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  1. Lamar Jackson has now been named AFC Offensive Player of the Week in five of his last nine starts. Look out Houston! 68.5 win probability for Ravens at +7. The Texans are coming into this game healthy with a few extra days rest and time to prepare. They know what they are up against and they are planning an ambush. Ravens in purple. Texans in black OFFENSE 11th 19th DEFENSE 9th 18th PASSING 7th 15th RUSHING 19th 8th Houston's keys to winning the game: Keep an eye on this..Wink Wink! Can the Ravens add to this?
  2. vmax


    1st game of the season with no pre season games....I'll take the Ravens win. They dominated. A Division win. 1-0 with a long season ahead. On the Brownies..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,................................. Little sloppy. I thought the Browns would put up more of a fight. They have all the offensive weapons and a scary roster on paper. On the field ???? A whopping 6 points. That's really bad. Stefanski's debut as a play caller??? Not too good. As a HC having his team ready??? Not too good. Nice fake punt BTW thankyouverymuch! Mayfield....not too good. I feel bad for the company that shelled out all that commercial money to see him covering seats in the stadium. Really....in a season where no fans will attend games?....why cover the seats if it rains???? Only the Browns. On the Ravens: Good day for the D surrendering only 6 points. Yet the gave up 138 yards rushing at 5.1 per attempt. They have to get better here and they will. Queen and Harrison will only get better. It was their first NFL game and Queen had very good numbers considering that. 8 tackles. 4 solo. 1 sack. 1 TFL. and 1 FF. Very good day. Secondary had an excellent day. Good to see. JK Dobbins! The future looks bright! With Stanley out and Yanda retired it will take time for this O line to get close to where they were last year. It hurt the running game. 30 carries for 107 yards and 3.6 ypc..... But Hey! 2 rushing TD's for Dobbins! Lamar was super. What can you say? That TD pass to Snead was a thing of beauty. He's making the reads, looking off the DB's. ....he's just in command. 3 TD's for the day. 152.1 passer rating. Oh! good return game for Duvernay and Proche. Keep an eye out for these 2. They are playmakers with good hands. And in closing...... If you hear wailing and moaning it's coming from here.... http://www.dawgtalkers.net/ubbthreads.php/topics/1791227/5 and here.... https://dawgpounddaily.com/2020/09/13/cleveland-browns-instant-reactions-week-1/ Because..... "... they were sent forth into the weeping and gnashing of teeth...." My nomination for Brownie Fan Post of the Day: Re: Gameday at Baltimore II [Re: tastybrownies] Tulsa Legend Registered: 09/21/06 Posts: 16013 Loc: Backnine Originally Posted By: tastybrownies We need to do something. We need to storm Berea. There you go, you need to paint, FANS LIVES MATTER in the street in front of the stadium. _________________________ #GMSTRONG
  3. This is how far out of touch Trump is...........
  4. vmax


    Flags out front. Crock pot is on. Working in the kitchen....happy as shit! BaltiMOre Ravens https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/09/11/mo-gamba-baltimore-ravens-tribute-orig-lr-kj.cnn
  5. Here's some hope. As Trump continues to ignore global warming and make it worse, it's good to know Congress won't. They are preparing to act on this asap once Trump is dumped.
  6. vmax


    this is going to be heavy....He was so amazingly wonderful!
  7. vmax


    Yea...it was great to watch football. KC has picked up where they left off. The crowd noise was good for 17,000. That changed the atmosphere. It will be weird to hear crickets in most stadiums. The Ravens play the Texans next week and then KC so this was good "film study."
  8. vmax


    It's not a waste for me if there are no crowned champions. Any football beats a blank. Certainly I would be disappointed to know the Ravens had their best roster ever and I'll never know how good they could have been. A 6-8 game season would be disappointing. However that's 6-8 games that I get to see and I'll take that. I love Ravens football. Another way that I look at this season with all the unknowns: they have to play one game and that sets up the possibility for a second game. One week at a time sets up the possibility that a full season actually happens. You have to try. You have to take that first step.
  9. vmax


    I'm back. Fired up and loving it. The serious reality around all of us remains, so taking a football break here and there is just what my head needs. It's good to have something not serious and fun going on too. This is the best Ravens roster we have ever had. Will that translate to wins and a SB? I don't know. The excitement and anticipation to see how well they perform has my blood up. The competition for the North will be tight and fierce....and it all begins Sunday.
  10. vmax


    "Just like they’re trying to prepare for me, I’m preparing for them as well," said Jackson.
  11. Another interesting point....
  12. PS is even more important this season due to the virus. They will see playing time this season. PS depth will be a factor for every NFL team.
  13. vmax


    More Browns information.... Garrett missed much of the team’s training camp which isn’t ideal after he was suspended for the final six games in 2019. Still, his presence on Wednesday was encouraging but so was the fact that he performed well according to the head coach.
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