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  1. It was a nice distraction to watch football last night... I did find it ironic that they were in each other's faces yelling/celebrating, but not high fiving?
  2. Libs hate Conservatives and vice versa. There is no changing. Its fucking pathetic.
  3. I, for the life of me, am in constant disbelief of Trump supporters. I know people who will vote for him and can't fathom it.
  4. Yup. Monotony of it all is getting to me.
  5. Yankees now coming here to play and avoiding Marlins. The most f'd up thing in it all. These guys get tested every day and get their results right away. Joe Schmoe over here gets nothing...
  6. GrubberRaven


    I want a leader, not a social media maestro
  7. GrubberRaven


    Oh yay, she plays a mean twitter game...are you fucking serious? She'll also come to your Animal Crossing Island too, to cheer you up. Joy.
  8. GrubberRaven


    AOC is a joke...really? She's as easy a target as Trump.
  9. The rates are still the same though, although I did see JHU measures it differently and we should be concerned. I'm so burned out...
  10. GrubberRaven


    Not as blatant. You can't help but be biased/against Trump's administration when they're so blatantly wrong, but at the same time I get it. He sucks. What else is there to read?
  11. GrubberRaven


    Just get me to November. I'm too the point where all I read is Associated Press for news.
  12. Lamar needs to win a playoff game AND stay healthy to get that cash...
  13. GrubberRaven


    Two party rammed down our throat. There's no moderate road anymore though and everyone is at fault for that...you're left or you're right...
  14. 3 weeks from the start of the season?
  15. This happened 3 weeks ago...so now we wait to see if that fact pisses off management
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