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  1. I hope they pull back vaccinations from Texass and Mississippi.
  2. OMG. mrscheney. You have started the nightmares!
  3. For certain demographics, yes.
  4. There will be no senate impeachment conviction. The Republican party has no soul, no spine, and no courage to do what is right.
  5. No. Just no. He does not get to receive congrats and platitudes four years and two weeks, respectively after having his turtle head so far up Trump's butt. No. Screw him.
  6. So much personality in this thread, and I'm just sitting here enjoying the thread summary on the right sidebar. lol.
  7. deeshopper


    I feel like he's going to sneak off to Russia during the inauguration. He'll be next door neighbors to Edward Snowden. His passports should be cancelled now.
  8. So, what is your prediction?
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