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  1. Agree tyslv....If you sign the franchise QB, then the next 2 drafts better be damn good. It does not feel right to be penalized for drafting and developing well. Once the players hit their peak, then you can't afford them. You watch them as they go.
  2. Me too. I understand why they did it. They thought, and rightly so, that with him they had a playoff contending team and line. I really want Brown. He's a Raven. A first round pick would soften the blow.
  3. They won't trade him unless they can get a #1 pick. He'll play next year and then move on.
  4. I guess Parity will rule in the playoffs too. It will even out. All the playoff teams with franchise QB's being paid franchise money will have had the same roster building issues. The winner is the team that does best with this. Fortunately for us, the Ravens draft and develop well. they should remain competitive.
  5. What happened to the debate about putting a CAP on earnings by position? It's unfair to the other players to pay 1/2 billion dollars to one man.
  6. You don't get then thanks to this comment. I mean, who wants penalties called on the team that they are betting on to win?!! The good side here is that thinking and behavior like this certainly qualifies you to be a poster here.
  7. That's Mahome's contract and KC's albatross. After Sunday's loss, I think they can kiss any dynasty thinking away. Sure they will win a ton of games like the Giants, Saints, Packers, Colts and Steelers yet Super Bowl victories will be elusive. The CAP and Parity will get them like all the teams who pay Superstar QB's Superstar money. They can't afford to surround them with a talented team in all 3 phases. Some part or parts of the team break down and show their ugly side. We saw that here after Flacco got his big deal. Stafford and Rivers have no Super Bowl wins. The upside for
  8. 80 "Football Experts" were wrong. So much for their extensive inside knowledge. The ER Board was wrong too, but nobody listens to them anyway. They are back in the basement on their meds. Really, this game was a slaughter.
  9. Here's another quote. You'd think it was from the Ravens after one of their brain fart playoff losses.... All in all, it was a lousy game. The Chiefs didn't show up and they had no answer or adjustment for the Bucs D.
  10. 31-9...8 minutes left...game over. Never saw this happening. Bucs defense really stuck it to the Chiefs.
  11. Mahomes withhout an O line looks like Lamar when his line goes south.
  12. Cheifs need to score on this opening drive or they might be out of the game. Score and it's 21-13...down by 8
  13. Holy Shit what a drive! With 1 minute left. 21-6 Bucs. Chiefs have lost their composure. Too many stupid penalties. 8 for 95 yards in one half
  14. Mahomes 54.9% QB rating. Game stats are almost even except for the score. Penalties for the Chiefs killing them. Both teams are 1 for 5 on 3rd down.
  15. Wow...14-3... Brady to Gronk Show....
  16. Tailgating in the kitchen. Lot's of good food. TV's on and I'm watching all the hype. You'd think that God was going to appear at 6:30 with how hard they are pumping this event up.
  17. "Let's call in the Real Football Experts. The ER BOD. The Infallible Ones. In a rare appearance, they will tell you what will happen should you get distracted during the game. " "Let us introduce ourselves. We, Your Beloved Board of Directors, meet once a year to rubber stamp a series of documents and motions that dee put's in front of us. This is a most necessary legal requirement. Occasionally, we are asked to think. Like now. By unanimous consent, we see the outcome of this game as really simple. So simple that any idiot can see it. Mahomes and the KC offense will feast on the B
  18. Do we follow the herd? From ESPN: Of 107 experts who weighed in, the Chiefs were favored by 80 of them (74.8%), while the Buccaneers claimed 27 votes (25.2%). Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders: 34-31 Adam Teicher, Chiefs reporter: 30-20 Ben Baby, Bengals reporter: 31-17 Bill Barnwell, NFL writer: 31-24 Brady Henderson, Seahawks reporter: 26-21 Brooke Pryor, Steelers reporter: 38-35 Cameron Wolfe, Dolphins reporter: 31-27 Chris Berman, NFL studio host: 30-20 Courtney Cronin, Vikings reporter: 33-28 Damien Woody, NFL analyst: 34-27 Dan Orlovsky, NFL analyst: 30-27 David
  19. "What do you think Ed?" "Wow! I never thought that I would be asked to share here! Let me answer the question: "Lamar can throw the ball. He can throw it far. He can throw it short. He can get the ball wherever it needs to be. It’s a matter of putting him in a position to be successful. I would like to see him with different route combinations and different spacings, giving him more chances outside the pocket.”...........GOAT scouting report: Ed Reed offers advice on beating Tom Brady - Baltimore Ravens- ESPN
  20. And Frank! Don't forget about Frank. He still out there. Some say that he's the Leader of the Ant Men....a Herald for the Destroyer of Worlds.
  21. For some odd inexplicable reason, I don't think that either Brady or Mahomes will be lights out hot. Both will be a little off. Off enough for this to be a close game. Mahomes only has 4 TD passes in the post season yet a very good 90.1 QBR. Brady 79.1. Completion percentage? Mahomes a whopping 73.5%. Brady 55%. I feel that Tom is running out of stream. After saying that, you can be sure he ends up the SB MVP. I'm trying to get excited about this game and nobody here is helping!
  22. That's how it hit me too dee. It just makes good sense. With a long off season ahead, coupled with the fact that idleness is the devils workshop, the time just might be ripe because we HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE THINGS THEY ARE NOT WANTING YOU TO KNOW SECRETS OF THE WORLD IF YOU ARE A ROBOT OR CIA OR FBI AGENT THEN LEAVE NOW, YOUR KIND IS DOOMED PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! Only we know the real mrscheney. We might have a duty to humanity: You cannot have INNER SOUL without YOU LEARNING THE TRUTH!!! They will not tell you the truth because to raise you dumbys causes them to P
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