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  1. I can't believe it's 0nly 3-0. Thank you defense.
  2. 1 for 6 on 3rd down. 3.9 ypc. Bills are selling out to stop Lamar and the run. Where's Hollywood?
  3. Well that's both uprights. Next one should go in. 3-0...the over is 50 I think.
  4. Dobbins! That's the way to go. Bad snap. Not the way to go
  5. MISSED! Still 3-0 . The Ravens have to throw to beat this 8-9 man box. If the run it must be North..,straight ahead.
  6. Need another stop. Can't afford to get down by too much
  7. 1 for 5 on 3rd down Ravens have the ball 11 minutes to 3 and they are losing. Allen overr throws a wide open Diggs. Good fortune.
  8. The Bills are one of the best Redzone scoring teams so that was huge
  9. Koch hardly punts. He might have forgot how
  10. Dammit Dobbins! Shit punt. Missed field goal. Finding ways to lose. There's time to settle down and adjust...just not much time
  11. Dodged the first of many bullets.
  12. Need the stop here. Look out for Beasley
  13. If they give him all day to throw it's game over
  14. Yea...but...if the Ravens win, then that would make them one game closer to playing Rodgers and the Packers who destroy everybody. They crush anybody in their way.. We would watch that game and become depressed persons. Think it through. We would become walking depressed persons.
  15. "What are Weather conditions for the game tonight Kayleigh? "I'm glad you asked! How did you know that I am going to forecast the weather in Edmonton? To be honest it will be 33 degrees that will feel like 26. 13-15 mph winds and no precipitation."
  16. Another weather update from CBS: The Weather Channel says 34 degrees at kick off. 20% chance of rain. 13 mph winds. There could be a few lake effect snow showers around the second half...a 50% chance of up to 1 inch. Today it is raining there untill around 10-11pm....possible snow showers over night. Don't know what effect that will have on the field. As you can see, it's hard to tell...so...I guess we'll have to tune in and watch the game!
  17. This is a good read on Josh Allen and Lamar. Two, nice gifted young men who are lighting up the NFL now and will for years to come. Silencing critics -- Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson has NFL MVP award, could Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen be next? (espn.com)
  18. vmax


    I hope this impeachment goes all the way so he is banned from running for any Federal office. If not, it will open the door for others more talented than Trump to go all the way. Politically neuter him. It will help to cut down on the damage that he can cause while out of office. You can be sure he will continue to say this election was stolen till the day he dies. Part of this impeachment is that he knowingly lied about the election by claiming it was fixed and stolen. People believed this and became very upset and mobilized. The impeachment will address this. The House and Senate will c
  19. Weather forecast: 1-3 inches of snow. 17mph winds. 36 degrees. Who gets the advantage?
  20. OK. Here's my nightmare: Remember how the Ravens D does against the Chiefs? Short, fast guys running all over the place? Accurate QB.... Look for the same from Allen, Beasley and Diggs. When the Bills need a 1st down to move the chains that's when Allen connects with Beasley. Short quick passes beat any rush Wink can dial up. Did I mention how poor the Ravens LB's cover? The Bills will attack the middle all day. Tackling will be key to minimize YAC . The good news is this is the only strength of the Bills team. Yet it's a very strong strength. Defense wins
  21. This guy will need therapy the next few years....
  22. As @TheFanOpinion pointed out, there is a 10% chance of an AFC championship game in Baltimore this year. It would be 6th-seeded Browns at 5th-seeded Ravens.
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