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  1. Hope they make a play on Murray, brass better be crunching some cap numbers.
  2. QB???? Take Freeman out of the sorry lot
  3. We would have Joe, no weapons we would have been no better than 8-8.. But did have the arm, would he have made Hollywood a feared receiver?
  4. Just saying Biscuit got torched with the Flacco contract and that was after we won the Super Bowl. He's not going to back up the Brinks truck to lamar, if we go 1 n done this year.
  5. If he goes 1 n done then Biscuit ain't giving him the Mahomes, type deal. Not even close. It could get ugly this off season, if we go 1 n done. His rookie contract is done. No way Biscuit opens the pocket book. Maybe it will be time to move on??
  6. Os won't be a contender til angelos is dead..both of them.
  7. Soooo between Leveon and Gurley, Ughhh. Leveon is a punk. Gurley is injury prone. Who else out there?
  8. Oh we go 1 n done he's not getting 20% of the cap.
  9. Ok I can agree with that, who knows what Lamar transforms into. Ala Joe Flacco he hasn't had the best wide outs as Kurt Warner pointed out in his fantastic video, this off season. This year he has weapons in Watkins and Andrews and (Jesus forgot his name) 1st rd pick...Hollywood ain't shit, I'd take Double D over him.
  10. We have been contemplating solar down here. But I have too many reservations. One the panels are only guaranteed for 10 years and majority are made in China (fuck china). 2 battery packs are humungous and are not recyclable at this time. We've had 3 companies come out for estimates, all 3 were comparable on price, 30,000 with the rebates. Bad thing is rebates have expired in 2020. Hoping Biden releases some energy rebates. So as of now it's 40,000 for install. Now the fun part, all 3 companies were so far off on their sales pitch and savings our heads spun. 1 showed up with cancelled checks from the electric company saying he makes 20 to 60 a month from the electric company. We use a lot of electricity, 300 a month. We filter a pool and filter a hot tub 365 day's a year so I dismissed that company. The other 2 were similiar, saying we are not off the grid, so expect anywhere from 70 to 100 a month electric bill. Throw on your 259 a month solar payment for 20 years and you see maybe solar is not the way to go. Maybe after the 20 year loan is paid it would be beneficial.
  11. 9 years I've been in Florida and haven't heard a one, now it's cicadas everywhere. Noisy bastards, don't miss that sound. And when I catch one they will be tied to the fishing hook like old times. I know someone shipped a box down full of cicadas..:)
  12. Pandora...summertime oldies station..its fantastic.
  13. Nervous....new stadium, mnf. What I remember the most was playing the 0- whatever Miami Dolphins on MNF and Dan Marino night, pretty sure was our Superbowl year, and laying the big turd right on the 50. Giving the fish their only win that year.. Ravens are 4 point favs..Im taking Raiders
  14. None of his drops were contested, flat out drops
  15. Why is Rod Woodson announcing the games? I may have mellowed. But he went in the hof as a stealer...I still hate the stealers
  16. Cain sealed his fate. That was a perfectly thrown ball he dropped
  17. Weren't that in discussions yesterday? Too late now
  18. Shoulda traded this POS kicker when you had the chance.
  19. 3rd and 2 why would you run outside? Come on man
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