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  1. I'm not sure about the black injustice. One thing I'm sure about is the POS potus has no respect for this country so why should the players?? When the POS says don't watch or go to the games all my TVs are on and on the Ravens games. I have oodles of respect for this country just not a lick about what the idiot says to do. GO RAVENS !!!!!!!
  2. I was impressed with the defense today. Looked like the ravens of old. Suggs played great it must be easier with a supporting cast. If this defense can stay healthy it can be a vaunted defense.In my mind one of the question marks is how good correa is gonna be. I hope he surprises me. Woodhead came out on fire. He could be one of the catalyst for this offense. Jenson either is over matched or maybe teams are teeing off on him because of the media/preseason. I'm not sure hes the answer at center. Whats with max Williams not being utilized more in this offense? Hopefully Joe can mesh with Mackli
  3. Most people complain about Flacco not having vision, drive,decision making skills,interest in the craft,instincts and a host of other deficiencies. Why in the hell do fans make excuses and never talk about dumping the bumb.Coaching only goes so far then the players work on their abilities and skills sets. Flacco doesn't have what it takes to be great or good in the nfl. Hes now playing at a backup QB level,IMHO. Expect more of the same without making changes till he's gone period. Stop making excuses. Have a great day.
  4. Flacco key word average. Salary not for average QB, salary for great QB. Ravens will improve when Flaccos contract runs out or he is released. Get used to more of the same. Bad decision by management.
  5. Watched utube video on Correa. Puts me in mind of Suggs. Loves hitting people,should be fun to watch. Good fit for the Ravens.Refered to as a monster linebacker.
  6. I think Ozzie got Buffaloed with the Reggie Ragland pick. He is being a little to cute this year.
  7. Its nice to see a real QB, something the Ravens have been without the WHOLE year.
  8. I love the Ravens. Not the front office. I call it like I see it.
  9. Signing Torrey and signing wayne makes no difference as long as the defense can stop no one. Front office decisions to sign second and third tier players to high long term contracts have tied a cinder block to the ravens franchise. Until those contracts are eaten or over, This team is screwed for the duration.
  10. an aware scouting group and a new general manager please
  11. Its a pity a deadbeat sperm donor was even capable of spawning. The gene pool has taken another hit. Get rid of him quickly.
  12. The news is that the Raiders will interview Trestman today or tommorow for an offensive coordinator position. If the Ravens want to interview him they better set something up at hyper speed. Does he run a west coast offense?
  13. Does Zorn run a west coast offense? If not forget it. This teams offense flourished on the ground and in the air with the west coast/Kubiak directed offense. I would like to see a young up and comer armed with a west coast background. If a west coast offensive coordinator reviews last years offensive calls it should reveal what Kubiaks plans were. Armed with that information move forward with scheme. I for one am tired of our coaches being picked off every year.Kubiak was over qualified thus it was inevitable he would soon depart. We need an intelligent young under the radar type with a west c
  14. Is it elephants that go back to their birthplaces to perish? Oh I know its salmon that go back to there birth streams to spawn. Whatever made the elephant story come to mind.
  15. A horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to horse of course unless the horse is the famous John Elway. I havn't forgotten 1983 and how he told Baltimore To shove it. Hopefully no one on this site ever forgets and certainly never forgives.Eff Emm
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