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  1. Second that, I wish everyone good health here.
  2. My wife always bought the big packs of tp, so we're good for a month, but never hoarded the crap. The things I see most vacant are meats (hot dogs especially, wtf) . Cheese sticks have been gone since this whole thing started, but I notice that only because my kids eat them. Pancake mix.
  3. People still need essential things Max...you're not including essential places to shop are you?
  4. You can't lay an all encompassing judgement on a group of people based on a label though. I don't want to turn this into a religious discussion though. Where is Fr Matt located? I converted to Catholicism and frankly its cut and dry for me. I like it, but its for me, not for me to say others to adhere to. I wish everyone took religion as their own personal playbook and not the book they feel everyone should follow...
  5. I think you're full of shit. You mock religion and people's belief in it
  6. Two Hursts in one day...James Hurst is released
  7. Wow, you'd still give Jimmy that much?
  8. Agree Spen...but maybe Boykin will come around. I feel like we get a vet...not sure we'll draft another unless its late in the draft. Middle of D and D-line need new blood
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