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  1. We could have Ramsey, Ronnie Lott, Ed Reed, Hairball, back there..no pressure from the front 7 a Mayfield will pick us apart
  2. I am so thankful that the Jags didn't take our offer 3 weeks ago for Ramsey. Could you imagine, 3 weeks ago we were world beaters. To go into the off season with Ramsey and no 1st or 4th rd picks. I think the move would have set us back a couple of years.. After seeing our D the past weeks, we will need all the picks we can possibly have for next year's draft.
  3. Why am I nervous about sunday.total trap game. Ravens 11 point favs. No AJ Greene. Not confident at all.
  4. 2 of the 3 picks yesterday were no where his fault..Sounds like ken is digging for a story.
  5. Should be? I thought today would be a *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***
  6. True. But once a Raven always a Raven
  7. The announcers touched on that. Their D is not as bad as we anticipated. And the silver lining is. LJ did not play from 7+ behind. He did well enough to put us in the W column..That's all that matters right?
  8. Come on T. He contributed. If he doesn't. It's 6 for them
  9. Well you all had some good smoke and mirrors. Even down here they were saying how good the Ravens X was going to be..I bought into it
  10. Hmmmm no, get the preakness out of Baltimore. 8 years ago they promised us a super track where the casino is. And you snubbed us. Stonrach needs to fucking go. Your group fucked us in May by not allowing out of towners to wager on Stonrach owned tracks.
  11. Specially when the over is 44
  12. Can't beat the refs. That's a fact
  13. Wow what a stupid fucking call
  14. Football without facemask that's an idea
  15. Sorry fellows i must be 30 seconds behind the play
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