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  1. Shouldn't that be fixed by now?
  2. What if... We keep Brown and then franchise tag him after next. Would we be able to ship Ronnie after a year or two?
  3. I'm still frustrated we gave Stanley a huge pay day. Has the guy ever played a full season?
  4. I'm with that. I get more frustrated with Lamar than most, because that's who we've built this around. The O-line was a mash unit though, for sure.
  5. Fuck the Ravens for losing to this bullshit Buffalo team...
  6. I keep seeing that we need to draft a new C, when we may have one on the roster already. Although, I still say fuck Roman. He can plan a mean run game, but damn if the passing doesn't suck.
  7. Late to the conversation, but was Castillo Colon active?
  8. I'm worried about this one.
  9. His test was inconclusive...so does he need to 4 more to come back on Sunday?
  10. Any pointers on how to exclude news feeds? I keep filtering with the content drop down, but the settings won't stick.
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