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  1. Gee whiz. I think Max is about the only Ravens fan in this thread? We're rooting for losses now?
  2. Also, I was totally prepared to go back further in your posts to find you chalk up a loss. Didn't have to go far.
  3. My facts are straight. You had them down for a loss. Months ago means nothing. After one game you had them down for a loss which negates any of your earlier predictions. Dems the facts.
  4. I'm not going to be able to use my tickets for tomorrow's game. Two Club Level seats in section 235. Contact me with an offer.
  5. I'll ask him. He doesn't have the ones on the roof, but from what I understand the solar company picks up the roof warranty. He's also on well, so I'm not sure the water issue relates. But I'll find out! But, I have new roof as well and had I known that would've gotten the panels instead of a new roof.
  6. My dad got solar. He gets checks back now in the spring through fall.
  7. Maybe the Manning one is the one I'm thinking of. That or the Detroit one. It wasn't in the early day, so I know it wasn't the one from 1997 against Kordell.
  8. Not trying to jinx anything today, but I was talking to my dad during the Oregon-Ohio game yesterday. I seem to recall the Ravens blowing a rather significant lead (probably to the Steelers). I feel like it was like a 17 minute lead with 2-4 minutes left in the game. Does anyone remember anything like that, or am I crazy?
  9. I was down there last weekend and shocked to hear them so loud. Not as loud as the 17 year cicadas up here, but dang!
  10. Also, I thought, based on the title, that Cravn started this thread. lol.
  11. Guess I don't have to worry about buying playoff tickets this year. What's going on over there?
  12. I'll buy because good grief, Max is the only one with a positive outlook. lol.
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