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  1. These teams are a mirror image of each other. Ravens 3 point favs. I'm with T, 1 o'clock games are the best. I also like wagering against West Coast teams coming east.
  2. Patrick Queen...Come on man I know they taught tackling in pop Warner. He either needs to go to OL or special teams
  3. It sure did....Averett getting schooled
  4. It's like we have no interest in this game. O looks like shit
  5. Fuck green Bay they werent covering the spread. Wish they would have lost. Burrow stinks with the game on the line. 11 fg attempts missed this Sunday.. Yes I watched college football..Bama...can you see how wide my grin is?
  6. And just like that...we win we have sole possession of 1st place in the north
  7. Down 17 players we win by 17...this game is a caker...nothing on Indy has me even concerned
  8. You?? Ha. I get woke up 5 days a week at 2:30 am. I despise night games.
  9. Next 4 games at home are very winnable with the toughest challenge being the Chargers. We head to Miami for a Thursday nighter Nov 11th and a 7-1 record, then let the talk of home field throughout begin
  10. He'll yeah. 3-1 and a month of games at home now.
  11. Harbs reply was classic.. Why they throwing at the endzone with 10 seconds left? There is no 16 point tds.
  12. Yea I revered considering a loss for us. I didn't have any faith in Denver's 3-0 record.
  13. Game 4 we are showing signs of life in the passing departmery, Lamar spreading the love around to multiple targets. Now, who's the odd man out when Bateman is ready?
  14. It's what I expected(Ravens win). But I expected a 30 points from the Ravens. Donkeys scored early and we shut them down.
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