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  1. I know they will never do it but I would love Rammstein. Lets really offend all the stick up their ass whiners who were so offended by JLo and Shakira.
  2. That might be why he played pretty well. They should draft a dev LT.
  3. Damned right on Jefferson. With Brown getting off the press stack him, rubs, or picks to get him free.
  4. I would let Jimmy walk. Thinking as the Ravens do that is what I would give him. He might well make more than that on the market.
  5. HE is in his pitty party bc the Chargers didnt think he had really anything left and they were right.
  6. Judan can walk or they can tag and trade him.
  7. Judon-4 yrs 48 mil a SB of 15mil Jimmy 3 yrs 30 mil a SB of 8mil Ronnie 5 yrs 80 mil a sb of 24mil
  8. You have to give rookie some time.
  9. It does but the injury so late in 2018 then surgery made it so this yr was nagging. Next yr he should be good.
  10. I suspect Hollywood will be so dynamic next yr with a totally healed foot.
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