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  1. The league has a good point on using coaching positions to stash players.
  2. BTW now 2 positives in Pitt. If they keep expanding into Mon I dont see how this game goes down Tue.
  3. If the game goes down Tue the Dal game moves to the next mon.
  4. https://www.wbaltv.com/article/baltimore-ravens-pittsburgh-steelers-game-postponed-again-to-tuesday-nfl-football-covid/34805419 Off to the night. If game is played then the dal game will be the following Mon. This has been insane.
  5. That problem is solved. I would start trace. See what the kid has.
  6. If they get this game in Sun I would not let Lamar play. The ol will be like me playing. He has no protection.
  7. Yeah I would think so. We will test positive tomorrow and not get the results until after the game?
  8. This is going to be ugly. Do they even get in? If you have new positives wed I can see pit balking at the idea of playing thur.
  9. Basically you can ask any sports fan from this area and they know who he is. He is a joke like you.
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