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  1. So what would be his excuse for Marino's amazing fake hand offs? I am very curious
  2. How on earth did he think that was appropriate?
  3. Also the team prob can use an L soon to keep them motivated through the POs.
  4. You can use up your emotional capital in a big game like last week. I am just seeing it. A gut feel. 20-17 Bills.
  5. After the heavyweight prize fight last week I see the let down. A loss by 3.
  6. Like I said yest I see no more than 1 more loss. I see Sundays game as the most likely. I also see ne having 1 more loss so that locks the 1 seed.
  7. Pats have Hou, KC, and Buf as real competition left. Ravens have Bill and Cle and Pit as eh competition. I can see 2 losses left for NE and 1 at the most for bmore. That leaves it at 13-3 and home field all the way through.
  8. It isn't GB or Dal. I think NO is starting to slide. It is probably between Sea and SF in the NFC. KC is the only threat in the AFC. That could well be the AFCC.
  9. Pretty close on my predicted score. They did a hell of a job. Bills could be a letdown game next week.
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