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  1. It looks like another dog fight to win the division. The media is hot on the Browns who do have a loaded roster. I don't think the Steelers intend to go "quietly in the night." The Bengals might be a hard out if Burrow comes back healthy and on fire. Winning "in division games will be a major key to making the playoffs and it looks like it will be a tough row to hoe. If you like anxiety, well, this is the season for you. From SB Nation: Predicting the 2021 NFL standings, including who wins the NFC West (msn.com) AFC North Browns (12-5) Ravens (11-6) Steelers (8-9) Bengals (5-12) Man, it feels strange talking about how good the Browns are. It seems like just a few seasons ago, they one a single game in a span of two years. They grow up so fast! Cleveland has a top-five roster heading into the season. The amount of talent on offense and defense is unfair and the Brownies could become a dark horse Super Bowl favorite if everything goes according to plan. I guess Baker Mayfield made the correct switch to Progressive. Baltimore should be great again as Lamar Jackson has done nothing but win from the moment he stepped onto an NFL field. The Ravens and Browns should be battling for the mighty North all season long. Big Ben is on his last legs in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin will always fire up his team, but his team’s slump after beginning 11-0 is a sign of bigger and more painful things to come in the steel city. As long as Joe Burrow isn’t rushed back too soon, the Bengals should play spoiler for their division counterparts. They’ve added firepower in the draft pairing Burrow’s LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase with Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd. Opposing teams will have a difficult time stopping them but Cincy is nothing but a cellar dweller at least for this upcoming campaign.
  2. Fortunately for the fans, you are not the Ravens GM. On another note: the Saints are screwed. No Thomas and Brees.
  3. That was good. Also good is that Lamar showed up at camp yesterday. Way ahead of when he needs to report. I've got Ravens fever...also good!
  4. Here's a decent and brief overview on the Ravens rookies reporting to camp. It covers all the draft picks and UFA's. Ravens Rookies Report for Training Camp (msn.com)
  5. vmax


    Nothing should be off limits in the attempt to find out how and why January 6th happened. There are tons of unanswered questions. a lot of people dropped the ball and leaders right up to Trump fueled the fire. I don't want a political witch hunt. I don't need a scapegoat. Just the Truth. We need to make sure insurrections can't happen again in the USA.
  6. You...everybody...would be wise and enlightened like me if you listen to this....
  7. The mascot thing just might work although I'd prefer this costume... Maybe dee can get me a press pass. Otherwise I'll have to rely on the professionalism of Ken Weinman 105.7 the fans "Ravens Insider" for up to date and completely accurate camp information.
  8. Final Reminder! Register tomorrow, Thursday, 11am, omn line.......... "Tell them about the Ravens with "lasers" max...." "Gott it! He's on important business at the moment with the Ant Men but I'll be happy to help you Dr. Evil."
  9. I didn't hear a peep about the video Hollywood posted of him racing down his driveway catching balls from a machine. "What do you have to say to this Lamar?" "“Itz better to have them kidz out there having fun then playing with gunz and [s-t] so next year we running it back with even more fun,”
  10. Media thoughts on Roman...........
  11. True. You can also throw your back out having sex. Where do you draw the line?
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