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  1. Max, he could have just been tested per protocol and tested positive. We'll never know and that's the part I hate about reporting on this whole pandemic.
  2. Bills failed when their run game faltered...
  3. Yeah, but for Cleveland to win the big one in football? Worth it to the fan base. I'm excited for Cleveland...I'll show myself out...
  4. This is the best team right now to have around LJ and our best chance to compete. Both our SB teams came out of nowhere.
  5. The drop off from Gus to Gurley would be substantial. You're a moron. Trade them Hill if they're that desperate.
  6. Uhhh, Max...our bullpen blows too
  7. All this bullshit about the former regime is hot air until it happens. I refuse to even read anymore about that family.
  8. Dude is 6-9. Holy shit! Also read a poorly translated interview with him. He was not a fan of the Steelers offensive scheming
  9. Guys need to remember, Greg Roman needs to use his weapons correctly too.
  10. What I mean more specifically is that, there is no compromise anymore. Its a I'm right and you're wrong way of thinking. I'm not anti-cop or anti-gun (granted anything beyond a rifle/shotgun used for hunting is overkill). I just don't think the way people communicate allows much room for compromise. People can't accept being flawed or wrong and if they're hurt, then by God, they're going to hurt you back.
  11. There's a lot of rumors a deal is in place for OBJ as Mark Andrews posted something cryptic about him as well. Guess we'll see.
  12. People can't solve problems without violence.
  13. I actually know Zimmermann's uncle. He comes from a good family. Really cheering for the local guy.
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