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  1. There are people who know things we want to and those that don't! Don't listen to Scotty! He doesn't know! Scotty doesn't know!
  2. Spen


    It's a scary time. One side wants affordable healthcare and decent wages and the opponents claim that would be handouts. Then they try to convince a generation of primarily white men that their futures have been stolen by immigrants and minorities. And that women owe them too. Also "fun" - Texas is a mess and I feel bad for them but blaming it on wind and solar power? Lol. When something goes bad in a state or city run by democrats, republicans blame democrats. When something goes wrong in a state or city run by republicans, republicans blame democrats.
  3. No one way to do it but the definite is you have to draft smart.
  4. One could argue the owners and the players both have a system that works right now. Why fight and try to get that past the players association when even if successful the cap on a QB would still be huge?
  5. First super bowl I have not finished in years. After the Patriots scored their last td I figured it was over and tuned out.
  6. I'm ok with all the penalty calls but it kind of sucks the fun out of the game..
  7. KC's oline is not playing well.
  8. 3-0. Will that be enough?
  9. Ed is a smart guy. I wonder how hard he would laugh if someone told him the Super Bowl he won was the worst thing that could have happened to the Ravens....
  10. I really think the Chiefs are the better team but I would not go against Brady. If the game is close in the 4th would you? Lots of offensive weapons on the field so it should be a shootout. Which of course means it will probably be a 10-6 game.
  11. Good idea. I should have mentioned all is/was well personally, Just not in the country/world.
  12. Through a sea of alcohol, all is not well but carry on......
  13. Spen

    Alright Mitch!

    I thought Republicans were the law and order party?
  14. This article seems to blame Roman the most. https://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/2021/1/27/22251563/the-ravens-offense-is-fixable-not-fundamentally-flawed-lamar-jackson-greg-roman-harbaugh-decosta
  15. I think Lamar had huge improvement between year one and 2. I think the team identified some weaknesses in year two but did not really address them in the off-season. When you have the same scrap heap receivers, Covid, and the O line turnover- I am not sure how one is supposed to improve. Given all that, I don't think he regressed and still had a good year.
  16. I think it's hard to improve when you lose 2 of your best linemen and your not given the tools to succeed. No reason for teams to respect the passing game when no one can consistently get open or catch the ball besides a tight end. Look at the talent around some of the other young QBs like Allen, Murray, or Mahomes. Night and day. But that's just my opinion. I didn't "know" how his career would go when he was drafted so I watch objectively.
  17. I pretty much agree. Some people don't because of the type of player Lamar is. When a lot of us grew up we were taught a QB should stay in the pocket, do things this way - not that way, and they should look a certain way. Some people never got passed that - not that they need to. Pretty impressive resume so far. And the playoff record sucks but the way I see it, we only lost one we should have won - not that that changes the record. His rookie year we were not a great team and while I am happy they made the playoffs they lost to a better team IMO. Last years loss hurt. they may have been
  18. Makes sense. Its rare a team can get better by trading its best player. There's work to be done on multiple fronts, but it's manageable.
  19. I was going to point out that you needed a reading comprehension coach but then I wondered if you were right about me so I looked up the term loser. One of the definitions was "self congratulating prick". It was a bit down the list in Websters but it was there. Further down it had "one who hangs out on a team forum of a team he doesn't like often boasting about it as if its anything but sad". So it seems to me, and Merriam Webster that you might be the loser. You still need a reading comprehension coach though, don't worry. Lots of people have trouble with compound words.
  20. Lol Garth may have just lost half his fan base.
  21. It was a really nice celebration and inauguration. Such a breath of fresh air to have optimism, hope, and class over the negativity, hate, and idiocy of the last 4 years
  22. Or maybe the author of that article and some other people don't want to talk about that because they do not see it the same way. Maybe some people have trouble taking people seriously who complains constantly whether the team wins by two scores or loses by two scores. Maybe someday they will call the exact same plays you would and run them exactly same way you would and you can sit back, sigh, and say "finally". Have you started writing your 'what went wrong' posts for the games next year yet?
  23. Pretty good assessment https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/four-step-plan-to-fix-the-ravens-in-2021-key-offseason-upgrades-can-turn-baltimore-into-super-bowl-contender/
  24. Thats really good stuff....if he was just a crazy uncle or something it would be funny. The president, not so funny. Especially when people believe him and do so much damage,
  25. Report: Bills Fans Donate More Than $150K to Lamar Jackson's Favorite Charity https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/17/bills-fans-lamar-jackson-charity-donations
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