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  1. Perhaps we can start a new movement. ERanon: Through a sea of alcohol. All of us are more than qualified to write for that.
  2. Last game of the year! ESPN's Football Power Index: Chiefs, 52.1% (by 0.7 points). They are calling this tight. Almost a toss up. Tickets as low as $4,932! Team Stats Points Per Game 29.6 30.8 Points Allowed Per Game 20.5 23.0 Total Yards 425.3 393.4 Yards Passing 312.8 298.5 Yards Rushing 112.4 94.9
  3. Don't read Qanon stuff while drunk. Read it when your on acid.
  4. vmax

    Alright Mitch!

    It's horrifying. We are supposed to have sane, rational and honest adults at this highest level of government. Months and months of promoting and backing a bold face lie. Knowing they were lying. Scared to tell the truth. Scared to stand up for democracy. They have sold their souls and integrity for power. Yes...no spine. No character. WOW Spen. I didn't know 140 officers were injured. The list of injuries is horrific. It sure took way too long for this come out. Another officer took his life yesterday. Imagine the anguish.
  5. Sweet! That's a steep price for the Texans. Then Watson asks to be traded. Note much of a vote of confidence for Culley. The picks are 1 for this year and one for next year. Maybe this will improve the Ravens passing game. And this quote tells the whole story about football is a team sport... 4-12. With an excellent QB. They couldn't run the ball and they were middle of the pack in yards and points. Their defense was horrible. Special Teams bottom third. 5th worst turnover differential. See ya!" "You gotta help me get out of here Lamar." "Nobody wants to tackle
  6. I'm cogitating that article Spen and I'm getting a different twist to it. I'm not ready to give up on G'RO yet. Get him some players who can pass protect and road grade. or develop the players that he has into lineman who can do both. And only having 2 targets in Brown and Andrews really limits Lamar. Lamar as a passer is fantastic when he has the time to throw. I'm not talking all day time. Just enough time that he doesn't have to scramble after his first read at 2 seconds. It's simple: install plays that will make teams pay dearly for loading that box. A lot of them.
  7. I get your point and it has merit. However, for the 2021 season, they desperately need him. The O line has been their undoing in almost all their big games. You saw how weak it was this year in pass protection and at times run blocking against the 8-9 man fronts. So...do you forego the draft capital for one more shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl? My stand is yes.
  8. I don't know where that is. If I load it on my GPS will the FBI come after me?
  9. Today is a very historic day as Biden has officially committed the US to move on a path of action towards global warming. It's a beginning. A huge change. So happy.
  10. Thanks for getting this list. My heads moving in this direction...just not fast enough. First take: Keep Bowser, Wolf, Edwards and Ward. Don't let Brown go now. With him and Stanley back for 202, Eric might be able to build the best O line in the NFL. The game is won right there. I need study time. Hope to get to this soon....have to vote right now...
  11. I'm cogitating! That was a solid summery oldno. Childs Walker does an excellent job at doing our homework for us. I've always been of the mindset "Why do the work when somebody else will do it?" Another perspective: 31 teams will be looking real hard at their strengths and weaknesses just like what we see in this article. The 14 teams that made the playoffs, think they can do it again and go deeper if they build on what they have. If they shore up their weaknesses. But wait! The problem is "Parity" . You can't keep the roster together long enough to hit perfection. The ros
  12. "What are your thoughts Mike?" "I'm so glad that you asked and honored to be here. Here's my grade: Quarterback: Jackson’s season had two halves. In the first, he tried to be more of a “prostyle” quarterback going through his progressions and reads, and that didn’t work. Then in the second, he went back to his old self and started improvising and freelancing, which eventually led to big plays and the Ravens earning a playoff bid. Jackson completed 242 of 365 passes for 2,757 yards, 26 touchdowns and finished with a rating of 99.3. He also threw nine interceptions, and that style combined
  13. Wink had to be good with this. Swagger maybe??? Long hair???? I consider Rob inferior to Rex. Harbaugh must think that he can work with him. Why? I don't know.
  14. For his career, Lamar has a 64% completion percentage, 102.6 rating with 68 TD's and 18 INT's. Here's where it gets real crazy. He's run for 2,906 yards, 6.0 ypc and 19 TD's! He's a great team leader and Catalyzer. Charismatic. Humble. Honest. Hungry and Focused. The Ravens are 30-9 with him as a starter. 30-9 fans. That's a lot of winning football. Exciting football. Any franchise would be fools to part ways with that. He makes Sundays fun. At this point, all he has to do is stay healthy and he's on his way to the Hall of Fame. He's made the playoffs every year
  15. Good stuff. The big question: what will the Ravens do? Lamar has to work on his mechanics and being able to throw anywhere on the field. He needs to pull a "Josh Allen" this off season. Eric has to surround him with talent for a more sophisticated passing attack. John has to bring in coaching help to develop a passing attack. I'm talking about a real precission attack that will consistently burn stacked boxes and stretch the field. Get a genius. Maybe even contact one of us.
  16. "Ahhh....I forgot how sweet the off season is." This may be upsetting to some.... I mean...you're just going to have to live with it. It's a simple matter of surrender and acceptance.
  17. I'm into all of this. A lifetime of working and raising children did not leave me enough time to follow politics and events like this very closely. Basically I learned a little bit about the contenders and trusted them to do their jobs and the right thing. I'm learning a lot. I liked that "to form a more perfect Union" was quoted a few times. That implies that we are not perfect and never will be. Nevertheless our challenge is to strive towards perfection. To strive to improve the quality of life and strive to make it better. The issues of today are laid bare before us in the light of day
  18. Loved Amanda's poem. Incredible for someone so young and so on point for this moment in time. Joe continues to amaze me. He listed the challenge and said his soul is in this....for everyone. He is so genuine. Lol...Lady Gaga....nice conservative dress......JLo sings the intro to the swear in, and I did not expect Garth Brooks, yet he sang well and it was good to see him. I wonder what Pence was thinking?
  19. Love your reply oldno and I totally agree. This Ravens offense has to morph into a newer and better beast.
  20. vmax

    Alright Mitch!

    I get it dee. What elation I feel comes from the fact that this is one step closer to a Senate Impeachment of Trump. Change has to start somewhere. It has it's early beginning infant steps. This is one step for Mitch from being a jerk sycophant to the beginning hopefully being a man of principle. Another way to put this is that it's about growth. If you told 10 lies yesterday then try to shoot for 9 today. Ant steps. On another "Gee that's too bad" note: Then there's Trump flying off to "I did it my way". It doesn't get more pathetic than that. Really, really sad.
  21. He finally stepped up! And his voice really counts and Chuck.... I did not expect them to step up this soon, this clearly and this firmly. I'm very glad it's today as Trump will try to over shadow the Inauguration tomorrow. Now, no matter what he says, he's humiliated and abandoned. I would say that does it for Trump. There will be enough votes in the Senate to impeach him and keep him from office forever.
  22. OMG the nightmare is almost over and it's time to take back the flag from all of those who shamed it. It's the 4th of July for me. I'm even putting out the little flags along my walk. It's time to work together to make the image of our flag stand for honor, principles, democracy and hope. This will take some time, as it's been abused and tarnished, yet not as much time as many think. The flag also stands for us as citizens and people of principles. We need to take a good look at ourselves, where we are and how far short that we have fallen from our American ideals and principles
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