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  1. I can see a run on the banks by the end of apr.
  2. A guy in public health predicted infectious apex in MD around July 4. If thats the case it could be sept before levels are low enough. I guess a 5spt/oct camp and preseason and maybe a 10-11 week scedule.
  3. I would not be shocked to see the season canceled. I said as much about mlbyeterday
  4. Only for say 14 mil on a single season.
  5. So if things go as they have looked like they seem to be trending and the league has to cancel the season how are the players paid? There are not the 17 weeks of the season that each check comes out. Do they keep the whole 90 man roster for the yr? I was just curious how they execute this.
  6. Hogan has been amazing. That said this is not going to end well. Ppl are not going to continue to sit back and have their small pleasures like playing bball or gong to the corner bar taken from them much longer. In general most ppl have sad existences and these small pleasures make life manageable for them. This will turn bloody soon.
  7. Basically all ready for my 300+ seedlings. Between cutting it out and today making it into usable size pieces pulled out a couple hundred pounds of grape wood. Makes for a nice pork shoulder smoking.
  8. I thought Jimmy would have done better. The virus may have hurt him. I wonder if he will be paid for a yr he doesn't suit up.
  9. Now there are 2 more trellises and one more potato tower.
  10. I just don't want a Italy or Spain sit where they are actually locked in doors.
  11. They better not prvent me frm going to the garden. I have over 300 plants in the garden or growing indoors that need tending. This is supposed to be food for for the yr. I also want it so I can eat if food supplies break down with this outbreak.
  12. I still need to go out to work on the garden.
  13. He does campus ministry so with no students there is no congregants.
  14. I am seeing how melenials are still out partying. I had to explain to someone that since boomers and others are cool with fosil fuels an dont care about climate change why do you think the young should change for your benefit?
  15. Then you can kiss my ass. I think most ppl who are religious are full of shit. I do like father matt. He is a real good guy. I think Catholicism is full of it but he is the type doing it for the right reason.
  16. Pretty good trade. Wish they had gotten a little more.
  17. The priest gave to us. He can't have mass. He didn't want it to go to waste.
  18. yeah. He is older now. They are hoping for at least 5 sacks for their effort.
  19. Iran and SK are outliers. Iran is burying ppl in mass graves. SK has very few dying. It is all about being prepared and having a good plan. We are somewhere in the middle.
  20. Wine. Since there is no communion it was a gift to me and my gf.
  21. I was surprised he held up the last 2 yrs. He was injury prone the previous 3 yrs.
  22. He is a 1 yr rental. I am fine with this.
  23. If he is gone in 3 weeks for compensation who cares? I cant see more than a 2nd round for him but I would like to be wrong.
  24. I am glad they are 1 closer to 18. Most of the players are rank and file who need these checks and cant wait out the owners.
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