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  1. Thats just what I am saying. That is also exactly how I feel.
  2. I was telling someone he is a lock for the HOF. Being a kicker it will not be a first ballot. He is just incredible. When he gets old in the tooth I hope he doesnt hold on like Vinatari or Vanderjack and look sad. They need a rebuild. They need a QB and OL so bad. By the time they pull that off their defensive talent and skills guys will be old and expensive.
  3. Where the F have you been johnny come lately?
  4. Yeah Denver is not anything great. I dont trust anyone from Bal/98 Rock for objective comentary. They have proven to be propogandists. Not sure how you have to pay the team for the right to not be truthful.
  5. You got the wrong person from the office.
  6. That was a piss poorly thrown ball.
  7. So glad he is getting targets FINALLY! Him too. They both should have gotten PT last yr. Get real. Last week he was killing it. He is having a very poor game but it is a game.
  8. Brown is having so many issues catching the ball.
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