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  1. Also some bad coaching. Dont take the ball out of Rodgers hands. He will be gone and the FO will have a 30 for 30 made about them. Enjoy being compared to Jerry Kraus.
  2. I think the locking up period starts in 2 yrs. I think Means ( wish he had been traded before the doctoring the ball stuff came up), Trey, and Means all go to contenders this yr.
  3. There are still a few left. A couple decided to land on me iin the garden today. I suspect all gone by next weekend.
  4. Now that they are slotted there is no reason not to sign fast. The agent is not going to get you more.
  5. I think Mullins willbe on the trade block soon. Not sure an investment now is a good idea.
  6. No this started before Shaleen. This started when they drated Love. When Rodgers was on the one guys show and he said he won the MVP and ruined the packers plan you could tell he was planning on screwing them. Also the issues with his family predate her by many yrs.
  7. The gb front office screwed this one up.
  8. I hope Bateman is not 8njury prone. 1057 said the qbs have looked like trash. It may just be early but it doesn't sound good.
  9. It was harbs. Harbs is always a liability on game day. He never gets better there.
  10. I just heard on the radio.
  11. Yeah. No risk for the ravens. I bet he lives in the facility now.
  12. Fpr his potential it is a great deal. But he has so many miles and been so worn down I dont know if he can do it. If he is healthy they win the south. Also if healthy they are capable of beating KC.
  13. Ppl staying out of the workforce is making employers raise salaries.
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