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  1. We should run Sunday like Forrest Gump
  2. Max, shall we throw in a couple of decades of the rosary, too ? A couple shots of holy water, too
  3. No way to predict this outcome. Flip a coin !
  4. Pick up a vet LB from "seller" before trading deadline ? Anyone out there, EDC ?
  5. Now that Indy is out of the way and 1-4, can Marlon Mack be had ? Looked better than anyone we got. If not, maybe we trade one of our backs for a proven LB/pass rusher from a "seller". Maybe there's a guy out there whose acquirable before trade DL. Queen aint cutting it !
  6. FWIW- A year or so ago, I heard Bill Pollian (NFL Network) talking about Stanley and Orlando Brown. He thought Brown (rather than Stanley) would be a much smarter deal for us.
  7. Here’s hoping Lamar and the boys have fun and a smile on their faces today
  8. Should be a mile high slobberknocker !
  9. Nice ! Maybe get a little Denver scoop
  10. The Lamar dilemma - pay or not to pay ? Pay em, were sunk, dont pay em were sunk. fwiw- I dont think he'e the long term answer. I thought this after the LA Chargers playoff game 2 years ago and again last night. If after having 3 years under his belt he hasn't corrected the flaws, what have we got ? Granted and its a big granted, he lost his whole stinking starting backfield plus a Pro Bowl CB that has greatly weakened our secondary and our D's ability to get off the field. These tradeoffs make it difficult to discern Lamar's true progress this year. My bet is he gets the sympathy vote, plays just well enough this year (competitive in many games, pulls a couple rabbits out of the hat and valiantly tries to win games on his own) and garners a long term deal.
  11. Its the Sargeant Schultz approach ( i know nothing). I like it; keep everyone guessing. Hell, after losing almost 1/5 of the starters, what have we got to lose. Maybe Lamar plays with a bigger chip on his shoulder and has some dang fun !
  12. Man, cant catch a break ! Lets see how this team responds.
  13. I like Gus as the Bus. He may not be the HR threat but he is a HAMMER. Now that JK is out, unsure who we use out of the backfield. Perhaps TySon gives Gus a blow or break at times, while Hill and McCrary are the runners/pass receivers. Either way, I like the mix going forward. No need for a FA unless someone goes down.
  14. So is our season if one of our current backs goes down.
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