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  1. I worry they will do the same thing. This looks like a shootout for sure. LA has been in a couple this yr.
  2. No doubt. Why did they not do this yrs ago? BC they were not in trouble then.
  3. If I had to bet I would take LA. The QB is on fire. They have a great run game. also their D has stood up mostly.
  4. I wonder how long Watkins will be down for. I like Brown Proche and Duv right now. Add in Bateman and I like what the passing game can do.
  5. So my speculation has some traction.
  6. Nope I like this idea. I am ready for a public free for all to teach the lesson that should have been cemented in hs.
  7. The ravens need to have a presser with Eric, Harbs, and Lamar. They need to demonstrate how a football is to be carried. Present Lamar with a specially designed ball so he can show he understands. Now Eric steps up. Starting now if Lamar can return that ball to the ravens he gets the deal he is asking for as an extension. If someone else returns it Lamar takes the Ravens offer. Also whomever returns the ball to the Ravens other than Lamar gets a 1 mil prize.
  8. I think Snyder needs to talk to the league on some of this.
  9. Williams was averaging more than 6 per so far this season. Tonight there were no holes at all. Murray basically the same. Freeman has been only ok. That performance was all OL. That needs to be worked on. But then you go back to Cleveland leaving on the cart. So will he be back?
  10. I wonder if this comes back to the DC cheerleaders scandal. Also wasnt his brother coach there by 2018?
  11. And what probably did it was what he said about goody and ownership. Also what else is out there now?
  12. It is nuts but this poor fundamental carrying technique has to stop. He took points off the board. Learn to tuck the ball or put two hands on it.
  13. Finally. Now just hold for OT D.
  14. I thought that 2 pt would blow up in their face.
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