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  1. This is heading for Ohio St vs Md type score.
  2. Oh this is a freekin *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***
  3. The only thing I hated about that game was that Joe Burrow will most likely end up a Bungle.
  4. Definitely a trap game. Lamar not 100% Unknown qb for Cinncy. In Cinncy. I'm feeling a win but not a convincing win. 21-13 Purple guys.
  5. It was a great win. New England played like Ravens past. They made the stupid penalties at the wrong times. Toss new englands .loss up to poor coaching ;).. That 7 minute drive in the 4th qtr.sealed the Pats fate. It was a thing of beauty. The defense was tired when they went no huddle, thank the man up above when Edelman fumbled and Humphrey returned it. But all in all it was a great win and the NFL is officially on notice. As Max pointed out Something special IS going on here.
  6. Well the black eye continues. Of all races The 6 million dollar classic. Mongolian Groom he was running 3rd and (they say he took a bad step) severely fractured his hind leg. NBC did not show it. They reported he was vanned away..Mongolian Groom was euthanized back at the barn. Something has to be done with Santa Anita. This is 30 horses in 11 months. Why Stonrach group won't open their eyes is beyond me. Seems to me their greed is taking over any safety first issues.
  7. If they control Edelman, Ravens 31-24. if they don't contain Edelman, 38-31 Pats.
  8. Who in the hell voted for Leaveland?
  9. They need to shut down Santa Anita race track. That will solve the negativity the sport is getting. Or relocate the track. It's a bad designed track. Half is in the shade half has full sun. Those variables are what is causing the fractures in the horses. There is a 10 to 15 ground temperature difference on the track and the track that is exposed to the sun is rock hard, and that's where the problem arrises. The horses go from comfortable ground to cement surface at 30 mph, it jolts their legs and joints. I'm real nervous for saturday. It's the breeders cup a full day of racing on national tv. This could be a real black eye for horse racing if one of the horses breaks down in fro n of a national broadcast.
  10. I expect the Ravens to lay some hell on the Pats. We are still averaging 30 points a game. It wouldn't surprise me one big if Sanu was released from the Pats after our game, Billacheat is like that. Hopefully the D builds on their performance against the Hawks as gives Brady fits all afternoon. We got to get Brady on the move ,his first 7 games have been like practice sessions and he's wearing a red jersey. Added bonus. Game is at the ATM. Love our chance at home.
  11. Yes they did..game ball to Wink
  12. Those 2 drives. Over 14 minutes. Well done LJ. Well done
  13. Just keep them in bounds..D should be rested
  14. A TD wou!d send Poppa into a coma
  15. T they can call holding on every single play in every NFL game. It's when the refs choose to call it..they know the spread on this game
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