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  1. Wow ! That’s over a quarter of the team
  2. Max, its interesting you posted this pic. This young man's courageous battle really offers so much inspiration and hope to the world. Even in such a tumultuous world and a year/football season like no other, this young man's presence really put life in perspective. Here's hoping that we all learn from Mo how to live. love and learn. Thanks Mo and thanks Max for sharing !
  3. Man, the news just keeps better and better, huh ? Can we just get a mulligan on the season
  4. Max, it undoubtedly will. That's ok - its the year of the pandemic. Regardless of who wins - there wont be too much celebrating anywhere. Besides, this team has mucho holes to fill and coaching adjustments to make. Plus, Lamar needs at least another year to learn/read NFL defenses.
  5. Neither of the two scenarios for us to win - Tennessee’s O having a meltdown or Lamar having an MVP performance - played out. Lamars momentum killing pick, his inability to score a TD at the 10 with 20 seconds and settle for a FG, and the final drive did this team in. Wow, from 14-2 to 6-4 and heading to Pittsburgh. Just not our year - too many injuries, makeshift OL, and Lamar still learning the game.
  6. Amazed as well at the pundits ! As Max pointed out - Not sure what they are seeing. Without Campbell and Williams, Henry should have run roughshod over our D. Knowing that, don’t be surprised if Tanneyhill and Co make some big time pass plays my mixing up the pass and run. If not mistaken, I believe he came out slinging last game and connected on a few big bombs, they took a big lead and handed the game over to Henry, and never looked back. Could see that play out again. In order for us to win, one of two things has to happen, Lamar has an extraordinarily good game -
  7. Tsy, keen insight. Thanks for sharing ! I have wondered much the same and whether Lamar can or will get over this hump ? TBD
  8. Ravens win prediction: 68.4% Not seeing that. Not with all the injuries. Not with the offensive and defensive line play that we saw Sunday night. The game is won in the trenches and there's a total mismatch here. Max, I can’t disagree with the logic and your doom and gloom on Sundays Titans tilt. Now, had I posted the same, I’d be accused of being negative Nancy or one who always says the sky is falling. Sometimes It’s head scratching on this board
  9. Agreed the TEAM lost. And at 23 with his makeshift OL, barely serviceable WRs and questionable play calling, Lamar can only do what can he do? Still, at some point - maybe not this year - he will need to will the TEAM to victory, win the big ones, and yes a playoff game. He will get many chances to win, starting Sunday against the Titans.
  10. Not an expert on the matter but it sure seems that Lamar needs strong mentoring/coaching plus a healthy, legit OL and receivers who actually get it. He wont have this until next year at the earliest. If, after this occurs, he hasn't corrected the situation then our future w/Lamar should be clear. FWIW- If I'm the owner or GM, if he hasn't made the adjustments by next season, it will be time to move on. Just my two cents.....
  11. Agreed. This year’s team lacks the character, enthusiasm and chemistry of last years squad. Of course, winning cures all. So now lets see how this years squad responds to adversity after an embarrassing loss. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them.
  12. That was damn fugly tonight. Didn’t recognize this team after last weeks W in Indy. It’s only 1 game but this team just isn’t right this year.
  13. Great observation and well said Spen. There’s a half season of football and lots of narrative to play out. Time will tell how this crazy, unpredictable COVID season okay itself out.
  14. I'm with OldNo. Another close game - made closer by Bellichick and his D. Also, cannot overlook Cam as a threat. Need to keep him in check. He was a bad fumble from defeating Bills a couple weeks ago. My two cents - I expect a very close game.
  15. Heard an interesting take this AM on NFL Network - Ed McCafferty. He said D are always calling plays - several - and they are bound to get one right :). He implied this is a non starter and QB are always constantly adjusting throughout the game much less halftime. My two cents - Lamar and GRO need to be on same page especially w NE & Bellicheat calling Sunday night.
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