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  1. I wonder how much money this will take out of judons pocket.
  2. I think so. It's been a month. Bring the rollout under your control. The us govt paid for these doses so they can choose who gets them. I wish some media would ask what I proposed and why it isn't being taken over.
  3. This is a few issue. I notice fla has almost more vaccine than they can use. I believe this is a political decision from the former potus to help a state he sees as favorable t9 him. Biden should have already federalized the rollout. Use the dod logistics computers to figure out importance of vaccination and deploy the dosages accordingly.
  4. Apparently it is to chilly in Texas. Cruz flies down to Cancun while ppl in his state freeze to death.
  5. Its impossible to buy your way there.
  6. A lot of that was Tom. He had Kraft send the heir out the door. Add in the opt outs and Bill used all that draft capital ans cap spaces to win now over the last 5 or so yrs. Remember when Bill had 2 #1 picks a yr for like 6 straight yrs? I fully suspect Bill to right the ship and pretty soon. He probably does a full rebuild in the next yr. I would trade off their defensive stars soon.
  7. You can use the #1 for a WR and use a 2nd rounder to get a RT.
  8. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/baltimore-ravens/ronnie-stanley-18954/ Not really until 2023. He also has yearly options bonuses that tack on too. Really this deal is dead after 2023 also.
  9. That is where being smart comes into play. Turning soon to be lost players into draft capital over and over allowed for the only dynasty of the cap era. Mimicking that would be prudent.
  10. https://bullittpointproperties.com/ghosts-of-33rd/#clip=7w95a96e114w&time=3670
  11. They will get a 1 for him. He has that value. Better to take that known quantity when you are desperate for most teams.
  12. Every time I see the leagues community relations ads I always felt they were disingenuous. When the rubber meets the road they are discriminatory when real money is on the line.
  13. I just looked. Brady holds the highest percentage of the cap for any winning QB. It is 13.9% Before this it was 13.8%. I do not think you will ever see a QB win it with higher than 15%. I dont care if you just draft and keep the other pieces cheap. So I would never pay a QB huge money. It is pointless for going after the only true goal.
  14. I think it will be yrs of just winning regular season games. Late in the contract when the cap numbers should be team favorable Pat can win them again.
  15. Andy has a history of bad coaching. Honestly I think Mahaomes won last yr pulling the team past Andy's tendency to be a loser.
  16. That game was awful. The officials were to much of the game. Two plays come to mind. The db who got his feet tangled up with Evans. That is incidental. Pringle in the end zone didn't get a holding penalty on tb. It should have been 1st and goal but the ball went back to tb on downs.
  17. In that ed was a leader in the revolt against harbs he probably would see the point.
  18. I think a shannahan system with the rollouts would be good to see him try. But he has to throw better. He dramatically regressed throwing the ball. That directly corresponds to the adjustments made to tldefensive schemes. He has to do better or will forever flounder.
  19. You can't fix that. You have to allow Darwin to take his wards.
  20. That floor will be lowered. You can't sign ppl to replace injured players with mil margin.
  21. Wouldn't it be antipsychotics? They are completely insane.
  22. You have to trade him. You can't just let someone that talented go.
  23. Watson was so.etjing like 75% of the offense. It has never been that night in league history. Even as defenses know this he still produced.
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