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  1. deeshopper


    Voted on Monday. Went around 3 pm. Was in and out in about 15 minutes.
  2. lol. I thought about buying one of my dad in Steelers gear. lol.
  3. By now you have received the news that we will, unfortunately, not be able to have fans at our first few games. While this isn’t the news we wanted, we know it’s the best decision to keep our fans, staff and players safe. We would still like you to be part of the experience. While fans can't attend games at M&T Bank Stadium in person right now, that doesn't mean your face can't be seen in the seats. Purchase a cutout of yourself and be part of our Community of Fans, presented by M&T Bank, while you stay safe this season and watch from home.
  4. More like, see for myself. Crav fits in just fine.
  5. I'm in Florida and these people down here are just terrible.
  6. deeshopper


    Ahh, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Didn't really impress me much.
  7. 2020 RAVENS SEASON TICKETS TO BE DEFERRED INDIVIDUAL TICKETS TO BE MADE AVAILABLE ONCE NEW SEATING MANIFEST IS SET WITH UPDATED CAPACITY We thank you for the incredible patience and support you have shown our organization over the last four months, as we’ve all continued to adjust to the difficult effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on everyday life.
  8. People are stupid. Let them be stupid. Gotta thin the heard somehow.
  9. This is surprising, how?
  10. Hang in there 82 and you'll be OK. Meanwhile, in my world...
  11. I got hot dogs! For my beans and toast. Yum.
  12. What did you find?
  13. This is how the zombie apocalypse starts.
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