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  1. 81% passer rating and their should have been 4 more completions possibility 5. So that would put him at 26 of 31... Our wide outs suck. Especially #5. Maybe he should change that number, he's giving it a real bad name.
  2. Come on now, this game was well in hand. Watkins and 3 Brown dropped balls. Did us in
  3. I'm still watching replays. I wanted to lose so bad
  4. My motto ain't covering, hope we lose
  5. Keep throwing to Andrews and Watkins
  6. A blind squirrel will occasionally find a nut.
  7. I'm real his catch against Cleveland is all he's known for.
  8. Let him do that shit on another team...never liked the dude. He's not that good.
  9. You are not serious...No way in hell
  10. After his fucking dumbass tweet last year. He needs to be gone...Tomorrow
  11. Why is Brown on the roster..he needs to go
  12. Hey we up 10..this is definitely a let down game.. Just keep it up..
  13. Come on Tucker. Another yard back and its a Doink
  14. Nice 9 iron punt..im ready for a 98 yard drive
  15. Jesus Christ this tackling sucks
  16. Oh trust me T your media will follow it...Its my daily entertainment.
  17. Nice 9 iron punt..im ready for a 98 yard drive
  18. Wonder how many fans came down with it Sunday night..didnt see a mask in the crowd.. BTW line moved down to 7. I'm on the Ravens in this one, we will still score 30+ points. Detroit won't put 30 on us.
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