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  1. If you get a premium on draft spot value then it is worth it.
  2. And Ozzie did not do his due diligence. Obviously he had a drinking problem but the team ignored it. Cody was a fat slob and always was a lot idea. But with that bama blinder on he chose them anyway.
  3. We got a conviction so thats good. The thing is you could see the everyone in Min was willing to throw Chauvin under the bus. I cannot think of an excessive force case where so many cops testify against the perpetrator. It is a one off in my eyes.
  4. Its not compromise that is the issue. It is corporate bribes/contributions to politicians, They are paid to not get along.
  5. The guy is washed up. His blocking was so bad last yr. As for OBJ he has to come very cheap.
  6. it doesnt wreck the field. I have seen a couple there and it is none thr worse for wear a couple weeks later.
  7. When you have authorities that leap to violence what do you expect?
  8. The problem is its the united states. There is unfettered travel from state to state, A straw purchase in arizona and that gun is in say chicago within the weak. That kind of thing has to stop.
  9. Well it should be 7 yrs until the lease runs out. I wonder what Steve will want then.
  10. I get the retraceable roof. They wanted it to fit the architecture for the area.
  11. So much better than climbing the steps. They should have been in so long ago.
  12. Eddie George is the new coach at Tenn state u. In the segment they talked of the rumor of Ray Lewis joining his staff. If he was going to coach at a hbcu why not join Tyrone wheatly's staff? He could be a great recruiter. His knowledge of the lb position and defense is immeasurable.
  13. I still think close to 78 wins. I do think that CY should be tweaked to no be so HR friendly. I would rather see the team built for small ball.
  14. I think it will come out he did. I am wondering if Matt had dinner with tucker and brought his Lolita. If so some questions should be asked.
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