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  1. Right on man! To coin a phrase back in time when we all got along, agreed to disagree. This was back before we had commercials where our food walked and talked amd people ate, even when food ate it each other. Oh wait, farmers amd their families have been doing that for centuries. We can blame tv, movies, video games for giving people ideas, for desensitizing kids, people to voilence. Remember scared straight, wonder how well that worked out for those kids, I know they tried to revive that show... I do think the media plays some roll, the shows that promise to fix our problems,
  2. Ack! 4 wins for everyone!
  3. Don't get me wrong Max, it is a great place to enjoy the game, I've always had a blast at the stadium, even in five layers in the cold of winter. It just would be nice to see a concert, even the olympics here if there was a retractable roof. It's too late now for one, but even with the $200 mil more spent back then, this city would have made it back by now. As we all know, stadiums rarely make it past the payoff point before it gets demolished for the tax payers to buy another one....
  4. NBC Sports: Report: Alejandro Villanueva set to visit with Ravens. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/19/report-alejandro-villanueva-set-to-visit-with-ravens/
  5. The truly sad part is that people read what they want to see, not what is really there; media. Yes, this article did a fairly good job of separating the gun violence, but they missed by including all of it under one head line grabbing statement; mass shootings. "Shoot", pardon the pun, a vast, vast majority of the mass shootings, the gun violence is done by shhh, GANGS! Just look at Chicago for the perdect example, it is "nothing" for them to have 50 people shot over a weekend, to have a mass shooting of 5 or more at a "child's birthday party. Tell me, why is that, gang related mass
  6. Hey, it's tax payer money, so anything will go...
  7. Yeah, they got too cute with the architecture, ends up costing far more down the road as we see now....
  8. Just imagine if they had built the stadium facing the right way... Or built it with a retractable roof.....
  9. Some are "no brainers" others, meh
  10. Na, not that bad of a deal, they really had no choice in the guarantee money, though I would have liked that to be incentive based, not that he would go for that deal. He is just not as quick & fast as he used to be, injuries, age have slowed him, his hands are all based on how focussed he is... I would think he will likely be like Lee Evans was when he was here a few years ago; one dropped game winning touchdown pass away from likely a super bowl victory... All because he lost focussed on the ball for his feet.. Watkins needs a true # 1 opposite him, maybe Brown is ready th
  11. 8 games, maybe they should pay him per snap...
  12. Not a bad hall for them, do they go wide out from Bama or tight end from Florida? Man, over paying for Watkins is a real bad sign... I hope he pans out...
  13. There was a play lasr season where the Ravens had to run the clock out. However, the defense went into tight man, crowded the line of scrimmage, no room to run, no options for short passes. Lamar hit Brown down the sidelines, perfectly placed over the shoulder beating man coverage; 20 + yards, first down, game over. This play in that game forced the defense to back off, play 2 deep, 7 in the box instead of 8-9 men box which allowed the Ravens to run the clock out. My point is that sometimes in a game, to gain momentum, to change a defense's coverage to a more advantageous one, a big
  14. Is it.Roman's system? Or is it the passing talent he has had to work with? How much of the wide outs not signing here is because of the small cap this year and them wantinf one year deala?
  15. Let me tell ya how it is.... Typical reponse when talking about Lamar, yes we all know he is a stud, a beast... Yes, touchdown passes are nice.. But how far are they? Ok, he ran then down to the 30, or into the redzone then threw the touchdown pass. However, where are the game changing throws? We've seen 1 or two each season, the tough ones, down the sidelines while in the pocket, the back shoulder throw to save drives, win games. The quick strike long touchdown throw to change the game? Again, one or two per season.. Nothing consistent to make a defense back off. Sure, the run
  16. And now Stone, meh. Nice of each guy to help out, love bringing Wolfe back and his remarks on what the team is kooking for in a player.
  17. We've all complained about the route combinations used in this offense for, well, ever. Receivers failing to get open, or atleast appearing so... Then the all 22 came out for us to view, and in them, we can see the timing between when a Ravens' qb has time amd when a receiver should break open, if, when at all. What we do not know is what the progession is on each play, so being an objective observer is often difficult. Yes, I, we have seen when Lamar has had time, a snap and throw route, when he either didn't trust the wr to get open or didn't see that the wr should be open. We cann
  18. NFL Trade Rumors: Ravens Rework DL Calais Campbell & DT Brandon Williams' Deals, Create $4.5M Of Cap Room. https://nfltraderumors.co/ravens-rework-dl-calais-campbell-dt-brandon-williams-deals-create-4-5m-of-cap-room A move is on the move. I hope it isn't Watkins, no speed, often injured, lacks focus on easy passes...
  19. Not sure what this was but an oops
  20. Draft day trade, he wants out
  21. What do we read into Ju Ju turning down the Ravens offer of $1.5 mil more than the Steelers who have an aging qb who can't throw it deep any more? What does this mean for Galiday, while they have to pay him 3x more than any other team to come here?
  22. He showed promise when given the chance, but he also wasn't given much of a chance to play when injuries were healed even when those players played poorly. So the question is why? Are we, the fans, missing something? Is he just one of those players the coaches don't like?
  23. Draft the center from Bama! (Yes I know he got injured last year)
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