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  1. It's December. Durins Day! They are exactly where they are supposed to be. North! Stand by the grey stone! Stand by the grey stone! ....... when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.”
  2. That is inappropriate. What is appropriate is Lamars incredible ball handling skills. Hundreds of thousands of hand offs and fakes. Lamar has so much practice and experience that he's developed this skill into an art form. He's a magician, a wizard. He does make the ball and exchange "invisible". He uses his speed, body angles, low crouch and great touch to fool everybody. I have never seen anybody better at it. And it takes 2 players, working in tandem to pull it of. That takes practice and work.
  3. vmax


    No change in how I'm feeling about this game... I'm taking it one match up at a time. I like the Ravens here. My brain can't fathom the Ravens running the table through the Super Bowl. That's their worry and they are "one game at a timing" it.
  4. Too far out. Lamar and Harbaugh signed it. Next...the Dali Lama gets one.
  5. "I see a Ravens win this early in the week. Surprised?" Here's some early information...High of 43 degrees at game time...clear skies.... Team Stats Points Per Game 33.8 21.4 Points Allowed Per Game 18.3 15.7 Total Yards 429.4 366.8 Yards Passing 221.6 228.8 Yards Rushing 207.8 137.9 Yards Allowed 339.3 321.3 Pass Yards Allowed 244.3 217.0 Rush Yards Allowed 94.9 104.3
  6. Remember Johnny U's crippled hands? McCrary's knees? This list is so long of players crippled by this game that they loved.
  7. wow. So sad. Here's to hoping it doesn't get worse.
  8. And the Ravens got an Abrams tank for Christmas
  9. And the Steelers. Probably at the top of this list should be staying healthy for the whole team. Every team is banged up this time of year. The Ravens are right there with them. A few keys players taken out will deep 6 their SB hopes. Guys like Brandon Williams. Humphrey, anybody on the O line,
  10. It's something like this.... As the possibility of being a #1v seed sinks in, with it comes some serious concerns. #1 Lamar staying healthy. He carried this team on his back Sunday, took some nasty hits and some cheap shots. As more is at stake, how many cheap shots will be aimed at him? #2. Run defense. This has to be real stout and tight or 50% of an opponents game plan will be accomplished...which is keeping the Ravens offense off the field and limiting their possessions. When this happens the Ravens are at most a 21-24 point scoring team. #3 The WR's and medium to deep passing attack needs to exist.
  11. Here we go with the weekly scenarios as the Ravens run for the #1 seed... Here's what could happen this week......
  12. Agree. Lot of football left to play. A lot of time to improve and get playoff ready. One game at a time. They are all important. Take care of Buffalo, take care of business and the #1 seed is theirs to keep. Is that you crav??!
  13. The Ravens can't rest on their laurels. There's a bigger prize to grab. On to Buffalo. This game is very important....
  14. The Ravens are well on their way to having home field advantage in the playoffs. That will be huge. On to Buffalo. Another solid opponent. The Ravens will certainly be battle tested for the playoffs. Unreal the last game winning drive, 6:28 on the clock and they run it down.
  15. More records............ He's real close to breaking Vicks rushing record. Within 50 yards I think.
  16. It's good to see the Ravens as the last man standing in a heavy weight fight. They found a way to win.
  17. Yea...incredible season. Lamar said the weather affected his passing game.
  18. If anybody's on steroids it's Mayfield. Look at the size of his head. Oh my! They lost to the Steelers.
  19. 49 yard field goal in real shitty conditions. Best kicker ever. This game was a real dog fight and the Ravens have defeated "the Best". Get ready for this! 10-2!!!!!!!
  20. Along with the rain, the Ravens might dampen the 49er's day a little bit more....
  21. They need to worry about their own back yard.
  22. I like how I felt about a Ravens win before I got more informed. Information simply confuses me. During my extensive research into the 49'ers I stumbled upon this little know fact. This is rapidly becomming a #1 holiday seller. If you are straing down the barrell at one of these ER advises that you smile and say, "How charming! I love it!"
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