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  1. And? What does that have to do with bmore and hou2?
  2. They and I didnt say 230 yds is bad. It is just Hou is dogcrap and them not being able to produce is amazing for the ravens.
  3. As was said on 1057 today hou is not built to run. I don't think they have a plan to be built for anything. So comparing running totals is ridiculous.
  4. He has no idea what's going on at any given time. He will find a way to screw it up again.
  5. Hou looks not very happy. I can see the team giving up on the coach in a few weels.
  6. Hou can't stop the run. That team is a hot mess.
  7. Then why does she support Joe. He sucks on the environment.
  8. I will take none over truncated season.
  9. I can't invest since I have no faith in the season finishing.
  10. I am not pumped in any way.
  11. I don't hate real conservative or liberals. I just hate ppl who take positions to win and do self serving things. Take the conservative columnist Will something. He wears the glasses and lives baseball. I don't agree with him on most things but he is an honest actor who has a belief system and sticks to it. He left the top bc he sees their conduct as not being conservative.
  12. Maybe just maybe this vets/kia being suckers and losers will stick. Being confirmed almost completely by fox is huge.
  13. I suspect it will be handled similarly to Trump charities.
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