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  1. We have never been in this playoff situation, so who knows if we will be rusty after a couple of weeks off. I hope to hell not.
  2. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2019/12/23/ravens-lamar-jackson-earl-thomas-among-ravens-who-wont-play-against-steelers/?fbclid=IwAR0KPDoQpQSgQJEOQMF4WgIjD-aj1QBTkUPutdZvnVDf4lNwrvbDenJcE8U the starters are resting...
  3. And the Super Bowl is in Tampa
  4. Holy Poop. Just got finished watching the game..wow we can't play like we did the first 28 minutes in the playoffs. That first 28 was pathetic . Glad we settled down to play Ravens football. What's the inside scoop on Ingram?
  5. Really??? A freekin Taylor swift vid?
  6. Team is focused, leaveland won't be taken lightly like they were in September. 42-13 Purple guys
  7. I'm scared shitless. Do we need a loss heading into the playoffs or can we win 15 straight?
  8. And Lamar is only 22 years old Joe Burrow the LSU qb is older. By the time Burrow inks his NFL contract Lamar will have 2 seasons under his belt and a SB ring.
  9. Maybe the punt team is out of sync because we don't punt often.
  10. No on the Jenkins. but can we make room for T-Sizzle who was just released from the Cards?
  11. Absolutely love the improvement of Lamar from last year to this season. You can see the maturity.Last year he missed a few series because he was running reckless and taking shots. This season he is not. And this shit with teams taking shots at his legs and knees any other qb with time in the league you know flags would be flying. That'll come with time .
  12. Too much at stake this time of the year. Afcn title, a win gives them more security in all playoff games going through Baltimore. If any game was a letdown it was the Bills game, we didn't hit our 33 ppg average..
  13. I don't see a letdown this week. Ravens have never been a 1 seed. Harbs has them focused, we stumbled in the beginning of the year losing to KC then getting thumped by Leaveland. Statistically we are pretty even on both sides of the ball. But we have the master of 8 .minute drives and Tucker. It's a blessing seeing the forecast, 43 degrees is balmy for Buffalo this time of the year. 31-13 Ravens
  14. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2778321-jamal-lewis-making-most-of-post-nfl-life-and-preparing-for-darker-days-ahead?fbclid=IwAR1F2W-kmMvqOakOWNqLR6OhsANmBmDCDmj3XijgtGMTywSUdDcEHik7xkI
  15. Stealers maybe. Last game of the year, they probably have the 6th seed sewn up by then.We've never closed a season vs Pitt could be interesting.
  16. You bet cheap shots will be taken at Lamar, not so much this week vs Buffalo. It's that Leaveland game that worries me.
  17. We still have 1/4 of the season to go, need to stay focused.. This is the home stretch, we have a two length lead. Ravens have not had the #1 seed. We take care of Buffalo we can see the finish wire. Sundays game is bigger than big.
  18. Sounds like it was the Super Bowl preview.
  19. Pretty Please. Flex this game. I must work Sunday.. One from last night. Judon is playing as a man possessed.
  20. Ravens in a close one. 31-6 Rams D will not stop us. We will control the game in the second half with a couple of 8 minute drives.
  21. If Roman leaves, it has to be a perfect fit. Someone that coaches to Lamars style. Kubes was the perfect fit for Joe Flacco. Wink was not. Romans has the fit with Lamar, not sure in the college ranks who can get the same production with Lamar if Romans decides to go the head coaching route. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy this season as far as it takes me(hopefully to Miami).
  22. These Ravens of the past few weeks have the ingredients in place..Offence, Defense and Special Teams..It takes those 3 ingredients to make a Championship pie. The past few games we heard. We will lose to New England., didn't happen. Then it was we will lose at Seattle.didn't happen. Then we hear Texans this and that..Next up, we head west for the Rams. With the way our D is playing. I don't envision a problem with us getting a W. I'm still in shock of our offensive output. Just keep Lamar healthy.
  23. Why is the weakest link you say is the coach? Yes he fucked up against the chiefs. I agree there. But I thought he's been spot on since.
  24. Unfuckinbelieveable they went to the Vikes game
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