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  1. For quick reference.... Ravens offseason workout program: Rookie minicamp: May 14-16 OTAs: May 25-27; June 2-4; June 7-8; June 10-11 Mandatory minicamp: June 15-17
  2. They were great times. I'd take my kids on Saturdays and we had a great time. I will never forget seeing Shannon Sharp come on the field for the first time. He brought an energy. Then Trent Dilfer is throwing passes on the sidelines and tells the crowd to " step back. You never know where it's going to go!" You were right on top of the hits. I saw Sam Adams ruin a rookie RB...wiped him out at the snap....never heard from or saw that rookie again.
  3. Here's the camp schedule...
  4. I knew Brandon Scott was in over his head when he promised to reduce homicides. You need a plan to do that and basically he had none. This is bullshit. How does that stop someone who wants to shoot somebody? Hogans solution.... Now...IMO...neither guys plans will work. How do you raise the consciousness of those who have no value for life...theirs or anybody else? When Norris was the Commissioner violent crime dropped considerably. Go back to a Police department that can do what they did. right now Police are afraid to approach suspects and the
  5. It's literally melting....
  6. Here's the history of Orioles no hitters... Orioles no-hitter history (mlb.com)
  7. Something special is forming. Hays and Means are electric, Means has entered a new level, Mancini.....so much to build around. Club is giving us hope. I'm really liking Hyde.
  8. Good points. Let's stop this.
  9. John " BY All" Means just threw a 9 inning no hit shut out! 113 pitchers, great command, ton of 1st pitch strikes, ...really...a thing of beauty. 1st time for an Oriole in 52 years since Jim Palmer. By the 7th I was on the edge of my seat. Shit...it's rare for a pitcher to go 9 innings in today's baseball. O's beat the Mariners 6-0.
  10. For quick reference here's an updated 2021 Ravens roster; Ravens roster projection: With draft over and Alejandro Villanueva signed, depth chart comes into focus - Baltimore Sun
  11. What's shocking is that Cancun Cruz openly admits to what we've know has been going on for 150 years or more. I mean...America's an Oligarchy right?
  12. "There's gold in them thar hills!" I'll start with this exciting prospect......... Let's take a peek at the Ravens prospecting department....
  13. Like you say oldno, he lays out in broad daylight. There's no excuses for Lamar.
  14. Cruz openly publishes this admittance to Republican graft.
  15. "Definitely some things that people are going to see from us that they haven't seen before," Roman said. How about a...#15th ranked passing offense? Imagine that jump from 31 to 15. Playoffs!!!
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