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  1. What's next? Boils??? A Flatulence Pandemic???
  2. During a rebuild, a team has to at some point start locking up players to build around. A solid core. Mullins definitely fills the bill. He makes the defense up the middle tight,. His bat speaks for itself. He's young, he's a spark plug for this team...he brings excitement and he brings fans to the stands. I know they need more bodies, more prospects and definitely pitching as evidenced by the 6 run 9th meltdown that ruined a great Orioles effort. Solid pitching and defense seem to be the best way to go. But not at the cost of Mullins. I draw the line there. I will stop following th
  3. The cicadas are gone! Silence. The Hive Queen told me that their work is done. They have laid microscopic eggs beneath our skin..... as a gift...for humanity to survive global warming. 17 years from now...as they grow... we will evolve.......survive and thrive. Mating may be problematical at first, but she assured me that we'll figure it out.
  4. One thing is certain. this line is huge. And brand new. The game is won in the trenches and this line will be able to road grade anyone. The remaining concerns are how long will it take for them to intuitively play in sync and how well will they pass protect? It's a complex offense with complex assignments. Bozeman will be calling them out. He was great at Alabama and seems very eager to be back playing his natural position. Zeitler and Villanueva are an upgrade over last season. What's not mentioned is they have some serious help returning in Boyle and Ricard. The best bl
  5. Eshelman pitched a good game. Guerrero went hitless. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/video/cedric-mullins-homers-10-on-a-fly-ball-to-right-center-field?t=all-star-ballot
  6. 7-1. Win! We got there around 6:15-6:30 and got the Mullins T-shirts (decent quality too) and of course Mullins hit a 1st inning lead off solo homer and a 3 run homer late in the game. The Yard looked great. Food was good. Fans were great. Family atmosphere. First time back since Cal's Iron Man record setting night...long time ago. The jersey that I want is $357.00 !!!!!!! Somebody help me! Really....I can't believe that price. Nice start to Fathers Day Weekend.
  7. I'm getting good vibes on the D's performance at camp. The secondary looks very deep and talented and you can neve have too much of that. Very intrigued by Oweh's comparison to Adelious Thomas, I think he'll be a surprise steal like Orlando Brown was. Wink is not worrying about his pass rush. He's got the dog.
  8. Amen! Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers lead the way in PFF's 2021 analytical quarterback rankings | NFL News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF
  9. Todays question. My son told me the first 15,000 fans who show up Friday night will get a free Mullins Orioles T-shirt. What time should we show up? "3 am is not an acceptable response."
  10. Another solid report on Lamar.....
  11. It's early for everybody to get in sync. They had a good day today....
  12. However...I like his.....
  13. More good news. The O line really needs Stanley...a 100% healthy Stanley.
  14. vmax


    Marquise is getting some love....
  15. Wow...Edwards and Dobbins didn't make the list. I hope they see this. Ranking NFL's top 10 RBs for 2021: Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey dueling for the throne - CBSSports.com
  16. I'm going to the game Friday night with my son. First time there in 20 years,
  17. Dobbins! 'Come on man!"
  18. It's been a little too quiet here lately. I thought I might stir the shit up a little... "Don't take it so hard papa." I think he needs to accomplish a little more to make the Hall. He's getting there. He's in the same stratosphere as Marv Levy (Who I think is great), Bud Grant (great HC) and Stram. John Harbaugh (baltimoreravens.com) • Since his 2008 Baltimore arrival, the Ravens have posted the NFL's fifth-most total victories (140). • Under Harbaugh, Baltimore is one of four teams (NE, GB & Sea.) to earn a
  19. Fire at Camden Yards!!!! It's really hard to single out anybody. Mullins is simply incredible.
  20. I'm beginning to get real excited with this 2021 Ravens roster. I think they can go to war with these guys.
  21. Gus has come a long way. Here's where he lived in Nigeria....so happy for him....and us!
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