once the police, rescue, doctors, nurses get infected then we are in real trouble as a society. If it happens. They are now expecting a new wave to hit in the fall; ouch. I wrote a detailed article back when Katrina hit, how the Saints should move and why, for the betterment of NO, they should move. In short, it hinged on the payments NO had to make to the Saints, to keep them from moving out. I am not sure if that agreement is still in plaxe today. But the numbers showed how the City, even with all the concession workers, bars, restaurants, etc, and tax from that, was still loaing money having the Saints. While the math was right, I think I was wrong in agreeing with it, a year later they won it all. Even so, if that agreement is in place, you would see why NO the city is so poor. They have to cancel the season, but doing so won't hurt the teams nor the league. This country by then, may need the distraction of football, a silly game grown men play. With the shortage of toilet paper, people resorting to paper towels and napkins and who knows what, we might see more than the ecconomy truly crash. With no football, we may see a run on the banks too...
  3. So they went to get an 8 year vet from Denver, 1 year deal, 6 mil, 3 mil guarenteed for Derick Wolf... Not a bad deal, certainly better than Brockers, should have kept Pierce..
  4. Good gosh I hope not, he is not worth the money. I know, grest athlete, tremendous talent and despite it apearing that he misses a lot of time due to injury but he really has not, he is a moody, undisciplined player wanting top money.
  5. Typical Raven, let your effort be your talent if it is the only thing you have.
  6. Jimmy got a 1 year deal for $6 mil, Levine also back on a 1 year deal...
  7. Blah, blah, blah. Did they upgrade the defense? Maybe, maybe not. Campbell is a 5 maybe 6 sacks a season player who had 2 years of higher sacks. Brockers is coming off playing with a defensive front that had one player double teamed most of the time. He won't get that here.. So thus far, who they signed to the defense is a wash with who they lost or will lose. Can the 2ndary stay healthy? They haven't been able to for years.. While they played great, they also had their missed assignments & got real "lucky" with some non calls on some very big plays. Will the officiating breaks continue? Offense, Lamar, this is a very big year, he should improve. But will he? Will he throw on time, 3, 5 step let er rip? Have more consistent touch 20 yards down field on go routes? Throwing to the deep sidelines? Can he win a playoff game or atleast play well enough to win one? Super Bowl, will we even have a season?
  8. Pierce just signed for slightly less... I know, he had weight issues, but home grown and young.. I wish him the best
  9. Pierce & Brockers are equal, keep the home grown talent, unless he wanted more than Brockers. Campbell has had 2 very good years, the rest were average at best, nothing worth the money he is getting unless his best two seasons were his recent years and his recent years were when he was 25 and 25 is the present. But he is 10 years older; it remains to be seen.
  10. I dunno about a brick wall, an aging vet and an over achieving rotational guy; the defensive line is getting expensive....
  11. Shame, James had so much "potential" and opportunity here, I was pulling for him
  12. That would be wise, Ryan loves to use the tight end and if his star receiver can stay healthy, that will really boost chances for Hurst
  13. 2020 2nd and 5th round picks, great deal for him.
  14. Are you kidding me? Has April 1st come early? They wasted a 5th on him? Yes, a rookie 5th rounder would be a better pass rusher, or use it to trade up. Is Ozzie still calling the shots?
  15. Well Shefty was wrong, L In the aftermath of NFL players voting to pass a new collective bargaining agreement, the NFL Management Council has informed team officials that the salary cap will be $198.2 million per club for the upcoming 2020 season, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported per sources informed of the situation. Overall player costs per franchise are $242.9 million, which comes to $198.2 million on the salary cap and $44.7 million in benefits and performance-based pay, Pelissero added.
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