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  1. I'm not sure, but it makes no sense to me why he isn't starting over the other 2.
  2. Glad we don't pay you to think....and I really like Watson.
  3. The man who wrote this is a pure stat geek. He's so thorough and exhausting in his research. He did leave out the "We're turning the corner" on this virus. His just shut up and don't worry, ignore it and it will go away stance. The 15 most notable lies of Donald Trump's presidency - CNNPolitics
  4. vmax


    Great video. I hope Biden plays it at his inauguration.
  5. When you have the #1 rushing attack and teams load the box with 8-9 men, then you should easily be able to make 4, 5 or 6 big plays passing in a game. It's actually an ideal situation. The defenses have to sell out. Expose themselves. I have to think that Wink is part of the problem. There should be a special passing game developed and tirelessly worked on for just this situation. A short passing game that has the potential for chunk yards because a loaded box with a run blitzing defense does not give the QB much time to get rid of the ball. I saw a little of this in the Titans game
  6. These end of season playoff losses really hurt, yet getting 1 playoff win and having meaningful football in January was very enjoyable. Congratulation to the Bills and their fans. Somehow, the Ravens losing to them takes some of the sting out of it for me. They've suffered for 25 years and are a good strong fan base. The game conditions were the same for the Bills and they earned the win. They made the key plays on a day when their offense struggled like the Ravens offense. They didn't turn the ball over or commit costly penalties. They stayed disciplined and let "the Ravens beat the
  7. Yea...Huntly looks good. He's a keeper.
  8. Then he'd qualify to be a poster here.
  9. You have to have an offensive line. In the 2012 super bowl run the O line was great.
  10. Oh that was 7! Bad throw...too bad....game changer there
  11. Offense and special teams sunk the ship
  12. Defense has done their job tonight.
  13. For the record, he got hurt in the pocket. Standing behind that o line is the most dangerous place on the field.
  14. Shit snap and we lose our quarterback
  15. 10 minute time of possession advantage and only 3 points. I hope it pays off in the 4th quarter. That has kept Allen off the field. The Ravens are very lucky that Allen is a little off tonight. Some of that is great coverage because he's had all day to throw. Ravens rushing: 77 yards. 4.3ypc. penalties 5 for 26. No turnovers...that's huge. Both teams 0-1 in red zone.
  16. FG was huse in a game like this. Keeps itca 1 score game. Ravens offense has done everything wrong. 5 penalties. Dropped balls, bad snap, sacks, 2 missed FG's...and the are still in it.
  17. Bills get the ball for 2nd half. This is a very important series.
  18. Bills get the ball for 2nd half. This is a very important series.
  19. What more stupid shit can the offense do!?
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