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  1. This is as good as our SB wins
  2. Just leave me 45 seconds... Lamar can do this
  3. Wow. Great series...lets gooooo
  4. I don't get that last one
  5. 4th quarter...lets gooooooo
  6. We in prime position..stay this game plan 165 on the ground.
  7. Nice finish to the half..we in this game
  8. Villanueva looking good at LT
  9. Wow 3rd and 3 Andrews on the sideline and we run a power play that gets 1? They need to throw this computer shit out the window.
  10. How the fuck you throw in triple coverage. Someone has to be open
  11. How the hell can you call Pitt trash when they kicked Buffalos ass in Buffalo? First 4 weeks dictate a season. We still early yet
  12. I was there for the jamal 5000 yards he rushed against Leveland, thanks to Dee
  13. His natural position. Ok I'll take it
  14. We 32nd in D...Chiefs are 31st.
  15. You know, losing to the Raiders after the way they kicked Stealers ass today... Maybe we are good with no O.
  16. If I see another Royal Farms commercial I'm throwing something at the tv. Dam I miss that chicken and wedges.
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