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  1. Mason needs a suspension too.
  2. Domestic violence and on field violence make it an apples and oranges issue. It should be like a guy who takes an illegal shot
  3. This should be a shootout. It should be fun watching Watson and Lamar trying to out do each other.
  4. Totally agree there. Tom has turned back into a game manager.
  5. Except Tom made Kraft make Bill ship his replacement.
  6. Not sure how much longer Bill will do it. He has the ultimate poker face. You cant tell if its wearing on him or not.
  7. Bill did it with Matt Cassel also. Yes Brady is amazing but bill can flat coach his ass off.
  8. Since Cincy does not usually stick to the run I am sure they had a few issues as well. All in all great win. Not just a squeak through game but totally pounded them.
  9. With Jimmy coming off the books I think inking Peters long term is an important question.
  10. Looks like they are totally prepared mentally. Exactly what they should be doing.
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