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  1. He should suffer the same fate as Ray.
  2. Insiders predict: Baltimore Ravens - Favored to win: Baltimore Ravens - Spread: -4 - Odds: -210 - Houston Texans team stats: - Offense: 396.7 yards per game (#4 in the league) --- Passing offense: 253.9 ypg (#12) --- Rushing offense: 142.8 ypg (#4) - Defense: 361.4 yards per game (#19 in the league) --- Passing defense: 277.3 ypg (#29) --- Rushing defense: 84.1 ypg (#3) - Baltimore Ravens team stats: - Offense: 421.7 yards per game (#2 in the league) --- Passing offense: 224.4 ypg (#20) --- Rushing offense: 197.2 ypg (#1) - Defense: 344.1 yards per game (#14 in the league) --- Passing defense: 252.9 ypg (#20) --- Rushing defense: 91.2 ypg (#8) https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/insiders-predict-nfl-week-11-winners/ss-BBWHPeD?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=U508DHP#image=19 Huge Playoff implications for both teams so both should be chomping at the bit. Looking at stats only, I don't see a high scoring game because each team is playing strength vs strength. I think teams are going to do everything they can to keeps the Ravens O off the field so it can't get in rhythm, up and running. Lamar and DeShaun have almost identical stats. Lamar has 1 more rushing TD so that tells you how much of a threat DeShaun is with his feet, but DeShaun has done that on half the rushing attempts. Basically the same QB rating. I see war. This is not the Bengals but for the Ravens to win, Lamar has to play just as sharp as he did. It will not be as easy to march up and down the field. The Texans also have the luxury of coming off a bye week. Plenty of time to heal and prepare. It's Thursday. I'm worried.
  3. I'm just getting to this game. I need to do some research first....
  4. Wow! From USA Today.... Homer that I am, I wouldn't rank the Ravens that high. We can't play the "No Respect" card. Now if they win Sunday????
  5. One can dream.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001076226/article/recaps-from-the-future-how-the-2019-nfl-playoffs-played-out He got the final score wrong.
  6. Depth and rotation. They must have a run stopper for additional depth. They signed Ellis. He's good against the run.
  7. Nice find Spen. Love reading the views that fans of other teams have. Like this...uhhum!....cough...cough...
  8. vmax

    Food for Thought

    Brady helps a little bit too.
  9. That's what happened when Williams missed the Browns game. The Ravens need both Williams and Pierce to stop the run. The LB's can't shed the lineman's blocks.
  10. This is an Unexpected Journey. I hope it follows the script. Do you think Lamar has already found the Ring and slips it on from time to time during the game? A lot of defensive players think that.
  11. Nothing lasts. The 2000 D was one season. Jamal's incredible 2003 rushing season was a moment in football history. The 2012 playoff run.... And that's why we pay attention. All of us know something special is happening. And that's why all of us are enjoying the moment and these times. And yes....I can handle 10 more years of this.
  12. Never saw this coming. We need to starting listing his accomplishments. I can't keep up. Every week it's something new.
  13. Victory refreshments are now being served on the ER veranda....
  14. Scoop and score! Looks like tsyl will win this weeks prediction! Ricard had 3 men blocking him and he blew it all up.
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