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  1. Pretty cool Flutie clip: https://www.tmz.com/videos/120519-doug-flutie-4689567-0-zehupond/
  2. Spen


    Ravens by 5.4 points!
  3. How could it not? It was pouring much of the game. It seemed like Jimmy was having a great day passing, and it was pretty good, but he only had 165 yards so I'm sure it affected him too. Lamar's fumble was huge, that was a great play from the defender though. I still worry if our WRs are good enough.
  4. That was great. Ugly at times but a really solid win against a really good team. Tucker!
  5. Through a sea of alcohol......9-2!!!....all is well, carry on.
  6. There was a gravy spill at dinner tonight. The pattern of the spill was not random, still deciphering it but I think it tells me of a Ravens win Sunday.
  7. I know, crazy! Maybe in 2007? Yeah, celebrations don't bother me but I don't need anyone declaring we're going to win it all yet.
  8. Hundreds of horses die each year in horse racing, almost 500 in the US in 2018. Many others get injured. When it goes well it's still a "sport" where someone whips a horse to make it go faster. Garbage "sport" run by corrupt garbage people.
  9. Do you think this team is arrogant? More so than any other good team in the league? Just asking because of comments like this and the Icarus thread. Personally, I don't see anything I think is excessive. Injuries are every team's weakness. I'm a bit worried about the long term effect of the Skura injury.
  10. What a great performance tonight. Lamar, Ingram, Koch, and the defense. So great
  11. It's early for the stunned crowd look......yet there it is
  12. I too think they will drop a game along the way, and this should be it, but I don't think it will. 27 - 15 Ravens
  13. Why not you paps? You always know the right move and you communicate very well. Plus you don't suffer from the group thinking that most of the NFL does. Plus you're an asshole, and a lot of successful coaches are assholes. *Press conference after SB win* "This was the worst thing that could have happened to us!"
  14. That's a great article!
  15. Fantastic game, really great effort against a good team. 7 sacks!
  16. Because he's an asshole who has to repeat himself over and over. He's quite stupid too. And the fake punt didn't blow up in anyone's face, it didn't work but didn't hurt anything.
  17. The tea leaves have revealed things to me, at least I think they are tea leaves. 24 - 20 Baltimore over Republic Of Texas
  18. I'm still studying some charts and graphs......
  19. Spen

    Food for Thought

    Max Kellerman makes another appearance....
  20. Spen

    Food for Thought

    Did you put a hit out on Brady?
  21. https://twitter.com/Ravens/status/1193930271369895936?s=19
  22. Just do away with horse racing in general.
  23. That was a pretty great effort today.
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