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  1. Hasn't won a playoff game....those awards are Shit...he goes 0-3 in the playoffs. Then what? Regular season heroes suck. It gets nothing. And if he goes 0-3 and wants a contract...See ya
  2. Guess we stupid then.. Aquittal by the weekend..Total waste of my fucking money
  3. Ain't bad enough the ticket prices are thru the roof..Try to book a motel. We tried. The cheapest place was a dingy Motel 6 at the airport..385 a night..We like a place in Ft Lauderdale. Its modest at 120 a night. SB weekend 795 a night.. At least next years SB its a tad closer. We can drive there in 2 hrs
  4. Ill be pulling for the Chiefs and T Sizzle
  5. I call bullshit on the Titans being a well coached team. They were 9-7 for christs sake. They play in the weakass AFC south. They didn't make the playoffs til the last game of week 17, which was our game vs the Stealers.. Our game was lost by whomever s decision it was to make Lamar throw 59 times..
  6. Have to agree Max. 59 pass attempts is not the Ravens football we are use to. But then again we dug ourselves a real deep hole being down 14. Even the announcers commented we had not been down that far since the first Cleveland debacle. Oh well chins up. We had a hell of a run.
  7. Your sorry ass Stealers coulda have prevented the hoopla in inbreedtown
  8. So glad I worked today, didn't have to ponder the start time.. Settling down now for the 4:30 game. Might even sneak a nap in.
  9. Yes, Henry was the NFL's leading rusher. But the Ravens destroyed the rushing record. You wait til that 4th quarter, 7 minute, 8 minute drive drives. We have 3 tight ends that will soften up Tennessee defense. We have Lamarvelous, Titans can't contain him. I'm feeling twice as confident. This is a 9-7 Titans team that had to wait until week 17 to see if they would even make the playoffs.
  10. Quite confident for tomorrow. Just feel it in my gut. They have Henry, big deal. We have Lamar, Ingram,Andrews, Hollywood and a host of others that step up. this game will be over heading into the 4th quarter..35 - 13 Ravens.
  11. cravnravn

    Eat Crow

    Heck yeah I'm a nervous nelly. I'm confident we any any team we face, even KC it's just time of the season.
  12. I see Cleveland wants Romans, and the G-men are looking at Wink. Me i want them both to remain. To me a great D. Can hold down a great offense. So if we lose one let it be Romans.
  13. I want Houston. We destroyed them, we will destroy them again.
  14. I was worried during the regular season about keeping focus. I was concerned that we were needing a loss to keep us in line.Boy did they prove me wrong, they are well focused. They took care of business. Now we are in familiar waters, the playoffs. We have 2 games left(at home) for the right to take a glorious trip to Miami Gardens. we will be there for the festivities ,not going to the game unless I win tickets. Then going down to the Keys for a day or two.
  15. 14-2....whoodathunkit it besides me?
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