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  1. I could see a letdown from Sundays emotion win. However, we didn't play especially well plus Lamar and the O left points and plays on the field. Not to belabor the play, but his fumble early 2nd half changed the whole momentum and we might have coasted from there. We know the rest. Meantime, I think Buffalo is playing at an extremely high level - forget the opponent. They would be tough out for any team in their house. And they will be - I expect us to be a little tight and Buffalo and its fans pumped up big time. If Buffalo jumps out to a lead - little or small - it could be long day. If we seize command right away, I think we can be successful. Lamar and the team need another signature performance - LA/ Seattle like metrics - to be successful and win.
  2. Doesn’t one of these scenarios involve the sun, moon and earth all lining up ?
  3. They look pretty dominant against a talented but underachieving Dallas team. They played NE very tough at home. Buffalo looks like the 3rd or 4th best team in the AFC- a very tough out esp in Buffalo. I hope we play them like they are the best team in the AFC.
  4. Bingo. Buffalo is now the new "hot" team that no one wants to face - now or in the playoffs. Though we got the W yesterday (and it was huge), I'm glad we didn't play especially well - missed tackles, giving up a buck fifty to 3rd string RB and Lamar's off passing game. We've got lots of stuff to work on this week - including the passing game and our WRs. I'm very encouraged by Lamar being ticked about his fumble and passing - poor weather I know. Sign of a strong, accountable leader. Lets see how the team responds to a huge W but not an especially well played game. I fully expect this next game, like yesterday, to be very close and go down to the wire.
  5. Slobber knocker as promised and expected. Two heavyweights duking it out ! Great game and huge statement win, too. Another awesome performance by Lamar and Tucker and nice statement by D when it mattered. Got a few things to work on - Lamar taking care of the rock . That fumble was a killer and game changer - of course the Jimmy G fumble got us back in the game too. Plus the buck 50 yards rushing to Mostert - what’s up there. More work to do but a huge franchise W and something to build on to what is becoming a more special season every game.
  6. Looks like a nasty, wet slobberknocker. Ball security will be huge factor in this game. Pound the rock and hold on to it boys !
  7. Following up on cockiness.... Earl Thomas, shut your dang pie hole about saying we will be in the SB. I love it when there is quite confidence about winning and making it to the SB. But its another thing when you say it to the media. You haven't won jack squat on this team yet. You've been on this team for what 6 months ? Weren't you the guy that quit on the Browns' Nick Chubb TD run earlier in the season ? Shut up and play the game; stupid comments like this always come back and bite ! Niner's guys like Richard Sherman are eating this bulletin board crap up !
  8. In reply to Spen and Tsy, I'm thinking about the same things - arrogance, injuries and Skura - my thoughts: I like to cockiness, confidence and swagger. They could pump the brake on the showmanship, celebrations after TD's, etc. However, that's today's culture and I suppose it is what it is. I just dont want to hear anyone proclaim our defense is scary - Its the kiss of death. Just shut up and keep making plays ! Injury-wise, we have been really fortunate.... thus far this season. Lets hope Lamar stays healthy and injury free. We are 1 Lamar injury away from mediocrity. In terms of Skura, thats a damn shame he's lost for the season. His replacement fared well Monday night...... but that was one night. He will be tested big time Sunday against the 9ers. Maybe EDC and or Harbs are working on a contingency plan. Either way, its a critical piece moving forward but i have faith in our FO.
  9. Nicely put Tsy. I'm thinking another slobberknocker and a lower scoring game. Agreed we need to put mucho heat on Jimmy G. Lamar's going to get some heat too. He'll need to take extra care of the rock. Should be a wing ding doodler doo !
  10. Wow, what another outstanding signature performance; maybe our best yet ! This team has become quite the offensive juggernaut that is playing with so much energy and passion. Its a lot of dang fun to watch ! As someone noted earlier, I'd like to see Lamar take a tad fewer hits and stay out of harms way. Otherwise, its a blast to watch ! What I'm beginning to notice is team character, chemistry and a sense of purpose - similar to the 2000 team. Not the same dominant D but an opportunistic, high flying and swarming bunch that is improving by the week. Sunday's test against San Fran sets up as yet another classic matchup. Cant wait for another slobberknocker !
  11. Im enjoying this season too much to give this much thought. Sounds like good fodder for the off season.
  12. Im expecting a Monday night slobberknocker in LA ! Close game.
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