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  1. "Are you sure we're supposed to do this?"
  2. As if he'd been asleep at the wheel for years, suddenly he's angry at getting used and under paid. Maybe he wants to stop funding Kraft's visits to massage parlors.
  3. Suddenly, people in Cleveland are striking their hands on peoples buttocks. "Buttock slapping is becoming the rage in Cleveland. It could become an epidemic if constructive action isn't taken immediately."
  4. He hasn't turned himself in. There's no other way for him to win unless he apologizes for poor behavior. He continued, issuing some harsh commentary on how Beckham’s actions caused the spotlight to be turned away from LSU’s championship. “It’s very disturbing to me, I will be very candid with you about that,’’ Cannizzaro, who will decide whether to prosecute Beckham, said. “At a time when we should be celebrating in my opinion, probably one of the greatest football teams in the history of America, probably one of the best quarterbacks we’ve ever seen in the history of this country, a great coaching staff, when all of the focus should be on these young men and their accomplishments, unfortunately we see this very, very silly and uncalled for event by someone that has now caused the whole focus of what should be a celebratory event to be now sanctioned and to be scrutinized now by LSU, to be scrutinized by the SEC, by the NCAA, by the NFL and now our police department and ultimately this office.” Finally, Cannizzaro said that, “as a citizen I am disturbed and sort of put out by this event.’’..........https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/district-attorney-rips-obj-urges-him-to-surrender-end-silly-matter/ar-BBZ4EP6?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=U508DHP
  5. These are individual awards. It's a team sport and it took many people to make this incredible season happen. It wasn't "just John." Yet he was at the center, managing this new beast and he did a fabulous job at that. I'm still pissed off about the loss, yet not pissed off enough the take a step back and go "Wow!" what an incredible job by John and many others in building what we thought would be a marginal/possible contender into a breath taking 14 win juggernaut. Harbaugh is the right man for HC of the Year.
  6. So LSU wins the National Championship and he finds a way to get mega face time in the spotlight. No ego problems here. Antonio Brown must be his agent. You can bet LSU is not happy about this.
  7. He's a moron. And the Browns Circus keeps on rolling.... He's on a roll!
  8. Hear! Hear! All that I can say on this is that at age 23 I could use all the help and mentoring that I could get.
  9. The Ravens have Tavon Young if he can ever find his way back on to the field. I trust Eric.
  10. it makes sense. The Eagles have raided the Ravens so much that I call the Baltimore North.
  11. There is a young championship caliber and core of players to build upon. The futures bright.
  12. Lamar is already a better leader than Ray. Many of us thought that this was a mini rebuild/reload season for the Ravens. We saw what Eric did. We saw the huge improvement in Lamar from year 1 to year 2. Until last week he was 22 years old. 22! League MVP! It's a long wait....but just wait until opening day 2020 season. This will be one helluva team.
  13. papa's not a Ravens fan. We all know that. I see nothing wrong with questioning Harbaugh. I'm Monday Morning QB'ing here and if I was the HC, then I would have been on the phone to Roman early in the 1st quarter telling him that Lamar is off with his throws today...that first throw to Andrews told me all that I needed to see.....and I never would have gone for it on 4th and 1 at the Baltimore 45. They were only down7-0. I think they panicked or got Zombie brains. By the 2nd quarter I'd have told him that Ingram hasn't got it today and to feed Gus....tell Lamar to share the ball with his backs. It's only 14-6 at the half and you would have thought it was 24-6. I kick the field goal at the Titans 18 and make it 14-9 at the half. ....put some heat on the Titans.....call Wink and cuss him out for how his D is caving in. At halftime I would have told him to limit the passing attempts and go back to what got us here. You get it....as a Monday Morning QB I'm a genius. With all that said, for 587 reasons, there is nobody in the NFL that I would rather have as the Ravens HC than John Harbaugh.
  14. LOL I knew the "Harbaugh has to go" club would show up. It had to be a long frustrating season for you keeping your mouth shut because there was little to find fault with. "Off with his head!" It's too bad that you didn't live in Paris in 1793. You would have had so many days of bliss.
  15. I have one of those "the North is not Enough" shirts and I was thinking about wearing it to the game. I didn't. Maybe in the back of my mind I was thinking to not disrespect such an accomplishment. Maybe I saw storm clouds brewing. This was definitely a heart breaking, gut wrenching loss for the Team and Ravens fans. It's harder to take because most of us had such high expectations after a season of watching the most amazing football Ravens fans and the league has ever seen. It was jaw dropping fun every Sunday and I am very grateful for that. Yet such is the Fate for all football fans every season, because only 1 team wins it all in the end. And it ended Saturday night and now it's "Sunday morning, coming down." We'll recover quickly and move on, yet this "looked like" a juggernaut that would go all the way......and if you are like me...well....I got burnt by high expectations. But WOW....what a great season. 14-3. There is a ton to build upon. This team should be competitive for a long time. The future is bright, but let me add to this: "If they learn from this." For the fans in my section, here, and all over this state and country....come on now!....let's talk and get over this together....and remember.........We had a blast. We're the Flock. We are Ravens fans.
  16. Very disappointed in the Ravens performance tonight. I have a lot of game observations and comments from what I saw and I'll post them tomorrow. For now, Dean Pees and Vrabel out coached Roman and Harbaugh. What's with 59 passing attempts? What with Ingram and Edwards only having 9 carries for the game? For the whole friggn game! What's with Lamar thinking he was going to single handedly win this game? On a night when he was off with his accuracy. The Ravens were never in this game.
  17. OMG Yes! I can't watch any more pre game hype. 585,000 scenarios. They only thing they have left to talk about is the odds of Godzilla showing up at one of the games.
  18. Ravens Fever is everywhere. The energy around this state is unifying and awesome. It's bringing people closer together by breaking down the barriers of looking at each other as strangers. I flipped when I saw a woman, who must be pushing 90 years old, with her hair dyed Ravens purple. It's crossing age barriers, race, sex, geographic... .. We're all in this together. Schmucks Pep Rally.... We will report for duty Sir! https://www.wbaltv.com/article/baltimore-ravens-2019-playoffs-events/30381687 Watch this and then try to tell me that the Ravens will come out lethargic tonight...
  19. "You mean the Titans only score 6...right?
  20. vmax


    Good Morning! We have a new fantastic creation by Ravens fans. “No plays off, always ready to attack...no fear in my heart, Charm City got my back,”
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