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  1. LOL! Even if Gaetz didn't have sex with a minor, this is a "what goes around, comes around moment" because he has supported so many lies and untruths publicly. Now it's his time to receive.
  2. Yea...this is a low budget telecast....Palmer hasn't even shaved. Final 7-3. I can't sit for 3 hours and watch this on TV without having other things to do. I might go to radio on work on stuff.
  3. Melanie is having issues with her right eye lash. Where's the makperson? Must be a liw budget operation.
  4. Baseball allows for multi tasking. I just finished reading the Constitution...serious. If this was football then I'd still be on the first paragraph. Oriole pitching is breaking down. Here we go....
  5. Looks like Harvey and Fry are losing it in the 6th. 4- Sox up...1 out...Montcastle doesn't look good fielding...Fry gone...here we go!
  6. More Yard! Serverino.....3-2 O's. Harvey's hanging in there...4th inning. Hyde's not...he got pissed on a questionable call and was thrown out. Hellova diving catch by Mullins....he was flying to get to the ball. Great speed, acceleration and glove.
  7. Yardwork! Montcastle. 2-2 tie.
  8. Meanwhile, as the world falls apart.............
  9. yea... O's first win in Yankee stadium since Roosevelt. It took 11 innings...and the bullpen didn't cave. 3:05 start today for their home opener. Harvey gets the start. If you plan on going to any games then here's some tips:
  10. Nice! He's got to be from good stock. That's all we have this side of town... One more game against the Yankees today and then.... ..opening day at Camden Yards on Thursday afternoon...3:05 start I think. Got my 2nd Phizer shot today and I am itching to get out. Next Sunday and Thursday there are 1:05 starts against the red Sox and then the Mariners.It's tempting. I hear you can't bring food in and you have to go through a maze of moves to purchase food there. Can't they just swipe my card?
  11. O's were slaughtered 7-0 by the Stankies. Sceroler seems like the only bright spot of the game for them or the score would have been way worse. So...they played a real team and didn't match up.
  12. Yes! And how about Zimmermann! Ellicott City born and bread. Right next to the sweet air of Catonsville!
  13. 10-0 Orioles are up...still top of the 3rd inning. Ok....I've seen 3 days of the Red Sox pitchers and they suck. So....An assumption here....too early to tell how good the Orioles are. It looks like a 3 game sweep is in the making and from what I have seen, the Orioles are cashing on their opportunities. Few mental errors and the pitching is holding up. I don't know how well the Sox are as far as hitting and scoring. Are they making the O's pitchers look better than they are? I'm just getting back to watching baseball....maybe. I was an avid fan until 1999. Followed almos
  14. SNL brought up a good point. Why isn't QAnan jumping for joy? They got what they want. And more.....he was trafficing a 17 year old and Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet! They may be on to something...
  15. I wouldn't. You take the money. Mama didn't raise no dummy.
  16. After the first 3 innings I thought the Orioles would be lucky to get a hit or a run with how awesome Houck was pitching. He looked un-hittable. 4-2 O's win. Franco broke it open in the 4th with a 2 run single....and Harvey held the Sox to 1 run in 4 and 2/3rds innings. Plutko gets the win....the bull pen held up for the 2nd day in a row. Valdez make it nerve wracking in the 9th by allowing the first 2 batters to get on. Then....he got his shit together.
  17. And this will happen here..............
  18. "What do you say Mike?" I'm so glad that you asked and humbled to be here.... I'm a strong believer and fan of that. If the Ravens survive a schedule like that and make the playoffs...(and they will.. ) then they will be ready for the long awaited playoff run. Tickets are paid for and I can't wait to step into the Bank and my purple seat. It feels like a million years....So excited
  19. Like this! Baltimore Orioles @Orioles · 17h Likely the best Opening Day start in Orioles history. John. Means. Busin
  20. Interesting....yet it's logical. Some are there for ego, fame and fortune. Some are statesman and servants of the people.
  21. Opening day 3-0 shut out of the Red Sox! The Means and Montcastle show. Means threw 7 scoreless innings. He had control all the way. At one point he set down 18 straight batters! Here's an obscure stat. Considering all the great Oriole pitchers of the past, Means is the first Orioles pitcher since 1901 to go 7 or more innings on Opening Day allowing 1 hit or fewer. Who'd-a-thunk?! Montcastle hit a 2 run double off the Green Monster. Sweet start to the season. I never expected Orioles pitching to hold up against that line up. Retirement is good. I got to
  22. If no electoral college, then what? Popular vote only? I'm for term limits. What age limits? I definitely want the money out of politics. Money creates a conflict of interest....period. They are elected to serve the American people. Not their financial doners and backers. Currently it amounts to bribery no matter how it's cloaked. No parties is interesting. Candidates would actually have to state what they stand for. Elected officials would not be ham strung by having to go along party lines and voting blocks. They could vote their conscience on all issues. It would stop t
  23. I started following politics less than a year ago when I retired.....mainly because work and family left me with little time to keep up on it. like most citizens, I closed my eyes and trusted those who goven to do their jobs. In the last year I have learned that many of the elected officials in Congress do not belong there. It's scary to have so many unqualified and disinterested people supposedly representing us. I seriously doubt their ability to draft legislation or even be able to read and understand it....if they read it at all. So many are spineless chameleons. It's a shit show
  24. He's going down....
  25. Like this: Implement a spot-and-choose overtime rule. Basically, one team would pick where the ball is spotted in overtime and then the second team would pick whether they want to play offense or defense. You can read more details on the rule by clicking here (proposed by Ravens). To keep all teams and candidates on equal ground, interviews for head coaching or coordinator jobs can't be held until after the conference title games and you can't make any hirings until after the Super Bowl (proposed by Bills). Allow the replay official and designated members of the officiati
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