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    Sorry about your job Max. Hopefully it's not too long. Stay safe everyone
  2. Spen


    It wasn't great but I could get most of what I needed. I did have top go to two stores to get everything. No toilet paper or paper towels needed yet and have a bad feeling about finding them in a week or so. It's weird what people are hoarding. Tortilla chips, trash bags....
  3. Spen


    I guess I'll go see what is left at the grocery store
  4. Spen

    A Class Act

    Great player and teammate. Hopefully he is leaving healthy.
  5. Spen

    Bernie = Hope

    I like Bernie, I like his track record. I prefer Warren, but if it's Bernie I'll be happy enough.
  6. I'd like it to be Anna Kendrick and the Pitch Perfect cast.
  7. Hope it's a great day. Thinking about all the good times we've had here!
  8. Spen

    Building Rome

    I would not give up on Boykin, sometimes it takes WRs a year or two to figure things out. He's got a lot of potential. Because of the time for a WR to develop I would look to add at least one established one via free agency or trade. Even if it's costly.
  9. Spen

    It's all true

    I've gone to games here and there, usually a game a season since the 90s. About 15 years ago I started going with a friend, usually 2 games a season possibly 3. I always had fun, it was always enjoyable. But last year and especially this year was so much fun, more than I could have guessed
  10. ^according to a history Twitter account, the above is supposed to be a shot of Baltimor harbor in the 50s. I say supposed because I have seen them misidentify a few things.
  11. Spen

    Building Rome

    I'm worried about it being a Cowboy Bob Orton type injury that takes a really long time to heal.....
  12. Spen

    Building Rome

    If Marquise's foot heels he could take a big step forward. Still think we need to add another receiver or two...
  13. In my memory this person was smarter and posted better.....now she's (I think the poster is female, not a lame attempt at an insult) like a Pennsytucky version of Paps.
  14. One of America’s most prominent racists just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom Https://www.vox.com/2020/2/5/21123597/rush-limbaugh-medal-of-freedom-trump-racist-sexist
  15. Winning the Lombardi says a team is the best, but yet you somehow think winning one of them was a bad thing. Cute
  16. What if they were "worst thing that could happen" trophies like you think about the 2nd SB?
  17. Spen

    Unanimous MVP

    Not bad for someone who was frequently terrible and lucky to win any games.... Nice speech from him, pretty cool night
  18. Spen

    2019 NFL Awards

    Lamar was unanimous. Not bad for someone who was frequently terrible and lucky to win any games.....
  19. I like the laugh before they cut away.. https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1222335747992248322?s=19
  20. Rational as always.....
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