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  1. Like I said last night. Did anyone want to win that game? Both offenses were just handing the ball to each other. A ten day layoff and the offense didn't look prepared.
  2. I would not be shocked if ne is the 1 seed by the end of the season. They are just head crushing now.
  3. Everyone goes through him. He is old and trash now.
  4. Does anyone want to win this game?
  5. That was an incredibly dumb thing Landry did.
  6. I think you might be right. They looked like straight trash.
  7. Looking ahead to next week pit can be gashed with the run. Nixon is kill8ng them.
  8. It sounds like hunt is coming back this week. I would get them in 2 back sets and split hunt out wide a bunch since they are light at wr. Don't forget their ol is great and affords a lot of protection.
  9. Bryce young has been great all yr. Ppl expected him to be great. Today I watched my first ou game of the yr. Caleb Williams is so good. Spencer rattler I think transfers bc he will not be the starter again.
  10. Campbell is prob out. I don't see how you can clear the protocol with so little time left. Hunt being active is huge. They can go 2 back and split hunt out wide on plays if they want. I have to l9ok at my ff roster and see if I want to activate him.
  11. Ok. So they have a unicorn. Seemed like something Jerry cooked up.
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