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  1. OK. But some loyalty to a person who had dedicated her working life to the organization would be cool.
  2. You cannot arrest your way out of the problem. You have to change the economy structurally.
  3. I can do it in 2 yrs. End the war on drugs. Legalize them and regulate it. Employ ppl in New jobs. Put criminal black market out of business.
  4. I get it. But the press is supposed to start asking questions now. Why aren't they? Btw the oligarchy has not been like this the whole time. TR broke up trusts. Fdrwent right at corporate interests. But since Reagan was elected regardless of party it has been more corporate entrenchment in political power.
  5. So why isn't McCarthy or Cheney asked about if it's true that they sell benefits to companies for campaign cash like Cruz is insinuating? There are lots of gop politicians to ask about this. Why doesn't the press ask them all? How many dem politicians did they ask about al Franken with the pic? Bc that doesn't hurt their profits.
  6. I will not go there at all. While she isn't a crazy her politics has been detrimental to the country. What the Cheney's have done is a direct lead to Trump and his authoritarianism.
  7. I hope. But Bradly is in the last yr of his deal. If he plays well he could be priced out. Stop waiting around for these problems to drop in your lap and be proactive. And Matt sucked. He was pushed around like a ragdoll.
  8. When will this team stop ignoring the center position? They touch the ball as much as the QB but for so long we have nickel and dimed there.
  9. I think Wade was undervalued. A position change to FS might be in order though. I like him. I like both WR. I like Mason. Cleveland should be able to play pretty fast. Oweh should be in the rotation. You cant teach what he has naturally. This team has historically been good at teaching that position. Stephens should start on ST while he learns playing DB in the pros. He might need a position change to SS. I would love if they signed Ealy. If I were his agent I would tell him there is a real shot at winning that starting spot. Same with Sarrell. Poljan would be good to ge
  10. 2022 picks should have more value than this yr. I would expect a regular college fb season. If he can be turned into a fs that help a the team long term. Maybe not being up on a rwcievet he can surveil the field and ball hawk some.
  11. A 3rd round practice squad guy doesnt work. I suspect he makes it as a st player while he works on his db skills.
  12. I have wanted Bradly at center for yrs. I think it has been flagrant misconduct not having him there.
  13. That writeup doesnt sound like things that cant be worked on. Most of these guys you wouldnt want to but that doesnt mean they ca play football.
  14. Thoughts on Cleveland? Good program. I liked a little out of that highlight reel on tv. He doesnt look all that athletic though.
  15. The pick that should still be ours.
  16. The draft tracker from nfl.coom is a giant pain in the ass. It does not like to update the new picks. It didnt do that in past yrs.
  17. Zeiring is a really poor mock evaluator.
  18. I watched him v mich last night. In the first half it was like he wasn't there. But I also noticed most of the rest of that off we blows. The line is garbage and the qb sucks. So if the ball isn't thrown to him what can he do? Had he landed at lsu or something his numbers could have been ridiculous. That said it is the coaching staffs job to knock the rough edges off now.
  19. He has to be cheap and I dont think he will be.
  20. Sounds like Oweh can set the edge from day 1. He needs to be taught some more pass rushing moves. He also needs to be taught to get off teh ball with fast.
  21. I like the pick. He lacks experience. Had he been playing FB for a long time he probably would have gone much higher. I always say that when the ravens call a LB as an UDFA the agent tells them to take the offer. The ravens above all others can take that position and get a scrap heap guy into a starter and finally a big FA deal. Looking at Owehs freakish athleticism he is much more impressive than ay Bart Scott.
  22. Hey I like the pick. Look at all the UDFA backers we have developed. This dude has crazy athleticism,
  23. Dont know a think about Oweh.
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