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  1. He has no idea what's going on at any given time. He will find a way to screw it up again.
  2. Hou looks not very happy. I can see the team giving up on the coach in a few weels.
  3. Hou can't stop the run. That team is a hot mess.
  4. Then why does she support Joe. He sucks on the environment.
  5. I will take none over truncated season.
  6. I can't invest since I have no faith in the season finishing.
  7. I am not pumped in any way.
  8. I don't hate real conservative or liberals. I just hate ppl who take positions to win and do self serving things. Take the conservative columnist Will something. He wears the glasses and lives baseball. I don't agree with him on most things but he is an honest actor who has a belief system and sticks to it. He left the top bc he sees their conduct as not being conservative.
  9. Maybe just maybe this vets/kia being suckers and losers will stick. Being confirmed almost completely by fox is huge.
  10. I suspect it will be handled similarly to Trump charities.
  11. Those are the ones it needs to stick with. It also gets his opponents off their game.
  12. Haha. I can see rival fanbases doing that.
  13. How many suckers do it? I hope ppl upload funny stuff. I would photoshop Billy Butcher into gear.
  14. No I am talking about Joe. There is a reason why they want to keep him away from the debates. This is thesame keep the candidate away from ppl b's that happened in 2016 but Joe is far worse.
  15. The problem is he doesnt and he cant articulate his ideas well. That is why he always lost.
  16. There is already some polling and he is getting traction. Worth suburban voters on the law and order stuff. Joe has crawled in his hole and ceding that ground. Joe is a loser.
  17. He has the old established corrupt ppl with him. Great. Gotta live how he is collapsing in a bunch of battleground states. A real winner there.
  18. This season I think will be a wash. A yr lost. I really dont know what they will do after this season with all the ppl coming up for FA. That is where cap matters. I am looking at NE who I think are going to roll a ton of Cap space into 2021 and also lose badly this yr and go get their QB of the future.
  19. I was fighting with clark the other day. It sounds like his teammates dont want him.
  20. Anyone hear more about this? I didnt like the signing at the time. If they can get a good return make the trade.
  21. And I think the dems will keep a fascist in offie. Joe is not up to this. They dont really care about winning or the country. They care about keep the corruption.
  22. Dez stopped being good before he was out of the league. He will not have gotten better.
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